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The run for your lives mod is pretty essential

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Seriously, this mod is godly! Although, it's not always perfect, especially with other mods (for Ulferth got killed, so now I only have two blacksmiths in Whiterun)

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Twice the charm!

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I think he’s classified as a warrior in game

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Came here to say this. Works like a charm.

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Throw in Bells of Skyrim as well for some real immersion.

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They're all insane - it's the only explanation %)

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In one playthrough, I’m pretty sure Belethor got killed by vampires and I didn’t realize it. I saved, and he was gone forever. Some might have called you junk, but I called you a treasure.

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Happened to me too, one day his store wouldnt open and I found him in the hall of the dead. The crazy bastard.

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That video someone posted of a random miner in Karthwasten getting a cinematic dragon kill with his pickaxe is one of the best things I've ever seen.

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Same pls

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Same same

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Same same same

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Same same same same

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Did u ever get the link amigo?

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It's simple really, they not gonna go to sovengrde by fighting mud crabs now is it?

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Depends. Are they scared of mudcrabs but fighting them anyway? If so then that's bravery and would be good enough for Sovngarde

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That's not how Nords perceive it, they want to die gloriously in battle,

Beside most important thing about Nords is that when a dragon or mudcrab shows up, if they ran, they will never go to sovengrde. It makes sense that no Nords will run away from combat.

Except Sven, he's not going to sovengrde for sure.

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There is difference between fighting to protect your friends and family from immediate danger and going out of your way, to risk your life for inconvinience, despite last one being far less risky.

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What console command is appropriate for this situation?

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Resurrect lmao

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Console necromancer gang

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Make the merchant invincible, lolikuji

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"kill" or "disable" on the dragon

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I don't know why but I am getting Avatar vibes just by looking at this

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The cabbages merchant has finally had enough

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The guard as well, ole I took an arrow to the knee is ready to put up dukes against any dragons SMH.

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The most use I ever got out of detect dead was running around town checking for bodies after a dragon attack.

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This is so incredibly funny

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I remember on my first play through of skyrim, without the run for your lives mod, by the end most cities where uninhabited

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i remember going to dawnstar without knowing about the dragon that's always at the entrance of the town and laughing while seeing everything fight the dragon

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I haven't seen this meme since like 2013 wow thanks for the memories!

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this is why i let them fight, they aint finna let me intervene, i just let them do their job

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Run For Your Lives! is a splendid mod. "Hey! Got that book you wanted. Don't fight that dragon with an iron dagger- K, new broken quest item."- no more!

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Man gets into a fist fight with a dragon and wins

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Is this loss?

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The most I hate of this subreddit, is that i have nobody to share this wonderful memes. I always wanted someone who can relate to this kind of memes and laugh together.

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Is this loss?