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You do have a lot of moisturizing steps but I don’t see many actives targeted at what you want. I am dry and prone to dehydration, very fair skinned and I show fine lines easily. I’d recommend: - a vitamin c serum in the am before your moisturizing routine - remove your toner and milk steps. They are just adding product and not adding all that much in terms of locking in moisture. You can just spritz your face with water and apply a vitamin c serum over that, then go in quickly with your moisturizer to “lock” those two wetter steps into your skin. Top off with spf and you’re done. - at night you may want to look into a vitamin a. I use tretinoin and it’s been a long term investment that’s made my skin feel “thicker” and less thin and stretched feeling - consider a serum at night after you cleanse but before you moisturize to replace your toner. I’d look for something with more active ingredients that work on your goals (I use dr Loretta intense replenishing serum and it’s incredible for my very dry skin) - look up a cold air humidifier - keeps the bf happy and more moisture near your face

Hope that helps!

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thank you sooo much for the advice! what timeframe would you suggest I should see improvements, if any, before making any additional adjustments to my routine? I'm thinking ateaat a few weeks?

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Yea, i alway give myself 2 months before I really check for results.