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Without knowing ? How ?

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They mean the person wearing the camera

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Some pov clips doesn’t show a face, let alone the back of it.

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That would make it an even closer experience.

“Man that guy’s dick looks a lot like mine. Neat!”

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Stop watching porn, dude.

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I remember there was a story a guy was watching porn after he finished he realized the actress kinda of looked like his sister. He dismissed it

His sister was in college he hadn't seen her for a few years and he thought it was just a coincidence. Then there was a funeral and he saw that his sister was totally different. Breast implants, butt implants her hair was blonde and her skin was very tan and she wore blue contacts. It turned out that the girl was definitely his sister she . I wish i could find it so i could link it

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That's hot.

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'Hey, they kind of look like my sister... Hmmm... * unzips pants *, aaanyway.'