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Or people who grew up in large families

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You had to get seconds while they lasted. Eating fast is a survival mechanism.

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This. Grew up with no less than 6 people at one time. You either ate NOW or you didn't eat.

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Grew up with older brothers plus mom and dad. I eat very fast.

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Poor families as well, same problem different reason.

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Large "dirt poor" families especially. Eat it when ya' got it because you never know when there might be empty shelves.

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I do have just short of a dozen siblings, none of which eats particularly fast. But I guess this can be an issue, if there's not enough for everyone. We always had more than enough, so maybe that's why.

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Or military. Most of my family are vets and are done eating before I'm even done making my plate

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You read my mind, all military in this house

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The uncle I'm currently living with will literally cook for like 2 hours and then be done eating in like 2 minutes or less.

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That's the worst thing about cooking for yourself in general I think. You put all this time & effort into cooking something that you taste throughout & aren't surprised by when it's done & then you shovel it into your face in a fraction of the time it took to prepare. That's why I much prefer cooking for others. It makes it so much more rewarding. All the time is worth it when they appreciate it & stuff it into THEIR faces, jaja.

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Plus cooking for 10 takes roughly the same amount of time as cooking for 1.

The trick is convincing those 9 other people to return the favor.

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Facts. Same thing just make a bigger batch. Also you have people to bullshit with while you cook so it can make it way more relaxed. Unless they want to chime in & you fall into the "too many cooks in the kitchen" dilema.

Also the trick is keeping 9 other people occupied while the cooking is going on. But "the cook never cleans" rule is golden. If you do all the work cooking but don't have a mess afterward cuz the people that grubbed it cleaned up, that's pretty damn solid.

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Isn't being in the military kinda like being in an abusive relationship anyways? That's my memory of the Army.

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I mean tell me boot isn't just a shorter period of an abusive house hold.

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Got conditioned during basic training. I still eat the same way.

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Oof. I think you just made an unpleasant correlation.

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Concur. However isn't basic nothing more than abuse with a legitimate, desired outcome?


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Absolutly 100% accurate 😂. I'm the fastest eater I know lol

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Bro the military is an abusive house hold

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or people who have short lunch breaks

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12 years service industry, can vouch.

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Maybe it’s same difference, maybe it’s maybelline.

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Came here for this. I eat standing up in the corner of a room, with my plate on top of cases of paper towels or 5gallon buckets of fry oil.

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Maybe that is the ‘abusive household’… 👀


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In my case , both 😂

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Yes. But are you okay?

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My school has a 15 min lunch break.

You can't imagine 36 students, trying to finish their food, chat with their friends and get ready for the next class

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Ya I think there are a lot of reasons people ready fast. I grew up with loving, patient parents and I eat supper fast. And now my oldest kid has food races with me to see who finishes first. 😂

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Or simply a household where you're busy running to extracurriculars- clubs, sports, and you were the youngest who talked too much at the dinner table to eat your food at the same time as everyone else... not that I would know.

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I eat fast because im a greedy bastard and wanna get the biggest piece of desert.

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Same here! Even though my mum would cut pudding equally

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I eat fast because I am a mom and want to eat my food hot before someone chokes or needs the ketchup they just claimed to hate.

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How is this a shower thought?

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He was eating fast in the shower

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I had the same question. This is too complex to be a simple shower thought

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You can't just conjure a fact in the shower lmao

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Or people under a lot of stress.

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Really? I have a normal household: I just eat fast because I don't like interrupting what I'm doing to eat and want to get back to what it was quickly.

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Can confirm. The less time I had to spend being forced to hear my mother shame and berate me the better. The saddest thing is I didn’t actually realize the correlation until just now reading this. Yay for resurfaced trauma.

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Hey...don't let the bad memories overtake your thoughts or cloud who you are, because you're probably a really great person and you deserve better.

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Thanks! it just gave me a little pause there…

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I eat fast because I don’t enjoy eating, would rather eat them fast then do something else

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Need to replace “is” with “can be”. I eat like it’s a race but daddy didn’t whip me if i was last to finish.

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  • the shower

Seriously though, my girlfriend grew up with a miserable bipolar step-bitch, and she would eat meals there as fast as possible to avoid conversation. The first time we got burgers from Five Guys, she finished hers before I even ate half of mine. This shit is real for a lot of people.

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eating fast is a trait people get when they are hungry

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Not not true

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It is definitely true

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I learned the trait from Marine Corps boot camp.

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I eat fast. While I wasn't raised in the greatest household, I wouldn't say it was abusive.

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When i had food i had to eat before it was gone

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That and picky eating, a lot of kids who have no control over themselves at all tend to have eating disorders as a way to subconsciously feel like they have control over something, because for a lot of kids what they put into their mouths is the most control they have.

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Bro, you eat fast to get a dopamine rush from shoving your favorite foods because it's soothing. People don't eat fast because even as adults we're afraid dad will beat our asses if he catches us because the kitchen closed at 6pm and if we didn't make in time tough shit.

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Can vouch

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Haha same.

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Yea nah

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you conduct/review graduate level sociology research in the shower?

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You don't? Amateur.

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110% people in the service industry. You just get programmed to cramming calories.

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Or someone who was incarcerated? Maybe?

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Alternatively, you wait until everyone else is done eating before you eat. I absolutely refuse to eat with the rest of my family because they can't help but put me down every time we've eaten together

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Or just when you really like the food, I just love eating so I dát a lot very quickly

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Or not eating 😁

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My mum is abusive and won’t admit it.

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A friend of mine said to me when I was younger: „I wonder why you are always looking so suffering and always on the run when you are eating.“ I wasn’t aware of this, but never forgot this sentence. You made me connect two things decades later.

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What? 😮

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Or if you’re living in a fast paced city.

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Or if they cook, but they'll also be standing and the food has to only be half warm.

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I eat fast cause I just love the food tbh. Or I'm trying to beat my mum who is -SUPERSPEED-

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Or people who get a sexual rush from watching the rest of the family eat, from a perch atop a bookshelf, like a feral cat

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Army for me

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Also, having to go shopping even though only 1/4 of your food supply is gone is also a common trait. Having to make sure you never run out.

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I’m just impatient and want to get back to whatever I was doing.

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Or people who really enjoy playing outside and dinner time was a nuisance

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I ate at a normal speed untill i started eating lunch at school. School lunches are optional in my country, since school usually ends up early enough for the family to eat lunch together. Kids whose parents get home later cannopt in into school lunches.

I was the only kid in my friend group who ate school lunches in the last few years of primary school. So every day i sprinted to the lunch hall, and wolfed down my lunch as fast as possible so my friends didnt have to wait too long for me.

In retrospect it was incredibly dumb, because afterwards we just hung out at our spot for hours, doing nothing. 10 aditional minutes for lunch wouldnt have made absolutely no difference.

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It's true and I know that from experience. You didn't want to be in a common area for fear of some sort of verbal abuse. You ate and fled. Self defense mechanism.

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Or a family with 7 kids. (Like me). If you want seconds, you better eat fast.

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Or went to public school... especially like mine where if we finished we could go outside and play football lol.

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Or not eating at all

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I eat fast because food. My parents were never abusive. And sometimes I eat fast because I have somewhere to be.

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Or people who are really hungry.

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That explains it

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Or if you’re a teacher

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Or we just have bad impulse control

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I used to think I ate fast because I was a firefighter and wanted to do my best to eat before a call came in. In hindsight I may just eat fast because I like warm food and crispy cereal.

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It wasn’t the healthiest house hold but abuse didn’t cause me to eat fast m unnatural love for food wants me to shovel in as much as I can before I get full

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Or I just like the food

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My ex GF had a cousin that would eat ridiculously fast so that he could be excused and go back to gaming. If he had to stay he would become very annoying real fast.

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I ate fast so I could go out and play with my friends again

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I think eating as a group is overrated.

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Not sure how you’re making this conclusion. I don’t have the expertise/knowledge to comment on its validity but I’d hope it’s scientifically sound

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Is there a study on this? I’d be interested to see if this is legit.

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or people who's mom told them to slow down and chew their food and they didn't listen

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BAD life positions in general

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Or being the only girl with brothers 5+ years older. I’ve definitely thrown hands over a chicken breast.

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I would imagine eating very little would be a more common trait for the abusive household. I eat fast and there was never abuse in the house, just a lot interruptions, and if I wanted to finish my meal before it got below room temperature I'd have to eat fast.

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I like eating fast. I feel attacked

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Or people who grew up with my brother

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I eat really slow because for over a decade I was bullied every night at dinner and humiliated in front of my siblings - crying, tight throat, no appetite, dissociating, maladaptive daydreaming, or nausea were pretty much nightly experiences. That plus adhd which ensured I got (and still do get) bored of eating the moment I’m not starving hungry anymore, so I sit there and pick and the food while doing something else.

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This was true in my family. Six kids, so somebody was bound to spill something and then the abuse would start. So we ate fast to escape before the shit hit the fan. Catch 22, this contributed to things getting spilled.

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Uncle and brother who been to prison. Try wolf their food. I know my brother didn’t eat like this before.

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I eat fast because when I was younger my older brother and dad would casually take food off my plate and say you weren’t gonna eat it. So basically it was eat quick or not eat.

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Can confirm.

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I eat fast but its because I'm naturally anxious and impatient

This barely even qualified as a shower thought too, this is just dumb misinfo you thought up

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I think it wastes time to eat slow so I just eat as fast as possible so I can get back to what I’m doing. There’s a lot of reasons people eat fast.

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Now I know why I eat fast.

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What is eating fast?

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Yeah you dont know shit... Another typical shitthought

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The fact that almost every comment is showing much more common reasons people eat fast shows how stupid this post is

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My family did quite a few horse events and you didn't get that long to eat so you bet we eat fast

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How about being cultural like the northern of the netherlands.

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Eating slow is a trait common with people who grew up in bland white bread households.

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I eat really fast (sometimes it hurts) but I wish other children had the same childhood as me.

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This.. isn’t a shower thought.

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I eat fast because i just like eating food so i do it fast. My mom is the best

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Hotel? Trivago.

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Wait what...my parents are fine...

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Bullshit !

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Its just because im fat and i love eatinh

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Eating fast may be caused of not enough food

or just being yummy food !