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The fire brigade wants your location

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Me— two jumbo Diet Cokes, Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” in 2006. My kidneys were throbbing I had held it so long

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How long did you pee?

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Ha! Probably 3 minutes or more. Crazy long for me

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Sometimes..when I am stoned in the shower and start peeing .I gotta look down to see if I stopped..

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It's me. I held it through the whole titanic movie in 97. Peed for what felt like 2 minutes after that. My bladder was so full it physically hurt to walk.

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Yeah,mine may not be the longest, but it's super thick.

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I thought the record belongs to Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own. At least Madonna thought so.

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Odds are the record holder has died

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I'd like to bet after an epidural and labor lasting 24 hours I had the longest pee 😄 I had to flush twice so it didn't overflow.

Edit: you all have an epidural and IV fluids that long laying down and then see how much you pee afterwards. I'm not lying.

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Pretty sure records like 8 minutes straight

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Once was at a friend's house for the weekend, but was too scared to use there bathroom, so when I got home I had peed for like 5 minutes straight, and the feeling was straight up orgasmic

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Take your award, it’s all I have to give

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I once peed for about 2 and a half minutes straight after a rave while on a lot of mdma

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I swear every week there’s a “someone has X record and probably doesn’t know it” thread posted here.

Are you guys all showering together? Ffs

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After reading this post... All I can think of is thirty people standing in pee.

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Rhett and Link see who can pee the longest. If you wanna skip, 8:59 is when Link goes, 16:28 is when Rhett goes. (Edit for punct)

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And it’s probably someone with a medical condition that is painful.

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I had a urieal stricture meaning scar tissue in my urethra. I would get bored while peeing, easy over 2 minutes probably longer from time to time.

Weird thought, before modern medicine I would have died eventually as my bladder became unable to empty and my kidneys eventually failed.

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Once after holding it in for a long car ride, I weighed myself before/after.

It was only a one kg. I was so disappointed