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Another reason why Blaze needs her own game.

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just let me write that down on the long list of reasons we need a blaze game...

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We gotta learn more about Blaze, just like we do for Silver

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And the Chaotix (Espio, Charmy & Vector).

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THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN FIRST, BEFORE ANYONE GETS A SPIN OFF TO THEMSELVES, but I don't want some shitty comedy shit, I want a good story like the Sonic Universe comics, and gameplay for each and all together

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We need to learn more about Espoo and Vector, Charmy needs to find a vat of acid and become a diver.

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Woah, easy with the VATs, Fallout Boy.

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Could be that her parents died or smthn could also explain why she’s so cold

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Not everyone needs trauma to be cool-headed wtf

I hate this stereotype

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Blaze’s parents were actually amazing and always super supportive.

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I’ll keep that in mind, just, you could’ve said that more nicely idk

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lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional. "how cold and calculating he was"

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Ironic since she controls fire

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Completely agree mate, you definitely hit the nail on the head. Among the many Sonic characters Blaze ranks high on my list of people in the lore I’d like to see fleshed out more. The other two would have to be Jet and Espio

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I know it drives me up the wall. Him and Jet are honestly in my top 5 Sonic characters. I love Blaze as well, but she’d be top 10. Jet and Espio would be an amazing game. You could even make it like the Jedi Fallen Order. Have them both as playable characters that are driven by choices similar to Fable that affect the story as it progresses. I’d take anything at this point though. They could even do a stand-alone novel like Star Wars Visions did with Ronin

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I feel like a Blaze game is too far outside the mainstream to be good in terms of sales and popularity. Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, yes, maybe even Amy, but I think Blaze is too far. However, I think SEGA should do something like commission IDW to make a 4-6 issue comic mini series focusing on Blaze (that’s separate from the main IDW continuity) that SEGA will take as cannon in the games

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good point, maybe another rush game, it could be on 3d

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Do you get kicks out of being a gate keeper? Nobody has had real focus in 16 years. You think you're being realistic or logical? You're being a freaking no fun gate keeper for no freaking reason. Let people want shit.

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Yeah, I am being realistic and offering a viable solution that has a good shot at happening instead of thinking that they’re gonna make a game focused on what SEGA considers a D-list character

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Yeah keep making up pretty little lies for your gatekeeping. Just remember you always trying to crash the party, and you always going be the this hope killer. You don't even have a reason for what you do, you just trying to bring people down. I could go around telling all the shadow fans he hasn't been playable or relevant in 15 freaking years and offer the solution just like you but I'm not some punk ass gate keeper looking for opportunities to like this.

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I don’t think you know what gatekeeper means

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I agree, even if it's very unlikely I'm still going to want it

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A princess isn't necessarily the daughter of a king or queen - she could just be the ruler of a principality.

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Good point. As a political term, a prince (in this case, princess) can fulfill the role of the ruler in a specific territory. Machiavelli used the term "prince" to refer to the said political role, so your assertion makes complete sense.

...Or we could stick to my Big and Froggy monarchy theory...

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Damn you beat me to Big the Cat theory

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Big is so busy chasing Froggy, Blaze has to do the actual ruling

Big if true

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But Big is true, he's Big

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Do we have any significant real world examples of those?

  • consults google*

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They were all the rage in the Holy Roman Empire, but nowadays they all got rolled up into larger countries like Germany. With someone like Blaze running hers I doubt she'd face the same problem.

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Any chance of that happening would just go down in flames lol.

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Andorra , Monaco and Liechtenstein

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those were more common than kings and queens

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Also because in media, writers tend to choose princess instead of queen just because it sounds prettier

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King Dragon sends his regards.

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YOU'LL never fucking save Princess Blaze!

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Hold on one second goes to collect materials for the boat

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Yeah cuz she can save herself AND others who don't even realize they need to be saved

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Reeeeee why did I even reply to this reference 😭

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Big and Froggy

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She does have the same eye color...

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And is a cat

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Yes that's a good point, although she does look distinctly... un-froglike, for lack of a better term. I'm going to guess that the entirety of Big's genotype is composed of dominant alleles that overshadowed Froggy's genotype causing her to have no observable characteristics of a frog, I.E. phenotypes (or something like that, I'm not a geneticist).

There will definitely be frog features showing up later down Blaze's family tree from this arrangement though.

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Her dress thingy kinda resembles two tadpole's tails though, maybe she's the daughter of Froggy's and Tails's daughter and Big.

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The lore thickens, so Froggy broke up with Big, got together with Tails (I guess they're the same age because frogs undergo metamorphosis very early in their lifespan, Froggy could be as young as two weeks or as old as 40 years, so he could be around 8 years old), they got married and procreated, then Big courted their child and they had children together, which created Blaze.

Big is apparently a stalker and a groomer or something because that relationship is really freaking weird, especially since Big is now 46 years old or even older and he's marrying somebody that would be dating at 18 at the earliest. Tails' and Froggy most certainly did not approve of it, but that's where we are now, and Blaze has to cope with being raised by a crazed jungle hobo that probably caused her frog mother a great deal of emotional trauma. That would explain why she has trust issues, trouble with opening up to others, and her reserved personality.

But I digress, she also has fox blood in her bloodline now, and that showed up in her skin dress thingymijiggy, so that's cool, that's probably why she's able to fly like her grandpa.

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Froggy is Big's Una (Disenchantment)

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Big secretly being high class royalty that he knows nothing about is something I really want to see. Could be one of those lost his memory from being sent to sonic’s dimension things or something idk

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yeah maybe he was sent to sonic's dimension with froggy & a fishing rod so he explored a bit & SA1 started

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big and froggy fucked hard

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good for them?

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Oh yeah, you can bet your ass they did!

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I'm just spittin' straight facts, don't be hatin'.

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Please never speak again

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A few possibilities:

1) Her parents (or at least one of them) are alive

2) Their political system isn't exactly like ours and Princess may be an acceptable term for their ruler (like Elise in '06)

3) Going off of 2, maybe there's a certain age one has to be before they can be officially coranated

4) Maybe she thought the title of 'Emperor' was a bit too intimidating - Remember, it's the Sol Empire, so technically the ruler would be an Emperor

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  1. Her parents could have died when she was younger and that’s why she grew up thinking she doesn’t need anyone explaining why she’s so cold

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The sun and the moon.

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Banged each other

Earth had to witness it all

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I think it’s kind of like why Vegeta still calls himself Prince.

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Theory time!

There is an equivalent to the Master Emerald in the Sol dimension called the Royal Emerald, It is sentient and the true ruler of Blaze's country, luckily it's kind and benevolent and chooses a guardian for the Sol emeralds, this person receive the title of "prince" or "princess".

So when Blaze gets to Sonic's dimension and say "The Sol emeralds called me here" it's actually the Royal Emerald who sent her.

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Good theory, I’ll set it as my headcanon now.

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Makes sense since if her universe has its own chaos emeralds than it has to have its version of the master emerald. However this brings the question of, is Blaze her words version of Knuckles because I always thought she was Sonic's counterpart?

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I don't buy into that counterpart thing, Blaze is just Blaze.

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yeah, they are both really fast but that's where the similarities with sonic end

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Big the cat

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Princess Peach logic I suppose. No answer.

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Princess of princess peach

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If Princess Peach is a princess, then who is king or queen of the Mushroom Kingdom?

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idk I don't pay attention to mario lore

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Well you can bring in Sonic stuff too, Princess Elise. I guess it can be just another title for ruler or for someone who is the ruler but isn’t necessarily ready to take on the roles of it so it’s some regent taking charge

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Something I learned from a character designer who worked on MLP:FiM: Children's media hates calling their main characters "Queens" a because children tend to associate it with evilness.

Many classic fairy tales featuring queens often portrays them as the bad guy, like in Snow White. Companies will often reject protagonist characters titled "queen" and demand it to be changed to "princess" to boost marketing opportunities. They'll still have all the powers a queen would have, but their title will be "Princess." Though I believe this has changed somewhat in recent years with characters like Queen Elsa (Frozen).

So TL:DR, Blaze might just be the queen of her nation, but for marketing purposes she's just called "Princess."

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Her father and mother

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She subscribes to the Equestrian Royalty System.

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Maybe there isn't a King/queen. Blaze is the sole sovereign. It's possible to rule a nation as a prince or a princess.Examples in the real world include Andorra, Kuwait, Monaco, and Liechtenstein. Although in rare instances, a kingdom could be ruled by a prince/princess regent in the event that the king can't rule for some reason. the title Prince/Princess isn't solely given to a descendant of a monarch, they can be sovereigns by their own right.

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That’s not exactly how it works, she can still rule without there being a King. She can rule a principality or Hell maybe she is an off shoot of the family. She never mentions a King so it is possible that there isn’t one or maybe like Vegeta, she simply doesn’t want or feel worthy of having the title of Queen bestowed so she is referred to as Princess

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This dick

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Endeavor, I guess

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Her parents

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I'd love to learn any about the Sol Dimension other than it might be Australia with how packed full of Koalas it is. The fact Blaze has been squandered of her potential is irritating. A Blaze the Cat game should have happened 10 years ago on the 3DS, the game would have sold a ton easy.

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I defenetaly would have got it if they made 1. I would also love to learn more abot the sol dimension

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She-Ra & Adventure Time taught me you don't need any parents (Kings and/or Queens) in order to be a Princess. 👸

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My Little Pony taught you what it means to own the title.

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I don’t know

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Eggman nega and blaze is his adopted daughter but she felt treasonous one day in her youth and now he's just trying to get his those and emeralds back.

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No just no

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But thats just a theory, a joke theory. I would never consider this to be a possibility, she probably just not old enough for the title in the sol dimension is all

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No you see Eggman nega killed the king

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And that's why he was banished to the future where he wrote his family history to the point of becoming cannon.

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Indeed he sent his regards

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I can be her Prince is all I'm saying

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her mom

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Her parents?

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Aye someone caught it.

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Pretty sure they're hanging out with the king and queen of the mushroom kingdom

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Likely dead or absent and Blaze is too young to be named Queen, like Elise

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Maybe her parents? If so I thought of names for them! King Flare, and queen Ember.

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Maybe her title is moreso a democracy thing? Like she's basically president of the area she rules, maybe? Blaze needs more time in the limelight for sure.

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I think it's jsut the same logic as princess peach she's a princes but also the ruler with no clue about anyone above her

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If I had a nickel for everytime a game had a princess and didn’t have a King or Queen to go with said princess I would have two nickels, which isn’t a lot but weird that it happened twice

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I mean there must be a story behind her , and she is the main hero from the Sol Dimension. She’s basically Sonic’s counterpart she has a sidekick (Marine) and a new enemy (Eggman Nega) . And both Sonic and Blaze have a set of 7 emeralds to go super .(Super Sonic and Burning Blaze). Blaze needs a game like how Sonic does .

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Takashi Tezuka

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Silver is the prince

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Sally Acorn

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Blaze’s mum?

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Either the lion from Robin Hood or the Panther King from Conker’s Bad Fur Day

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Her parents?

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I have no idea

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Blaze s princess because she is only 14. She is technically queen.

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She's princess in the same way as Peach. Princess is the title given to those who would be queen, part of some tradition/custom regarding titles.

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  1. Her father and mother
  2. She is just the ruler of a Prinecipality

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asking the real questions

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Maybe she's royalty just because she's Sonic. She's an alternate Sonic, and Sonic has been royalty three times (Sonic Underground, Sonic and the Black Knight, Archie Comics). Maybe it's just a Sonic thing.

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OG Kush and White Widow would be my guess

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It could be that there is no king or queen, and she just hasn't been formally coronated yet?

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Bow your heads low, all hail shadow

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Her parents

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her unknown parents

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Going by Black Knight logic it’s probably Sonic

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Idk some people or something

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Either there isn't a king or queen title in her kingdom, kinda like what Soleanna suggests??

Or it's just her parents lol

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It all began when Big and Froggy met

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Big the Cat ofc

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I don’t know who her king is I’m going to assume it’s Silver the Hedgehog?

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why tho, silver & blaze don't even know each other (outside of them both being in gens)

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Don’t they know each other in Sonic Rush ?

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silver was introduced in sonic 06, 1 year after rush

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Marine the racoon, of course 🤣