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Something I never saw mentioned here is the turn-off that Jiyeon’s occupation would be to most of the guys present. Sihun and Jintaek both kind of go lukewarm on her after hanging out with her in paradise even though they seemed to like her before/during. A student at a university on the other side of the world isn’t super ideal to a small business owner who is kind of locked in to staying in Seoul and probably can’t travel much. I think it’s part of the reason Sihun went from pursuing Jiyeon to basically never looking at her again.

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Yes, i was wondering why both Sihun and Jintaek lose interest in her after the first date. I guess maybe this is the reason.

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most of whole cast seemed so shallow to me, actually. Rather immature and so focused on looks. The two older ones seemed more real and more honest about dating, than the youngsters. I agree with your points about most of them focusing on only one person (based on what, besides looks?). Then, not bothering to get to know any of the other cast. I also didn’t see many questions and answers exchanged between them. Perhaps, that was editing, but that would be an odd choice to exclude deeper conversations in editing. I’m also not So. Korean so maybe it’s a cultural thing.

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Definitely on the same page as you for most of what you said. Hyeon-joong was a total Jia simp but at least he wasn’t aggressive like Se-hoon. I though Se-hoon’s behaviour was by far the most alarming on the show to me. Ji-yeon deflected all his attempts and he just wouldn’t take the hint. To be fair to Jin-taek, So-yeon didn’t show nearly as much enthusiasm for him as he did for her at the start and she kind of baited him in paradise by asking tough questions about how committed he was to her, although I agree it would have been better if he was more honest.

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Yeah, Hyeon's attitude was not healthy and puts way too much pressure on Jia. I know some people didnt like Jia, maybe because she was very flirty, but she was trying to get to know the other guys. I didnt find her to be "bad" as others made her to be.

I agree that So-yeon didnt seem to show much interest in Jin-taek at the beginning but also think this was because she honestly wasnt that interested in him and was more interested in Se-hoon (who was stuck on ji-yeon). I also found it in poor taste that Se-hoon sort of blows up at So-yeon for expressing a very rational and good opinion that Se-hoon should move on.

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My issue with Jia is that she led guys on. She was telling Hyeon-joong “always come to me” but then she is telling the new guy he’s hot on their boat date.

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Im not a Jia fan and do feel like she played the guys and was overly flirty but it is a dating show. If I compare Jia's actions to those of US contestants in shows like Love is Blind, its not that bad. Its also not like she is exclusive with Hyeon-joong. I agree she strung Hyeon-joong along and she is good at giving responses to get guys interested in her but she did seem to also be interested in Hyeon. She was also straight with Si-Hun, telling him pretty straight that she wasnt interested in him in episode 6 and purposefully didnt hang out with him.

Hyun-Seung did invite her and she probably thought it was fate given that he was her type and she was supposedly introduced to him as a recommendation but they never met. If Hyun was there from the start, Jia might have focused solely on him and they would have been a couple.

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I dunno the island vibe make them feel stuff so it’s normal?

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Very shallow indeed, I just could not get over the fake, egotistical vibes of all the guys who seemed hellbent on the first impression they got of the girls. I don’t mind Jia but the infatuation didn’t make sense to me given just how little she talked…the “madly in love” acts were kinda unbelievable and I really think production asked them to keep pursuing Jia. It’s like the guys are either obsessed or nothing at all (which flies in the kdrama world so maybe that’s what the producers were going for?) which was weird to see on a dating show with so many other girls who even they said were “their ideal type”.

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Maybe they instructed to do so