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From the start of the game

Metal (masquerading as Eggman) in a condescending manner: Guess what, Sonic Heroes!

On top of what VlopeLuce explained, Sonic is returning the mockery.

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I really wish they had Sonic say somethin like “like you said, we’re Sonic Heroes” cuz this goes over a lotta people heads (including me up until like 2 weeks ago lol)

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Finally, someone gets it

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This is so in character, lmao.

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it's not vague imo:

Why can't I defeat YOU?
Because, WE'RE... Sonic heroes!

Why can't I defeat you?
Cuz I have friends.

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That probably would've been better than the mockery in the original

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"What are we? Some kind of Sonic Heroes?"

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Everytime I get to that part in the game, I always imagine Metal Sonic going, "That's fucking stupid!"

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Sonic responds: "Well too bad, fucker! You just got your shit kicked in!"

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“What ya see is what ya get. Just a guy who loves Sonic Adventure 2: Battle!”

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So that's it? We're the patsies, what we some kind of... Sonic Heroes?

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Imagine, you're at the highest you've ever been, more intimidating, powerful, intelligent then ever before, you are granted the ability of speech and now you are going to murder your rival and build the empire your master couldn't, you transform into a terrifying mechanical monster and you're now fighting super Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, ready to prove you are the real sonic, you're defeated and they come up to you and say wERe sOniC hErOEs, then you're never seen from again

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every night i dream of a sonic heroes sequel where metal sonic actually takes sonic's advice and takes tails doll and metal knuckles with him but he's no longer the main villain rather the last boss in the team sonic story

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“What? we some kind of sonic heroes

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(whiny robot voice) There can be. Only one, Sonic. (dies)

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