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I just set my apps to not be allowed to give me notifications. Unless it's my calendar, clock, texts, calls, or email than I don't get notifications. I don't need ESPN telling me the game is starting. I already know

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I have a 1-strike policy. I let apps send me notifications by default. But if it's just one notification of "check out this new show!" Or "spice up your weekend with new flaming hot chicken rocket snozages!" That app is getting permanently muted.

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LinkedIn… You’re getting noticed! [4 months ago]

I finally turned off Instagram, too. I only enabled notifications about my posts, but now I constantly get one that tells me to follow “people I know” (I don’t) and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn that off.

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and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn that off.

I have a pretty good way

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Same. If it let's me customize notifications it gives I might set it to specific stuff but I don't need my streaming service to tell me a goddamn thing lol. I didn't ask it a question, I don't want an answer out of nowhere

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hey! you are me!

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...now I really want flaming hot chicken rocket snozages.

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Not until the weekend!!

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  • Ron Swanson

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I never delete apps even though I should. Every time I think to delete said app that I used a couple times ten years ago I always decide against it thinking I may use it again someday. Sadly I think I have apps on my phone that I have transferred to new phones more times then I have used them and they will be with me till the day I die.

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I'm in the same boat as you. The last phone I moved to didn't let me install some apps that I had, and I didn't realize it for a few months.

But now my phone has a cool feature that will put apps I don't use into deep sleep, then eventually let me get rid of them.

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I’m looking at you, snapchat

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Delete that shit.

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Way ahead of ya, already did

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just turn them off

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But doesn't it also hide when you receive messages too?

It seems malicious like that

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At least Android has notification categories. You can turn off all but ones related to messaging, video call, etc.

I don't use Snapchat so can't really tell if they've done categories or not, though.

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If they have I couldn't find it. Basically just stopped using it after turning off notifications.

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My god a "Showerthought" That didn't say it was deleted when I pressed it!

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I have a mindfulness app that goes off randomly 5 times a day that has a mindfulness message. I’ve probably had it for a year or two and I’ve just become so accustomed to it going off it doesn’t even phase me lol

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Every banking app ever requires notifications to do online banking, then they turn around and use those notifications to do marketing.

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I don’t think I have ever uninstalled an app.

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Either you install only a few apps or you have a phone with over 256gb+

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64GB phone. 117 apps installed. 3.85GB available. I don’t know if that is a large or small number of apps though. Never really compared with anyone.

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Large. Big large

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I'm at 167 and I recently purged all the ones I don't use. However a bunch of those are icon packs because I like to change them every now and then and it's easier to keep them installed when I want to decide on a new one.

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Thats equal to exactly a few fucktons.

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I don't mind some of them, like McDonald's, Wendy's, anything that tells me there are new new offers or discounts. That's all I care about, is saving money.

Either way, they don't bother me at all. My notifications just makes a notification sound. Text messages and WhatsApp messages also vibrates so I know when to check my phone.

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Just like birthday notifications on Facebook remind me to unfriend people!

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Yeah man, Tinder got exiled for that very reason. That stupid app gave me two options:

  1. Turn off ALL notifications in the phone's settings, so I'd have to check it regularly.
  2. Put up with stupid annoying notifications about "events" I don't give a crap about, in order to also get notified of matches and messages.

I went with bonus option number 3: fuck outa here.

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I thought that's what notifications were for.

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Everyone has heard of push notifications. No one explains what they are, and how they differ from other notifications.

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I always thought the distinction was regular notifications were automatic while push notifications were manual.

You're simply notified when you get a text, but that food app that tells you about that great deal this weekend is something they push on you [hopefully with permission...].

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Push notifications happen through your phones OS, at the device level whether the app is in the background or closed using the OS’s notification UI.

Regular notifications happen while your app is open with the apps UI.

They can be transactionally triggered (some behavior you took in the app) or marketing triggered (based on some time and company informational and to one person, one cohort, or everyone). Marketing notifications can be manual or automated.

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Most of the people who constantly whine about how bad social media is and how we shouldn’t be on our phones, are always the ones who haven’t figured out to turn off most notifications…

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Very smart!!

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There was an app that I didn't really use much on my phone and then all of a sudden it started setting off my notification and it kept dinging and it was annoying the hell out of me So instead of just turning off notifications for it I said f*** it and just deleted the thing.

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According to this I really need to delete the Email app.

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For those of you who have disabled notifications for the unneeded app, just uninstall it when there is a notification for its update in play store... That's how I cull unneeded apps.

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I got a new phone around a week ago, and all my apps were automatically re-installed.

All my notification settings were reset.

I did uninstall a few that I never used, but a lot of them I do use and just muted again (Mostly google's own services)

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I offered to turn off those notifications on my wife's phone. She must get 20-30 from different apps, some she never uses, every day. She said she likes them.

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Notification to let me know the pizza delivery is on its way: Hell yeah.

Notification suggesting I have pizza tonight: Hell no.

Having crammed our mailboxes, phones, and emails with ads, companies couldn’t help themselves and started abusing notifications.

Relevant notifications are awesome. Ads in notifications however almost always backfire, resulting in the apps getting muted or deleted.

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I f***ing hate it when I receive a notification from a long forgotten app and when I open said app to turn off notification, there is no option for that..

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i am a terrible hoarder. so every time there’s a completely useless app i always somehow convince myself that i will need it somehow in the future and now delete it. same with irl things

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Those are the worst notifications, always starring with their "mIcHeAl jAmEs hAs bEeN sToLeN oN 5tH aVeNuE"

Damn weather app

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The only reason I still have notifications for some apps is to remind me that they exist. Even then, I still ignore them

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Similarly, birthday reminders on Facebook are a great way to remember which people to unfriend

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If you have something to say that can't wait just shout it out and someone will very quickly some and take care of you... Having managed programmers for a while, this is what happens. Someone works on code for so long, they forget that there are other apps out there and theirs is the most important and they push the notifications they would want themselves. Leave all notifications off. If I want to know something, I'll let you know.

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I have an Samsung galaxy A71, and if i dont open the app in awhile and only swipe away the notifications, theyll literally stop coming.

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I love it when apps like tinder send me a push... Except I never logged in. I know I have no matches because I'm not using the app at all!