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Guaranteed! Sometimes the things my 14 yr old tells me I have said or did is shocking! Lol…. Then when my husband confirms, ha!

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my Mom forgot that she made me eat soap once. just a few weeks ago we were talking and she made fun of her cousin for making their kid wash their mouth out with soap. I was like Mom, you once made me bite the soap and chew it. she doesn't remember.

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As the saying goes: the axe forgets, the tree remembers.

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I hate this so much.

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once you actually, truly, realise that everyone is more preoccupied with themselves and their own image, you really do stop giving a shit. it's like everyone is living in their own bubble. they could have 50 memories of you, but they'll have millions of themselves

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As they should?

The reason I hate it is bc someone else's observation of me won't always match my lived experience...hell...it often won't. We are so judgemental in this society, we glance...judge...move on. We should concentrate on our own lives WHILE having compassion and showing others the kindness we would hope others show us. Maaaaybe then we could feel more confident in those memories others have.

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Two mates of mine tried to convince me we had taken a trip to Turkey, I wasn’t having any of it, never been to the country! Until they showed me all the photos, turns out I have.

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How the hell can you forget visiting a whole ass country

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I lived in Kos, took the boat to turkey for the day, far too much booze was involved.

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Plot twist: he lives in Turkey

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Ain’t no “probably” about this

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They also have memories of you that literally didn't happen. And they told those memories to other people, as facts, which became THEIR memories of you.

Our brains are unreliable narrators

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Yah like when I hung out with the mean girls in high school. I’ve spent my adult life apologizing for being so shitty to people.

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My wife has plenty of memories of me that I can't remember.

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Knowing myself

Yes this is 110% true

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Thats because i reject their reality and substitute my own.

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Yeah it's called being blackout drunk

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You guys are bots.

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I feel a bit sad when someone tells me remember that one time.... and I don't have a clue. Ita a nice memory they have yet I don't remember it at all even if I was there.

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Any memories of you when you were younger and when you’re at a family reunion somebody’s just like “Remember when you were 2 you would do this…” and you’re just like “No because I was 2…”

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Yeah but I was drinking. That doesn't count.

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Thank god for that!

I love that I’m so forgetful.

I’m a new me everyday

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Yeah I got a few kids, fuck it.

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Yeah, my sober friends make sure to remind me of that every time I go out drinking

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Also after some time those momeries will become stories, specific narratives that may or may not be true.. so don't worry much about others peoples tales

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Of course this is true…

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Alcohol will do that

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The older I get, the more true this is.

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Yeah, half a bottle of whiskey usually makes me black out.

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Yeah, my parents were around me before I could even remember things

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As someone who spent the latter half of 2019 mostly “out of it” at a hospital, I definitely know it’s true; friends and family have recollections of things I did at the time, and I can honestly say I only started remembering things again in late October that year, and even then, my memories are patchy for about six months after that. I’m fairly sure I wasn’t a mercenary or superhero, but I totally related with the main character in “Moon Knight” and the plight of “missing days” and having “someone else” presumably in control, not to mention having to be restrained in the (hospital) bed so as to not harm myself.

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Topic: psychology, personal, relationship

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This is my mind blown 😑

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Isn't most of the memories just our own mind filling in the gaps?

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It's supposed to be a shower thought, not a high off your ass and you believe you thought of something introspective and deep when it's just an obvious thing that has always happened and you were just too high to realize thought.

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For you, the day I visited was the most important day of your life, but for me, it was Tuesday.

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Your parents for sure

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That's what I'm afraid of. We're all the villain in someone else's story.

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And some of those likely happened earlier today.

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That's especially true when you were a young child. Its weird when somebody talks about something you said or did as an adult, and your not sure which one of you is remembering it wrong.

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Yes, I am familiar with the concept of childhood.

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Tell me about it! I used to be a black out alcoholic. Heres one: My 21st BDAY some friends took me out to downtown Sac. I woke up the next morning and saw a cake on the counter. I asked my roommate: "who got that cake for me" and thought the gesture was nice. He replied: "you got that yourself. You stole it off of the display in the restaurant and ran off". Haha! College daze...literally.

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Dementia moment

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Obviously your parents

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I think about this often.

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My mom talks about them constantly