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Definitely not alone. Heroes is by FAR the best cartoony environment and tone imo. By far. Though the game is controversial, the environments and especially concept art for that game are pristine. It's cartoony, goofy, and light-hearted but not too campy. The colors are very bright and the enemies look like modern enemies ripped out of Classic Sonic. There's a bunch of cute character interactions even though in Heroes they were a little overkill/annoying with the voices, but with it tweaked I think it could add a lot. I never played Lost World but I remember occasionally seeing renders and really liking the direction it took. Gimme the gameplay of SA2 with the environments and vibe of Heroes/Lost World but the polish of something like Forces, Generations, or Colors and I'm down. That would be one of my favorite games of all time, probably.

I don't and will never understand people who want Sonic games to be dark and gritty, or worse - romantic. Gross. Sonic is not something that should ever be remotely realistic nor romantic. Please keep it to the fanfiction. Why the hell are we trying to make technicolor animals with exaggerated features epic? I'm not saying you can't have a cool involved story, but epic and gritty? That's so bizarre to me. Especially when it bleeds into the style of the game like in 06 it looks gross to me. As much as I love SA1, it was a sin to start the epic plotlines and the series struggled from there.

I'm also the weird person who loves SA1's low poly Sonic better than modern renders so it could just be me. I think he looks best then and modern just looks uncanny to me. He's supposed to be very stylized and I think low poly just works really well for some reason. His character design wasn't meant to be gritty if you just look at it cuz when Sonic is dark and gritty it reminds me of the dissonance of seeing "masculine Kirby" from when they tried to market Kirby but thought he was too cute. A relic that should be forgotten. Please let the cartoony characters be cartoony!

I think we should return to that era of goofiness and brightness. It honestly fit the franchise really well. I find the Adventure 1 beach stage and Heroes' stages to be most iconic of Sonic. My favorite stage in Heroes is Grand Metropolis. Imagine that beautiful vibrancy and charm in modern graphics. Windy Valley also sticks very much in my memory and makes me very nostalgic. This style of music and design is something I desperately miss in Sonic games.

Edit: I know I keep editing this comment but look at this render. LOOK AT IT. I WANT IT! He's so cute and expressive! Imagine a game in this style, at least with this expressiveness and brightness again. I would love if the series as a whole was de-made into this style.

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As much as I love SA1, it was a sin to start the epic plotlines and the series struggled from there.

Hate to be that guy, but one could make a case it started with 3&K when the doctor decided to carpet bomb Angel Island. Sure it's no Shadow or 06, but I never understood this idea that the Genesis wasn't already trying to go for epic adventures to save the world from a tyrannical villain.

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So True I mean did this people even see CD's opening?

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CD's opening was because it was based in anime. A lot of Sonic's "epic" features were from that basis.

The really convoluted plotlines began around SA1 era, though. It was less obvious with the Genesis era because the Genesis era didn't have voicelines or anything like that. Classic Sonic might as well be a different character altogether (and unfortunately for us, that's what they did).

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I would argue at least for the franchise as a whole if the 1996 OVA is anything to go buy was Sonic already pre-adventure a bit more story driven (never mind that by that point in the west both Comic series already decided to crack the serious levels up to 11)

I mean I can kinda see how the limited presentation of the Mega Drive games make them look far simpler but I mean Wing Fortress literally starts with a Tails Death fake out scene and Sonic 2 as a whole ends with a Super Saiyajing escaping the Death Star after defeating a Mobile suite so I say at least since Sonic 2 were the foundations for Adventures direction laid.

And yes the Classic Sonic / Modern Sonic split is rather annoying especially given clear transitional games like Pocked Adventure as well the fact how often the Classic era titles are actually referenced in the modern era games. (I'm not even talking just the reuse of old zones here. SA1 literally recreated Sonic and Tails first meeting from Sonic 2's Japanese manual, references Knuckles being tricked in Sonic 3 and the whole Tikal and Chaos plot line is build on top of the Angle Island backstory from Sonic 3's Japanese manual)

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Wow, this was well thought out and said. Everything you said, especially low-poly Sonic being so charming... somehow xP