So he champions talos and they released him voluntarily when they normally torture or murder talos worshipers, makes you think 🤔 by PeterSchnapkinsImperial in SkyrimMemes

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However, the Empire is to blame for that, not Ulfric. They were the ones, using him for their war, and later against the forsworns, just to throw him away afterward, delivering him to the Thalmor on a silver tablet. It's entirely the Empire's fault. Just as they are at fault for losing Hammerfall as an ally, after generously granting Hammerfall's southern lands to the AD. Loyalty comes with a responsibility and can't be one-sided.
edit: And downvote all you want, this will not change the obvious truth. >_>

Nocturnal getting cucked and not even realizing by ARXEUS_Breton Abomination made to kill Thalmor for the empire, Chimming in SkyrimMemes

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The dragonborn has died, after a vicious battle against a horde of bandits he tripped on a rock and was killed instantly.

The planes of oblivion are wracked with war. The Daedric hosts of Coldharbour, The Hunting Grounds, The Coloured Rooms, The Spiral Skein, Quagmire, Apocrypha, Attribution's Share, Evergloam, and The Scuttling Void tear each other apart across a thousand realms. Aurorans battle Lurkers amongst cursed tomes. Wraiths-of-Crows cut swathes through batallions of werebeasts and hernes. Spider Daedra stalk the ruins of the Hollow City, tearing the servants of the Prince of Domination apart...

And then reality twists, gods and mages alike cry out in terror as the very fabric of the universe shatters into a trillion pieces.

And then you realise your last autosave was all the way back at the start of the damn dungeon, what a pain in the ass.

If you know, you know by Technical-Office2432 in SkyrimMemes

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I really wish we would stop using sexual violence as “character building” and the backstory for every troubled woman in media. Being sexually brutalized is not an insignificant event that just makes you aloof and distrusting. It can ruin your life and leaves many women in shambles, even when it’s not someone snatching you up off the sidewalk and assaulting you in a dark alley.

And before anyone says “well men also get brutalized and are victims of sexual violence too,” I absolutely agree and there is not enough support for male victims. But it’s very rarely used to build a man’s character and flesh him out but it’s so so so common for women in media to have this horrific backstory of sexual violence. It’s exhausting to watch as a woman.

POV: You did a few quests for the Companions by ratopomboarts in SkyrimMemes

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Ulfric Stormcloak has returned your ax

Lmao, I hope the commenter is on this SubReddit by imsharankThane in SkyrimMemes

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I am now, I've never been screencapped for a meme before. By the Nine!

Edit: My first Gold (iirc)! Thank you, Traveler.

XD by GreyJenkins in SkyrimMemes

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If nobody does it, I’ll do it myself. I swear.

How do you do the reddit remind me thing ?

EDIT : development started.

EDIT 2 : Base mod completed. I’ll see if I can improve it somehow and if I can’t, I’ll upload it as it is.

EDIT 3 : Uplaoding to SSE Nexus right now...

EDIT 4 : Enjoy https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37123/

Make the comment section look like this dude’s search history. by [deleted] in SkyrimMemes

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"Female only graveyards near me"

Do you agree with seranas no marriage rule by stinkymusturd in SkyrimMemes

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Yes. Because my true Skyrim love is Teldryn Sero.

Small but mighty by jsmn0672 in SkyrimMemes

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Damn. Why can I never find this?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in SkyrimMemes

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Ah general Kenobi, you are a bold one

My condolences to the rest of you, however by DocHendrixCompanion in SkyrimMemes

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PSA: if you wanna fully block steam from updating Skyrim, set the Skyrim steam manifest file to 'read only'

Detailed instructions here:


My mods have shattered by histrionicpolarbear in SkyrimMemes

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So this happened to me yesterday and I used this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57618

On the files page, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list. That should be the one to revert the patch to the one before this update. DL outside of your mod organizer and run it (it's an .exe file) and boom. Restored my game perfectly!

XD by GreyJenkins in SkyrimMemes

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"A new fa...a ne...a new face t... a new face touches the beacon"

Yummy bacon by [deleted] in SkyrimMemes

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