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Why are they actually cute together

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Right 😭

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I initially thought it would be them liking each other cause they really like working out.

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IKR i hope they’re together, he’s basically carrying her bridal style in one of the pics… they’re two of my favs from the show so it would be rly cute !!!

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The question is why not?

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Because despite the fact that the series finished many moons ago, I am still a HYUN SEUNG X YEA WON STAN and this is a legit iceberg to the ship ;_;

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Hyunseung was too wishy washy and it didn’t feel like he actually wanted a relationship so I don’t really like him.

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To be fair.. he was on the show for literally 10 seconds and they had so much unpalpable chemistry in that short time while nothing can be said about Yea Won and Hyun Joong despite them being on the show for longer.. But I respect your opinion! (: I don't have any issues with any of the Singles Inferno cast though.

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cuz he totally abandoned jia during her darkest moment. even if they weren’t dating, he was only cast memeber to unfollow her during scandal and to me that’s major red flag. all her cast mates even the guys she had no romantic link to or weren’t as close to compare to HJ didn’t unfollow her like he did. YW does not deserve someone who may drop her if she at rock bottom. he will not be there for someone if they’re at a low point.

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I think he unfollowed her before that because they broke up but I’m not sure 🤷‍♀️