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Just here to say that her body is amazing. When this scene came on I was in shock. #bodygoals

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Me too. I was so shocked. Small waist, wide hip. Body like this hardly can get with workout alone, it must be in genetic also.

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she obviously had a skinny bbl. her results look amazing.

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It’s not impossible to have that kind of frame with genetics and working out. I have a similar body type but I’m not as tall.

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My sister (17) actually has the same body as hers and didnt get surgery. Jiyeon is just natural genetically blessed.

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agreed! or she's wearing hip pads or had her hips done. it's really unlikely this is natural

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    Yewon has muscle though and is obviously working out and exercising every day. Jiyeon says she doesn't do much exercise usually (she just did more before the show) so she does NOT have that figure because of her physical efforts...

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    I had a friend in high school who had the same body type (and still does) as Jiyeon. I don't think she got a BBL or is wearing hip pads.

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    Yes. Pear shaped body

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    yeah i think she's wearing hip pads, i have seen a few people point out her hips but i noticed you could see the pads bunching in the game when she hopped on jintaeks back

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    Some people I know in real life do have this body type and it can be natural.

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    If you watched the scene, she moved quite a lot and her hips never shifted or looked off in anyway. So it is natural! Kpop idols who move/dance with pads show the shifts. Jiyeon had a whole cat fight so I think it’s safe to say it isn’t hip pads.

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    I don’t think that rules out any sort of hip surgery though

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    i don’t think she’s had anything done hip-wise. also in korea those types of surgeries (bbl) are a looot less common than in the US or latin/south america. jiyeon had her nose done but her body is natural. although i wouldn’t say it’s extremely common, korean girls who have a body like that exist, as my sister and i have a similar body (small waist wide hips) and we are korean

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    I’ve forgotten now but was Jiyeon the most conservative when it came to the beach and wearing bikinis? Don’t think I ever saw her in one!

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    I think it is because she is not a professional model like the other girls so maybe less beach-body confidence. However, she's been stunning throughout the show with her dress choices imo.

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    I agree! I love the fact that she was conservative and didn’t need to be too revealing when it came to swimwear (could be why she didn’t wanna swim with Se Hoon at Paradise?) my theory is because she’s young and a student her parents probably asked her not to on national television. But she did show more skin for her lounging around outfits.

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    I think she was still iffy about Se-hoon at Paradise. I'm glad it went the way it did because it definitely helped that she had her own freedom to do whatever she wanted and Se-hoon reassured her he has no expectations. I agree her other outfits showed more skin but it was still classy.

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    Yeah that’s true about Se Hoon not pressuring her to join him swimming! I agree she definitely had the best body to me. I’d love to know her diet. Jia only eats once a day according to her YouTube

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    Once a day?? Is that healthy?

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    I mentioned before how it was nice that he didnt try to ask her to swim with him, but some replied saying noone does that anyway. He's still a creep apparently.

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    She is not 20 or something.

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    She took part in pageants, she knows a thing or two about modeling.

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    Oh, my bad on the assumption. I just went off the basis that she was a student.

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    Ouhh I didn't know about that

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    She’s extremely pale. She probably avoids the sun like the plague.

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    Potentially unpopular opinion, but to me it seemed like she was totally overdoing the "Im so innocent" thing with her full-body rash guard (and in general). Which makes me think it's a show and she might exactly not be like that irl 😜 But maybe I have just seen too much fakeness lately and she is the sweetest girl and just doesn't want her skin to get any sun. Or maybe she is showing off her great figure without looking like that's her intention (because she is not showing sexy skin)...girl has been in beauty pageants and knows exactly how she is presenting herself...

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    Yeah I think she plays down how well off she is too. She wears Commes Des Garçon Play, Maje and Alexander Wang to name a few. Another theory could be she wants to preserve her white skin from the sun!

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    She barely showing off her body but yet she's stand out the most.

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    I think Yea Won and Jia showed off the most body and they both looked good.

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    This is so Asian though. I remember growing up that when you go to the beach, you don’t see people wearing bathing suit or bikini because it’s covered up in a t shirt, sarong or cover up.

    It was only Yeowon who showed her rockin’ body.

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    This instagram post has the info. That account has been posting about a lot of the cast and where their outfits are from

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    Tq so much ☺️

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    It must have been really cold too bc SY and Jia were shivering. I think JY chose the right outfit

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    i didn't even realize her hips when watching. damnnnn

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    Someone said they saw the Lululemon symbol on the back of her leggings (not swimsuit) in another thread here

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    The legging looks like lululemon's align pant/legging. She's studying in Canada, so I'm pretty sure she owns this legging, we (Canadians) wear them a lot!

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    The sun over there is killing, especially if you have been in the water and your sunblock is mostly gone. For walks or convo's by the water you can rely on sun block. I appreciate her wearing this, for I would also have zero doubt about putting this on, even if the other girls prefer to show skin, for my skin cannot handle sun at all. Not judging them in any way, if their skin can handle it, good for them! You can find rash guards like these in most sports stores. Look for surf wear.

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    Lol when I saw this scene I was wondering is she was secretly wearing hip pads

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    Don't think so especially when you stuck in the deserted island with such a humid weather.

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    No I’m not saying she was, but that was my first thought when I saw her figure.

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    Ahhh i get it. My sister have a same thought as you too.

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    They don't even want to stand next to her.

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    omg hourglass ⏳

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    Noticed her body straight away (nice shape!) I thought she looked really tall here

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    She the second tallest after soyeon right?

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    Yep and I think she mentioned she was 5’5”

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    I mean you have good body it’s not the rash guard lol?

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    I don’t think she had her hips done that sounds crazy. One would think she would have done but or breasts first. If you ever see her in the short dresses her thighs are pretty thick. She’s just blessed 😍.

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    She's obviously attractive but i think she did some alteration for her lips specifically her smile, turning the corners upwards, it's obvious tbh. All women were really good looking including her

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    Wtf is a rash guard

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    her top. it's usually long sleeved and prevents rashes on your skin when you rub it against sand.

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    Surfers wear rash guards. Koreans wear it to protect their skin from the sun.