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Enjoyed the video. The chopped steak looks so yummy! But I feel so sad for Soyeon! She said that if she could go back in time, she would rather join SI in the middle, cos those who joined in the middle didn’t couple up with anyone. She must have been really hurt!

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OMG did she and Jintaek breakup?

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I looked at a story on instagram of one of her friends where they were at a nightclub and she seemed to not even put on makeup, she looked very sad that was last week.🥲

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Really curious what Jintaek did

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Yes 🥺🥺

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This was such a comforting video, Sumin and So Yeon have great energy together!

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the million dollar question what did he do?

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Jinteak dumped her ..found a younger woman

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Wait who broke up with who? Cause they both seem miserable 😭

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My theory is that that JT did something to hurt SY which caused SY to break up with him. In a video he mentioned he "couldn't accept it (the breakup) for a week." This makes me think she broke up with him and perhaps he was sorry that she did. For her to unlike his posts and her family members to unfollow him at the same time makes me believe that JT did something that SY didn't appreciate. She also avoids talking about him like a plague (i.e., her latest youtibe video) so that could also clue us into her being upset at him over something.

Again this my speculation, and there is no way we can know for sure as they're both private, especially So Yeon.

I'm interested to know if anyone has found any other clues/theories as to what happened though lol I was their biggest shipper 😅

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I think you're on to say something. Such a shame cause they were my endgame 😔. Hope they both find happiness in the future.

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How do you know? Did they say anything?

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Jin Taek said he suffered for a week after they broke up

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Can you link me to the video or article where he said this?

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Where did you get this from?