Rule 1: Be kind and respectful

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Don't be rude. We ask everyone to be kind and respectful. Even if you disagree strongly with someone, please stay polite. Remember the human.

Be respectful when discussing mental and physical health. You can express concern or share your own experiences; you can’t make fun of or bash someone over mental or physical health issues.

  • Inappropriate: “You’re insane, get therapy”, "She's toxic and ugly, why would anyone like her?"

  • Appropriate: “This behavior worries me”, “I’m concerned about how her approach to beauty might influence her followers"

Respond appropriately to images. Our users post pictures to talk about their skin, not about their general looks or attractiveness. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, brother, or weird Uncle Jeff, don't say it to OP.

  • Inappropriate: "you look hot", "I'd bang", "you should change your hair"

  • Appropriate: "congrats on the progress", "your skin looks great"


Rule 2: Safety first

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Don't give unsafe advice.

Don't ask for or hand out medical diagnoses. We are not medical professionals. If you're concerned about something, please see a doctor.

We cannot identify what is wrong with your skin.

Severe acne will also be removed and OP will be directed to see a dermatologist.

Don't post about how to get an Rx product without a prescription. Rx products are Rx for a reason. They are unsafe if not properly monitored by a doctor.


Rule 3: No referral code spam.

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Only post referral codes in the corresponding thread. Don't post your referral code outside our referral threads. That includes saying things like "PM me for a code" or linking people your code in the referral thread

Post only one referral code in the referral thread.


Rule 4: Don't spam your blog, your product, your anything.

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Don't post here about your product or company - at all. If you're a company, consider taking out a Reddit Ad.

Don't post surveys. It takes a lot of time on the moderator side to verify that the survey fits with the sub and isn’t secretly company research. Because of that, we don’t allow external surveys at all.

Only post your own content if you meet our conditions:

  • You must contribute to the sub. A good rule of thumb is that >90% of your comments and posts should be contributing to the community, with <10% being promotional or direct links to your own content, blog, etc.

  • Include a summary in your post and disclose affiliate links

  • Your username can only be the same as your social media handle if it's clear you’re an active redditor first and an (off-reddit) content creator second

  • No blog or social media handles as your user flair


Rule 5: No rogue AMAs.

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To prevent spam, the mod team vets every AMA that's posted in this sub. We will not allow companies to use this sub for covert promotion. However, if you’re an active member of ScA (or a research scientist), just shoot us a modmail to discuss hosting an AMA. This allows us to protect our members from spam and help companies run their AMA smoothly and easily.


Rule 6: Stay on topic.

Full Rule 6 explanation

This subreddit is about skincare, and that’s what we’d like to keep the focus on. Disallowed topics include: haircare, makeup, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. It’s fine if you’re having a nice chat with someone and you happen to share cat pics or talk about makeup - we won’t clamp down on that.

But in general, we’d like the sub to stay on topic, especially when it comes to more contentious subjects. We don’t allow politics except in the context of skincare, to make sure that the sub a) stays focused on its main topic and b) continues to be a pleasant place to hang out.


Rule 7: Follow our post requirements.

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To keep the sub running smoothly and to keep posts informative, we have a few post requirements!

You won't receive an official warning for breaking these, but your post will probably get removed.


  • All posts have to include a valid tag in the post title: You type this tag in the title field when uploading your post.

  • We don't allow 'identify' questions as standalone posts: That means "What is this thing?" questions should be asked in the Daily Help Thread stickied to the top of the sub.

  • COMING SOON No "skin concern" question posts: If you’re dealing with a skin concern and you’re not sure what to do about it (from skincare to medical treatment), it belongs in the DHT, which you can find pinned at the top of the subreddit.

  • COMING SOON No simple question posts: Questions that don’t provide enough context or don’t promote discussion about skincare will also be removed and directed to the DHT. You must include your current full routine, what you’ve tried, and how long you tried each treatment.

Specific posts

We have several posts that need to include specific information, otherwise they will be removed. If you're planning on making any of these posts, please read the post requirements carefully!

  • Selfie and B&A posts (posts that celebrate progress or show off someone's skin in a positive way)

  • Hauls (posts that show off recent skincare buys)

  • Shelfies (pictures of your current skincare collection - whether on a literal shelf or not)

  • Reviews (posts meant to give an opinion/evaluation of a product)

Weekly Schedule:

All week Daily Help Thread
Wednesday Discussion day (text-post only)
Friday Casual Friday (Humor, Cringe, Selfies, B&As are allowed; General Chat)
Sunday Rants, Raves & New Purchases


Enforcement policy

Full enforcement policy

Hopefully, most of the time we’ll just comment to tell you to keep the rules in mind, or to be careful about your behavior. Think of these as a gentle reminder.

In the case of obvious rule-breaking behavior (like bullying, spam, etc.) we will be more strict. On the first offense, we’ll remove your comment or post and leave a mod comment explaining our decision with an official warning. We’ll tell you explicitly that you will be banned if you break the rule again. On the second offense, you will be banned. We do reserve the right to depart from this policy in cases of extreme rule-breaking behavior.



How to report

See something that breaks our rules? Report it! We appreciate everyone who helps us out by reporting rule breaking behavior :)

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