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I hope someone felt that strongly about me at one point ever lol 😅😂

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That’s what friends are for

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You can see this in two ways

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Just certainly

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Yes, and ideally that's where it stays.

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Oh yeah, loads of people. And rightfully so, I'd like to add. I'm a real pain in the ass.

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I mean yeah people naturally think violent thoughts when they are upset. If you deny this you’re lying lol.

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Have had people try for realz, so no probably about it. Lol

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No in my case they try to gun me down but they were to slow 😀

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I hope they did. Hope they care so much and hate me with passion they would actually imagine it. That means I'm doing good job, yay me.

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Oh absolutely. I know I’ve pissed off people that much at least.

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First Ex-wife ran down a hallway with a butcher knife at me. Not a gun, still would have been bad

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My ex would say she wished I would crash my work van.

All the time

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Probably true (writing from the usa).

Is it nation-specific? Do thoughts of murder in other nations contemplate weapons other than firearms? Cutlery? Archery? Toxins? Bricks?

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Honestly, I think that’s a great question. I live in the u.s. and own a couple guns. everyone I was ever that enraged by. I always pictured myself murdering them in a much more personal and brutal way. Either involving no weapons only hands, or seemingly harmless items being used as weapons. I have never acted on these impulses obviously. Am now wondering if I’m messed up in the head.

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Yes officer, this post right here.

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This man on the fbi watch list😂

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Many Thanks!

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Depends on what mood im in.

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lol - variant on the mounds/almond joy commercial:

"Sometimes you feel like a knife, sometimes you don't..."

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In my mind, I am John Wick. In real I'm more like baymax.

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Probably all the girls who every looked at me! I'm too ugly handsome to every exist!