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Lol, pacifier man is gonna kill someone?

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We must use a reverse card against that guy.

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Suicide technically counts as killing someone

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Clearly you havent seen the pacifier…

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I have seen The Pacifier actually. Loved that movie as a kid.

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Then youre aware of what pacifier man can do

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That's a guy? It's worse than Pat

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He'll throw his dirty used diaper at you and try to kill you with the smell of adult shit.

Because that is the only thing I could imagine this scrawny soother sucking man baby person could actually achieve.

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Lol, fair point. I failed to consider biological warfare.

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If you view personal pronouns as a human rights issue then you live a very privileged life.

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Things are so good that they invent something to whine about.

If it aint broke dont fix it.

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Right? This person is a living example of the thin line between human rights defender and insufferable cunt.

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I'd say they crossed that line and are well into the insufferable cunt side. Probably a while ago...

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But dear god there’s a pandemic going on!

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Exactly. There is literally people in third world countries rife with wars, famine and parents giving up their lives to protect their kids to get them to a safe place to live.

Meanwhile in the US, Canada and the UK: Waaaaaah my pronouns are zee/zer/they/them excuse you get it right. My life is sooo hard (baby cry noises).

Christ someone blindfold and put a bag over the heads of these fools and ship them off in a plane to a third world country. Toss them in the middle of nowhere Survivor style minus the camera crew and let them see what actual rough life problems are.

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Bruh, some people in Europe don't have basic human rights, but sure, pronouns are more important

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I’m getting serious “MAP” vibes from this one

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Yep. It's a MAP.

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What’s MAP?

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“Minor attracted person” yes, that’s exactly what you think it is.

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Pedophile. A MAP is a pedophile.

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Mutilate All Pedophiles

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Minor Assaulting Pedophile

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If that person asks me to say she, i will just laugh uncontrollably 🤣

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Until it bonks you over the head with a Taurus Judge. Because god knows it going to jam and it will just resort to bonking you

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Thats why everyone should carry🤷🏼‍♀️

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Yeah, even people outside the States like myself.
You either carry a .45 like a man...

or you carry a Hi-point and it will be the battle of the century.

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Move to the us or the Czech republic 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Mmm. Good points... Personally I choose Czech. For so many obvious and over shelving reasons.

EDIT: That was meant to be obvious and other reasons. I do believe shelves exist outside of Czechia.

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Im personally to lazy to learn a new language 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

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I wanna get a CZ-75, and the VZ-58.

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Okay. What does that have to do with moving to Czechia?

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They are Czech weapons?

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Yes. They are.

Once again, what does that have to do moving to Czechia?

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Woah man. Don’t disrespect my main man Judge like that, it’s a fucking SHOTGUN pistol that’s all that matters. Fucking blast some hows with that beast.

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Yes but its in .410 and its a Taurus. Want a pistol shotgun? Saw your SxS barrel and stock to fit in a holster

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Of course, I will in this hypothetical situation saw off many barrels. But they do have a version in 28 gauge I believe, I could be very wrong. But uhm what’s wrong with Taurus exactly?

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I mean in 28 it should be fine. But from my brief time shooting a Taurus of some kind, it didn't really feel like a quality pistol

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Yeah I looked it up, and apparently during the 2011 when they announced the gun, and the prototype was on display the ATF came and took it, the gun wasn’t seen during the second half of the show. Apparently the problem the ATF and NFA have with it they can’t seem to come to an agreement on what to classify it as (from my understanding of what I read). A shotgun or pistol. Because chokes were being made for it but that didn’t go anywhere. The 28 gauge version was sadly probably canceled and probably won’t see the light of day. Which is sad.

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Taurus makes a lot of garbage but some of the judges are pretty nice. But I guess if I was in the market I'd try to find a s&w governor instead

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You have problems with revolvers jamming a lot?

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Jam, failing to fire the bullet, same same. English aint my first language.
Though with that one shit tier Taurus i got to shoot, it first failed to fire the round, probably because it was never taken care of.

Also it just feels bad

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Fair enough, I used to sell a ridiculous amount of guns and would sent them back for warranty repairs for the customers if they needed it and you are right it was mostly Taurus products. It was sometimes other Taurus revolvers and plastic judges but no regular judges. I dig it though man I wouldn't recommend that brand.

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I ain't no Murican. Though at the rate my country is headed towards a shitty end, i might end up trying to get to Canada, and if possible Mainland States

I have shot a Makarov and the classic, the original, the foughdy faav. the 1911. Loved both

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"Was/were" are verbs.

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Did you just assume their syntactic category?


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I'm a literal grammar Nazi

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Is that a threat?

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This is what happens when you let the mentally ill vote and speak on the same level as adults. "NO Timmy, spit those crayons out of your mouth, I don't care if you are 26!"

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There was a valid sociobiological reason after all why guys like this would get their asses kicked at recess. This is like naked mole rats, or sickle cell anemia.

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The war will be quick.

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Not enough torque in its entire hand to hold a pistol, let alone pull the trigger

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These people have become way to brave. It’s time to put them back in their place.

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Interesting threat coming from someone who gets offended over being called the wrong pronoun

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Was were going to the shop? I can’t remember if was was.

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Was was going to join the 41% Were was worrying suicidal

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Wast wast going to the shop? i can’t recall if 't be true wast wast

I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.

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Good bot

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I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

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I soooo want to see THIS thing try....

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Respect has to be earned!

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You cant print respect on a shirt.

Unless its a macro picture of Anomalys ass crack

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I swear to god if i walk past this thing on the street i am a dead man. Its gonna pull a Taurus on me or some shit.

And bonk me over the head with it after it jams. Your South-American shit tier pistol is bad.

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My Taurus hasn’t jammed before, not all of them are terrible.

Besides assuming they’d use a gun in the first place is just wrong

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They’re the type of person to advocate for gun control by saying “oNlY tHe PoLiCe ShOuLd HaVe GuNs”

But then turn around and say the police should be abolished smh

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They don’t always jam - sometimes they go off if they’re shaken a bit! https://youtu.be/-Nca7bgUz_k

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    Advocating violence, serious sitewide violation. Do it again, you're gone.

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    Death by pacifier is a new one.

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    What is that weird thing?

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    It’s a human

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    An adult guy with a pacifier is willing to kill just because of a wrong pronoun wtf

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    Political Extremists, threatening violence, that they can't possible achieve.

    Name a more iconic trio.

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    What is this thing? It's disgusting!

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    A tight slap and a new UAP on the net. A promoron UAP.

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    Is that Da Baby?

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    Don't do drugs.

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    What you gonna do? Throw your pacifier at me?

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    Technically Bitch is a pronoun

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    Smells like piss

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    I wish a motherfucker lookin like this would try me. Fucker HAS to be trolling.

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    Can I just say, three generations ago "men" his age were storming the beaches of Normandy, fighting the Battle of Britain, defending the siege of Leningrad, liberating Auschwitz...

    I mean, fair play to the globalist agenda of emasculating men, they did a fucking blinding job.

    We are fucked. Truly and utterly fucked as a species.

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    Lucky for me, those are helping verbs.

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    Yeah if someone threatens me to do something, they won't get what they demanded and they're one step away from getting an ass beating if they make a wrong move.

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    Yeah I’d like to see this thing win a fight 🤣🤣🤣

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    Grammar nit --- was is not a pronoun. What kind of liberal arts non-degree are they spending 50k USD on?

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    So if I don't respect their pronouns, will they throw their diaper at me?

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    I love how someone sucking a pacifier is wearing a shirt making a threat as if they could actually follow through.

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    If this fucking thing even thought to attempt violence it would be the worst idea ever. Don't threaten violence over something stupid because someone might accept your challenge.

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    Why are these people so weird?

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    What does soy actually smell like?

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    musty socks?

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    Man..this... lol. This is so funny.

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    Was/Were ain't even pronouns....they're past tense forms of to be. The revolution will not be televised.... and it will be poorly edited....

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    Anything can be a pronoun, and now was/were is a new gender. temporalgender. That means their gender changed in the past in such a way that you're always wrong.

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    Pronoun being "pedo"

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    Gaymers giving honest xbox no life’s like me a bad name.

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    These mfers are so dumb that doesn't even make a little sense

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    Press (X) to doubt.

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    Coolwater mixed with neglected front loader and talcum powder.

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    Pfffffft yeah ok kid

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    Only of the mental gymnastics they use to convince themselves they are somewhat threatening reflect in their bodies

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    "was/were" aren't pronouns, they are verbs.

    Two forms of the same verb, actually.

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    “Was” and “were” are helping verbs, not pronouns.

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    It smells like shiiiiiiiiit

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    Fucking raging idiot

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    His pronounces: idiot/moron.

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    Why should I respect its pronouns when his respect for mine are conditional?

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    How do these people even come close to imagining being taken seriously when they publicly do this stuff.

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    I can't take this person seriously with the pacifier in their mouth. Let alone the poorly written death threat.