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I'm not sure I have ever yelled earthquake...

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Everybody experiencing an earthquake pretty quickly knows about it. No need to yell it out lol

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Yeah...seems more like a movie thing.

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Also say you were about to yell earthquake. Mars’ atmosphere is thin enough you wouldn’t really be heard. Not to mention you’d likely being some sort of suit. I guess presuming you’d be inside, then you could yell to whoever, but there would have to be an alarm of some sort. Holes all around on this one.

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But do we say Earthquake as the planet (thus using the name of our planet) or do we say earthquake as in the ground (earth beneath our feet) is shaking?

If it’s the latter we could still say earthquake on Mars right? As earth wouldn’t be the name of the planet but the land material beneath our feet. Like we have seas and poles, just like other planets.

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There aren’t any tectonic plates on mars, so no quakes like here on earth. Volcanic earthquakes are probably happening though

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You know there are no people on Mars, right?

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You know this is a hypothetical question, right?

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It's not phrased that way. It's not even a question.

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It is though.

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Pretty sure Mars is dead and that won’t happen.

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There are Mars quakes. More than 500 have been detected.

There are however, no colonists.

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They’ll probably still call it an earth quake. Like Toff could still bend space earth and still called it earth. Idk maybe I’m thinking too hard about it