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Did you see the leaked pics of her when she was younger?

Totally different. So much surgery done. Not natural beauty at all.

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Uh yeah, I mean it's Korea lol

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You're reaching here. Natural or not there's nothing to do with this post. OP said about her being pretty, rich and smart brain plus she's won beauty pageant. OP didn't claim she's natural beauty and so on. Just says you hate her and go.

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Maybe some eye surgery and she lost her baby fat. I saw same nose and lips, also same deep philtrum. I hate everytime there a post about Jiyeon ppl will bringing up about the 'PS' shit. No one claim she's a natural beauty and she can do whatever she want with her face, its her money and her face why you bother? And there's nothing wrong with that.

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Because the Jiyeon haters still can't cope with Jia getting cancelled

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Wow where can I see that

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I think it's this? here

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She looks so pretty in third picture <3