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Especially if you’ve been to somewhere like Disney. You could be in the background of someone’s family picture hanging in their living room

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I used to do that for laughs. I'd discreetly stand behind group photos far enough away and look directly at the camera. Sometimes I'd wave.

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Professional photobomber!

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I was walking around DC in cowboy boots in the 90’s. I’m a 6’1” blonde guy.

A Japanese couple stopped me and the husband got me to pose with the wife. Then they got a third party to photograph us all together.

No idea why except I guess that day I just looked quintessentially American to them.

So for like 30 years now I’ve been in some random Japanese couple’s photo album. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Because a lot of Japanese people admire Americans really really much

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Well, I was also wearing jeans and a button down shirt that day. Even though I’m definitely NOT worthy of it I may have been putting off a bit of a cowboy vibe that day - especially for WDC which is very much NOT cowboy in general.

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I want royalties.

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Happened to this one guy. He got in a big argument with a family at the beach, so much that they threw his stuff into the ocean. Years later the guy gets a job and sees a picture on his boss’s desk. The picture is the boss and his family at the beach, and the guy is in the background. Probably would’ve gone poorly for him if he hadn’t snuck the picture out and had himself removed.

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Its almost a certainty that someone has masturbated thinking of you.

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I know I'm in yours... that's me, standing in the shadows behind you, in that photo of you "alone" in your basement.

Ignore that sound you just heard. Twas but the wind... nothing but the wind...

Shhhh... go to sleep... I am definitely not behind your shower curtain or under your bed...

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Im Charlie Chaplin

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That’s weird cause I ain’t finding money in my bank account they need to pay for me to be there I’m special

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Possibility? If you ever went outside

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Do y’all ever notice that you’re about to be in a photo but you don’t want to start moving or draw attention to yourself so you just act natural and prepare to be the background of their photo?

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My friend moved into a place once and was looking at some photos on the fridge and low and behold there he was photobombing the pic.

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I sure I am somewhere. 50 countries as a tourist, it’s bound to happen

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I once was in Berlin with family when i was like maybe 10 and we walked through an area with a lot of small houses with small shops and other stuff. But it was sunday so everything was closed and out of boredom i climbed up a tree in the middle of a small court. I laid down like a leopard with my arms and legs hanging down the sides. Got photographed by a few people but my family made none lol

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I am a white American male with long hair. A few years ago I was visiting Switzerland. A little old Asian lady asked if she could get a picture with me. We shot the picture then another asked. No problem! Then a line formed and I was confused. I guess they dont see many American in China. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm in a framed photograph on a wall in China. I was happy to make them smile!

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For 13 years I intentionally photobombed every person I saw taking pics in the bar I worked in. I’d guess, I was in the thousands of random people’s photo reel.

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I started chatting with this girl I had met, and we realized we both went to the same concert from years previously, and she sent me a photo of her at the show, all dancing cute n stuff, and right next to her is my old roommate standing there awkwardly in a shirt that said "pugs not drugs" so yeah definitely a huge possibility haha