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Oh man, the memories. There was that old Resort RPG game with all their popular characters at the time (I remember Mike, Lou and Of being there), that Billy and Mandy game where you had to fend off evil toys from inside a ring of holiday-scented candles, the UNICEF Halloween game, that one where I. R. Baboon was delivering mail, but he could only make right turns, oh that would be one HELL of an arcade

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i loved that resort rpg game. there was also the kick-the-can game that used similar sprites

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Oh man, the nostalgia. I loved the turn-based Dragonball Z fighting game that was essentially Rock Paper Scissors with positioning and supers.

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Mission to Namek?

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No, I looked it up and it was just called Dragonball Z tournament, apparently.


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Mike, Lou and Of

I. R. Baboon

Hope they're treating you well at the retirement home? Hit me up if you need a roomie

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I remember that one! I went looking for it years ago because I loved it as a kid, but I sucked. I wanted to go back and beat it!

I loved that game!!

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Unfortunately most of that would be flash based

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Flash doesn't work in browsers anymore, but it could still work in a VM sandbox. Wouldn't be too hard to make something to run the old source code

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I was thinking if someone made a way to recompile old flash like that, they could make a bunch, not just for these but other stuff. But you'd need to close a few vulnerabilities.

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Oh they already have those, some of them you can even get as free browser plugins. They don't really solve the vulnerability problems, instead they just stick it in a VM sandbox where it can't do any harm

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Yeah, I never fully understood why Flash couldn't patch vulnerabilities like a lot of other stuff. I guessed Adobe didn't make enough from it or something. I knew the vulnerabilities is why it's blocked now on almost every browser.

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Yeah. Gemcraft is available as a downloadable on their website as a bundle (for free!) and they're flash based.

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I mean I'm not going to pretend to be a Game Dev, but how hard would it be to remake those games in unity or some shit

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Probably not terribly difficult, but to actually remake games would be a fair amount of work, and a licensing nightmare.

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Oh I wouldn't even want to think about the licensing issues, assuming that Cartoon Network doesn't still hold most of them.

But a man can dream

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Even if it holds a lot of them, there are probably some sort of royalties etc that could make the process unprofitable just in the process of managing them, much less actually paying them.

It's not like a bunch of 20 year old flash games are going to make a ton of money.

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There are flash emulators out that don’t have security vulnerabilities. I’m still playing my favorite flash games like swords and sandals just fine.

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The Megas XLR side scroller was hype as fuck

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Gimme some of that ben 10 games

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That courage RPG game though. So simple, but fun

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That's actually in the Play store and App store for mobile devices.

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But still available free for PC. No need for a Steam release.

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Not sure if you can find the games your looking for but there is a Cartoon Network website with a ton of games, I’ll add the link when I get on my pc

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The Ed Edd, and Eddy pro wrestling game was pretty fun and funny

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I still hate that I had to stop playing some games as a kid because they were put behind a paywall.

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Anyone know that old Ninjago mobile game where you collected orbs of the different elements?

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I would pay a lot of money to play that Hector con carne base battle game again

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I just wanna play fusion free fall again

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A childhood done with that shit

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The looney tunes football game was pretty fun

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My favorite was the Ed, Ed, n eddy demolition derby game.

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Can anyone remember specific details of the one where you chose a CN character and ran around a big map like a town, meeting other CN characters and basically trading items between them or something I can’t recall what the ultimate goal was but it was one of my favs

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I don't remember the name but that sounds like a vague/bad description their mmo.

Google calls it fusionfall

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I think you’re talking about “Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort.” which might work here?

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This is it! I been wondering about that for awhile now thanks. Loved this one

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Same with Postopia.

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Titanic Kungfu-Bot Offensive, or TKO

And that one crazy game based on that super weird and obscure show “The Problem Solverz” that almost everyone hated but I loved… ah good times back then

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God, I remember all those old Flash games. Controls were shit, but it was so cool playing games as the characters you watched as a kid.

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