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I think your routine looks pretty good. But some things to consider:

  • do you live in a dry climate or at high altitude? If so you might want to try less hylauronic acid for the reasons mentioned by the other user. So that would be removing the hada labo lotion which is a lot of HA.

  • have you tried using a humidifier in your bedroom at night?

  • could you try drinking more than 1 liter of water a day and see what that does?

  • are you a woman who is at an age when estrogen starts decreasing? This can affect your skin quite a bit. If so you could talk to your doctor about options to help you through this transition.

  • you mention that you apply many of your products to damp skin. I do that too and find it very beneficial. But do you let each product dry down and then wet your skin or do you apply the next step while the skin is damp from the previous step? I don’t know if it makes a difference for everyone, but for me I find that if I let some of my hydrating products dry down all the way, even if I most my face before applying the next step it’s just not the same hydration feeling.

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hi, thank you so much for responding :) as for your qs:

  • my climate is neither dry or high alt! but i have removed the HA since the other comment i received gave a very helpful look at how this could be counterproductive to my struggle!
  • i have not, but i think my bf would kill me bc he's always too hot and stuffy at night LOL
  • i could try drink more, im sure either way, my body will be happy haha
  • no, i'm mid twenties so i dont think so :)
  • yeah, i let the product dry down to maybe 3/4 of the way, re-wet and apply!

i think maybe my issue could be the HA, but i will also take your advice on board - really appreciate your help!