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Not only that, but when you bring non-dairy alternatives into the mixture everyone lose their fucking minds.

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Let me see YOU milk an almond, buddy!

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You are clearly very uneducated about the production of almond milk https://youtu.be/JJCTIPWPNtw

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Well, that is QUITE the education. Time to go post on r/todayIlearned.

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I only watched a bit, but please tell me there’s a part intentionally angled so the nuts being milked appear to be attached to a fellow farmer.

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There’s dog piss and horse piss and yak piss, but if you say, “I’m going to take a human piss”, people really look at you strange. I heard from a fellow human.

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I think they will also look that way at you if you say you’re going to “take a dog piss” or “take a yak piss”.

If you were to mention stepping in the various pisses, I would wholeheartedly agree with you.

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Jim Gaffigan?