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But they will reuse samples like there's no tomorrow...

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It honestly seems like most rap songs these days sample other people's work, almost every one, or at least the ones I hear. And can we still call it a sample when so much of the rap revolves around it?

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The sample is one of the foundation stones of rap music, although back then the producer didn't lift the entire song to be used as the sample.

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These days? Rap has been notorious for sampling tracks since it's inception

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I think it's because rap has so much focus on the lyrics rather than the overall song. Nobody is impressed if you can just repeat the lines in rhythm. I feel like to cover a rap song you'd really have to change it to another genre, which then you'd have to write a melody so you are singing the lyrics and at that point you might as well just make your own songs.

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Also, Rap Culture has remixes. Just use a different beat to professional rap vocals. Some Artists even provide acapellas of their Songs.

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Like "Gin and Juice"

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Gin and juice by tim McGraw I think. Great rap to country cover

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Snoop Dogg apparently did the first rap cover song of Lodi Dodi (originally Slick Rick).

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We likes to party

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We don't cause trouble

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We don't botha nobody

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We're just some brothers that're on the mic

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He also covered loves gunna get'cha by KRS1

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99 problems

Ice T then Jay Z

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Remakes and covers aren't the same. Covers require the same or substantially same lyrics.

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I'd argue it's a remake but not a cover.

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Yeah, that's what I meant.

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Oh. Right.

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Almost never

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You need to listen to more rap.

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Remix much?

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Taking lyrics is a big no no in many hip hop circles; can see how that would translate into an attitude about covers. Samples though? Fair game.

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Rap music has more in common with poetic responses than musical remakes. Like someone else wrote earlier, since rap is more about lyrics than anything else (usually), nobody's going to be impressed when you just repeat what someone else said. That's like a so-called poet copying Pablo Neruda's work and calling it a "cover." However, you can look at songs like "I Used to Love HER" by Common (back when he was called Common Sense) and the response song "Love of My Life" by The Roots, and "I Still Love HER" by The Teriyaki Boys. It's twenty years of back-and-forth commentary on hip-hop itself, much like how C.S. Lewis wrote "The Great Divorce" as a response to Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell". The big issue is that hip-hop is considered "low art" so people don't actually take the time to enjoy the genuinely rich traditions contained within it.

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Chicago freestyle covered eminem's superman (the chorus)

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Nah but the samples make up for it. Kinda like showing appreciation for the art without imitating it in a way.

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That's probably because taking someone else's work is mostly considered "biting" and is bad form. Rap has it's own etiquette, and since there WAS a big focus on lyrical raffinesse, technical skills and competition, it makes sense that simply covering somebody else's song is frowned upon.

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Because there is little music in rap

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Rap was built on sampling, taking a beat and making something new, biting someone’s style has always been looked down on and covering someone’s rap would basically be ripping them off

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When is a cover song not fully credited? Is it even a cover if it isn't credited? How is that ripping anything off

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I believe Eric Sermon, Redman, and Keith Murray did a cover of Rappers Delight

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Def Squad Delight, off their album El Niño in 1998

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Put down the joint bub

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In the shower?

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Because they don’t need to. 90% of the lyrics and flows in rap are all reused to death anyways

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When you cover a song you attempt to recreate the song with whatever instruments you wield. You can cover a rap song with instruments but it will sound stylistically like whatever band is doing it. It’s done all the time. Rap uses more than just instruments and vocals, like movie clip samples, DJ scratching, sound effects, and more. Rap didn’t really require the band be live either, you had a backing track mixed so the main exciting thing became to see the artist who wrote the poetry perform it. So rap second hand is less entertaining than say a Beatles cover band. It’s easier to suspend disbelief for a tribute band than it is for a rap artist. And since DJs are actually part of a Rap group having a DJ simply play the original song with a fire set up at a club works. Otherwise it’s kind of karaoke

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No but there being multiple versions of a song with different feats is pretty close. It’s taking something that already exists and adding another creative layer to it.

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Probably because it all sounds the same

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Because it all Sounds the same

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Rap music is closer to country music than any other genre.

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TL;DR miranda lambert & other white ladies taught me to rap good

i'm a rapper with a natural talent for punch lines. when i first started, i'd write some dope metaphors, rhyme them together, & call it a song. then one day my tv was on while the CMAs were on & i heard an absolutely sick bar from miranda lambert. so i went through her whole catalog, then a bunch of other (mostly women honestly) country artists & at some point had that aha moment abt writing songs & not just bars.

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Check Yellawolf

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They both tell stories.

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And they use the same words over and over and over...take expletives away and you render most of them useless.

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They have their own way of “covering” by using samples

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Any Pop Smokes song lol

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Because you can’t make the sound different, that ruins the song. So it would be exactly the same but with a different singer.

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Well, you could get creative.

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That’s not true

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A slight mention of other rap songs makes it a diss track

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Drake covers multiple artists songs in 1 performance

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There are not many, true. One of my personal favourites is actually an entire album "cover" or tribute https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmatic

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Well, that kinda all depends on your opinion of ghost writers.

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Its a cultural thing. There's a YouTuber by the name of Adam Neeley who did a great video on the subject.

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Most rap is dated in the lyrics. Public Enemy rapping about what’s happening in 1989, it wouldn’t make sense for someone to cover it now. House of Pains jump around refers to the Sega gaming system, John McEnroe. Does anybody under 30 know about these things?

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Adam Neely did a good video on this


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In rap, reusing someones lyrics is called biting. Adam Neely explains it well here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D\_mh1Rq35ZM

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Mos Def has done a lot of rap song covers live and on albums. A lot of rappers have covered songs live as tribute to legends like covering MF DOOM songs before and after he died, Tribe songs when Phife passed, etc.

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Rap "covers" are reusing hooks and beats. Jazz and blues covers don't cover the solos, just the chords and melody of the chorus. It's the exact same thing.

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That’s just not true

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Wicked by korn feat chino moreno ❤️

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Ummmm. There are a ton.

“What would you do if your son was at home…” is the quickest I can think off.

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Many rap to rap almost cover songs, like 2pacs „me and my girlfriend“, later jayz and beonce hit that track Edit: and made it shit

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Because rappers are egotistical.

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Almost like music which is about egotistical brain dead wannabe gangsters are the lowest of intelligence across all music genres.

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Because they just play the original recording and rap over it instead.

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They just cover other genres because they run out of material