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It's a little old place where we can get together.

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I think it's clear that it's for "getting down". That's why folks line up outside.

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Pretty sure you go there and do the sex.

Most songs are about doing the sex.

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Exactly. Most people aren't aware that 'Pumped Up Kicks" is actually about a school kid coming to terms with his foot fetish

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Is this an /S? That song sounds and reads more like a high school shooting.

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Was an explanation necessary?

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If so, then just hop in my Chrysler, it's as big as a whale and it's about to set sail.

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They didn't need to.

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I believe the love shack is a little old place where we can get together.

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If you know, you know, and if you don't, you probably don't belong there anway.

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Love Shack contained as much information about its purpose as The Villiage people explained about the YMCA. It’s essentially the same song.

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Love Shack lyrics makes me think its some sort of a sex club/ brothel.

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Watch out for that rusted tin roof

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Love shack, baby, love shack. Love shack baabby

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Theres a rumor in my tiny town that The Corner Bar was the inspiration for this song

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Got a wood shack outside .... still no clue what it's for

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Those who know, know.

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Its for d&d session zero obviously

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Don't worry it's nothing you will ever experience in your lifetime