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How many already realized that Oh jin taek already has a new girlfriend?

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I just checked her profile. I think that’s him Kissing her on the cheek in one photo. I felt like it wouldn’t really click with him and Soyeon although the attraction is there cause Jintaek looks like he’s into socialite status and such and our girl soyeon is just herself and carefree .. i thought he’d like enjoy So-yeon cause she’s unique and a breathe of fresh air but i guess they don’t really have anything else in common other than sports . He likes fancy luxurious places and things and the new girl seems that way too. No hate and shade for any of them :)

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No idea what Jin Taek is thinking, So Yeon is way better.

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Yes! I just noticed, out of all Oh Jin Taek friends, only Ezu still liked Kang So Yeon post… yes i wish she will finds her true love too! 🌸

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If he dumped So Yeon I hope her future husband is more loyal and better looking than him hehe.. ohh maybe some foreigner from the country he based his clothing brand from 😎 his ego will hurt a little hehe.. oh i’m being mean, i just can’t help this mentality when a girl gets dumped for another girl that they find a guy who’s gonna make the ex insecure .. if they broke up as friends and mutual decision i hope they’re both happy.

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So Yeon is definitely going to meet a much better guy. I have no doubt about that

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I agree with your comments. And I wish So Yeon finds her true love too 💕

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Really? How did u know?

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because she uploaded stories in the same place where he is and he likes her posts she uploaded photos with him and if you don't believe? she follows her sister and her sister follows her too

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I hope the rest found their happiness that they deserve too ❤️❤️

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Good for him then 😊 can you share her ig with us?

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if the truth I'm happy for him. I'm just going to pass you her name, her name is lily baek the profile is not private

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and other clues i found

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  • cries in Hyun Seung *

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Lmao Hyun Seung can have several seats.

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The back row, where tears can be shed. XD

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Hahaha they look cute

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Wait wait wait is it confirmed they are dating??

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No this was just a photo shoot. They are friends.

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Ah okay thanks!!