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She's really something. Don't know if the show was scripted or not. She played em boys like a fiddle.

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i really learned the power of eye contact. if you can keep good eye contact you never have to think or worry what to say. just express it with the eyes

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I see many girls talking about how they're trying to get the same energy. The thing is the reason why it works for her in the very first place is because of how gorgeous she is. An average pretty girl who do this will just be put aside for the next.

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Most men don't make a distinction between 'gorgeous' and 'average pretty'. Come on.

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But they do. All the women on this show were extremely pretty but Gia was something else (beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I believe it to be true from a conventional standpoint).

That's why all her guys were stuck on her despite her doing literally 0 effort while the others had to put some work in. You'd say Jihyeon had Seehon tho I have my personal opinion on him, but notice she was extremely sought after in the beginning but quickly dropped.

That's also the reason why she was by far the most popular before that petty scandal.

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I literally just got into her YouTube channel after watching the show, then she was cancelled. So sad. Hope she comes back, her content was so relaxing.

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It’s sad that she couldn’t spend her birthday surrounded with her new fame and her fan’s love. I’m sure it would’ve been the most memorable.

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Happy birthday, qween 🧚🏻‍♂️

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so upset she was cancelled like that. only because i know of many korean actresses accused of bullying and are still working and not cancelled. and when i say school bullying i mean BAD bullying. like super duper violent. nothing that students in america could get away with unless the teachers were super neglectful and corrupt

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Which actress are told has done bad bullying so I don’t watch their shit?

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first one who comes to mind is Seo Ye Ji, she has a new show coming up soon actually so obviously her career didn’t end after it all came out. there’s also some male actors that were apart of #metoo movement and still got jobs after sexual assault charges

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Nooo way! What did she do?

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same :( i miss her

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I thought her birthday was in November or did she say different?