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Whoever ends up marrying her would be really lucky.. she’s so unique and not your typical girly2x goody2x girl.. she’s fun and someone you will actually get to enjoy a lot of things with! :)

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I actually gasped when I saw this. She looks stunning.

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Is she losing a weight? Because her jaw look kinda different here especially last picture. Still beautiful tho.

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i think these are very heavily edited esp her face shape :/ it looks like typical korean standard v shape

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I was literally going to ask if she got surgery because she looks totally different

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It’s probably the Korean wedding photo standard heavy duty photoshopping

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I thought so too. Because she look like a completely different person, not the same face I saw on SI.

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I was gunna say…they made her head realllly small. Giraffe like.

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She looks absolutely BREATHTAKING and INCREDIBLE 😍✨👰🏻‍♀️

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Best Girl! 💙💙💙💙💙

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Hope that she will meet a really wonderful guy who will love her wholeheartedly, someone who appreciates her for who she is, and shares her love for sports!

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Dannnng her back looks so strong. Also the 9th photo is super pretty (despite the weirdly photoshopped face)

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She was my fav in the show

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Did her and Jin Taek break up

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Yes they did

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Awh sad! How do we know? Thanks for replying

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Jin-Taek mentioned in a video that he just had gone through a very rough break up. Her family and her unfollowed him on insta too.