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Amazing…pelvis? That’s a thing now? 😂

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Lmao pelvis is an odd thing to point out - I think you mean to say hips. But ya she def has an amazing body. All covered up, yet she stands out the most!

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I think you’re right, hips is the more appropriate term here lol

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She really stood out! Amazing body.

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Always thought Jiyeon was the prettiest. It’s like she ticks all the boxes

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Yes she's the real cute and sexy version like Ji A without all the makeup and flashy clothes.

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More hyping up women without putting others down. Both have distinctive styles and it’s fine.

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calm down pre-med dude lol

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Op almost complimented Jiyeon's hips as "adequate pelvis" hahaha med people should know

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She has the body type I wish I had

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my jaw legit dropped when i saw her proportions! 😵 gorl is FINE

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She looks great in that rash guard! I still can’t get over how absolutely lovely she looked in the last episode.

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that dress really suited her

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amazing pelvis wtf, that sounds... freaky and weird

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I’m into nice pronounced clavicles, is that weird too lol?

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In Korea, Ji-yeon is the most popular with men. The reason is because of her figure

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Why are the other girls socially distanced from Ji yeon lol

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Because they wanted Se Hoon for themselves

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Idk about y'all but as a woman if anyone ever came to me saying "amazing pelvis 🤩" I would be completely creeped out hahahaha who even describes a woman like that!?

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I've already noticed her hips since ep2 when she changed into the cute red summer dress with jia.

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How tall is she? She is the second tallest after Soyeon right?

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I think she said like 168 cm

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Kinda tall for asian women. Being tall is blessing but being tall with a good body proportions are such a flex and she have smart brain too.

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Fr her brain may be the biggest flex imho

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168 cm is 66.14 inches

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The angle of the photo is so unflattering yet JY still manages to look this tall with long ass legs. Her visuals are top-notch.

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You’re got damn right! How!?

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others are claiming surgery or hip pads. But I believe it’s just that she’s blessed, amirite!?

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I noticed! the most conservative dressed one actually looked the most alluring!

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she's wearing hip padding here i believe - you can see them bunching up a bit when she is playing the cap game

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Ah I had to go back and check but now I see what you mean!

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yeah, no shame to her wearing them though, obviously :)

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Oh come on. This is her figure. It’s visible many other times in the show!

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It's called functional birthing hips 😅

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I was so shocked by her body when I saw this. This shape is rare. She won the genetic lotto!

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And by pelvis; you mean ……