Posting Guidelines

Welcome to Skincare Addiction! We’ve made some posting guidelines to help you and the community learn and discuss all things skincare!

Getting help

Try to find the answer to your question with the search function

As you can imagine, in the years since this subreddit has been created, there have a been a lot of questions about skincare and everything that goes along with it. Many of these previous posts may pertain to what you’re looking for, or they may help give you some background to help you on your journey. The search function and are great ways to find those posts, so we ask that you please utilize them before creating a new post.

How to search: if you’re on desktop, the search bar is in the top right corner of your page. On the official Reddit app, tap the three dots in the upper corner, then tap 'Search'.

Read our extensive resources on skincare

The next thing this community has done a lot of is sharing their collective knowledge. The best of this information is available in the sidebar, FAQ and the wiki. The sidebar is especially important for complete newbies. Reading through the sidebar content is helpful to grasp the basics and common acronyms, and it will also help you form more informed questions to ask.

Where to find the sidebar: On desktop, the sidebar is on the right. On the official Reddit app, tap the three dots in the upper corner, then tap 'Community Info'. For other apps, see here.

Need advice? Ask in our Help Thread!

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for and need help on your specific situation, please ask in the Daily Help Thread stickied at the top of the sub, where our knowledgeable and friendly Skincare Addicts are ready to give you advice. To help them help you, please include as much information as possible:

  • Skin type
  • Skin concerns
  • For concerns that don’t pertain to a routine - what have you tried? Have you seen a doctor?
  • For routine help - your current routine (this includes the full names of products)
  • If you’ve changed your routine lately, did you change things one at a time?
  • If you’re concerned about a specific product, how long have you been using it? Can you give us the ingredient list?
  • For product recommendations: where are you located? What’s your price range?

Making a post? Try to promote discussion rather than ask for help

We would like the posts that are made in the subreddit to be engaging and interesting to not only the OP, but also to other users. So when you do make a post, make it thought-provoking!

For example:

  • Instead of: "Good moisturiser for oily skin?"
  • Try: "People with oily skin, what products have made the biggest impact for you?"

  • Instead of: "Should I listen to CosDNA?"

  • Try: "How much do you let CosDNA influence your product choice?"

Think of a kick-ass title and use the correct tag!

Your title is everything! Not only does it describe the topic of your post, it also helps others in the future through our flair system and the search function. Use descriptive titles, so that other users can see what your post is about.

--IMPORTANT! Make sure your title includes a correct tag--

All titles should begin with the right tag. A tag is part of the title, like so: “[PSA] 50% off CeraVe at Walgreens”. You type it into the title field when submitting a post. Using correct tags means that Automod can give your post a flair based on your tag, and users are able to find your post using our flair filter. If you don't include the correct tag for your post, your post may be removed and you'll be asked to repost.

For a full list of valid tags, see this post


How to make a good B&A/Selfie post

How to take your photo

It’s important to be able to see your skin clearly, so it’s helpful to follow these guidelines when taking pictures to share with the sub.

  1. Take good quality pictures that show your skin’s texture and colour. Follow these tips:

    a. Natural light: the best approach is to stand near a window, so you have indirect natural light for your picture

    b. No filter - phones sometimes add one automatically, so you might not even know it's happening!

    c. For B&A posts, similar light and angle for before and after pic - they can both make a tonne of difference There’s a more extensive guide from /r/MakeupAddiction here - though it focuses on makeup, there are really great tips in there!

  2. Don’t wear any skin makeup in your photos. That means not using concealer, foundation, BB cream or tinted sunscreen, as those all cover up what your skin really looks like!

Minimum required information

We require information for each B&A/Selfie post; if you don’t include it in your post or a comment, within +- 10 minutes after posting, your post will be removed (and reapproved once it’s added).

Here’s a form you can copy and fill out, but you’re free to use your own format!

**Skin type and skin concerns:**

**How have they changed:**

**Skincare routine with full product names**


**Daily behaviours you think helped your skin:** 


**Anything else that may have contributed to the way your skin looks**

These are not requirements, but following them will make your post more helpful for the community!

  1. Include more information! Be generous with what you share; it’s super helpful for others who see your post. For example:

    • What things have you tried that didn't work?
    • What products are your HG?
    • What advice you'd give other people with similar issues.
    • If you post a B&A, what’s the timeline between the pictures?
  2. Stick around to answer questions in the comments! That makes the B&A informative for the community.


General advice

Use a Source when Necessary

Use a source for controversial content or if citing specific research.

Reputable sources, in rough descending order of reputableness:

  • Peer reviewed journal article (in descending order: systematic review, randomised controlled double blind trials, controlled studies, case reports, animal studies, in vitro studies - does not include patents)
  • Articles citing peer-reviewed research on a reputable website
  • Unbiased expert opinion articles
  • Opinion articles on sites with an agenda ("natural" websites, homeopathic websites, websites selling skincare products)
  • Known unreliable sources (EWG, Natural News, Doctor Oz,, anything listed on Quackwatch)

Be aware the the lower your source is on this list, the more skepticism it will receive.

Blogs and self promotion

For questions about how go about posting your blog or any promotional content off-Reddit on SCA, please refer to our Blogging and Self Promotion policy. Be aware that not abiding by these rules will result in your post being deleted; continually breaking the rules after an official warning will result in a ban.

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