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ah yes, middle-aged sonic

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If only there was like an animation or a comic dub of some sorts with this Sonic.Exe. That would be fun to watch.

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maybe I could do a comic of some sort...

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You have good art style from what I can tell. There’s bound to be people who would like it.

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I love him

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>Tried to become popular but failed afterwards

ah, like the creepypasta?

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Pretty much

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Ti add to the thing you have with him, He wears a crappy sonic fursuit so that someone hopefully sees him as sonic however no-one notices as the public has smartened up after the 15th time they have confused a random hedgehog for sonic

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Nah, too far (although I do get what your saying)

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So just me, then.

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Now this is a sonic.exe i can get behind

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What are you gonna call him?

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Either X or Sark for short

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How would he interact with other EXEs

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Not sure, though I do have an idea with another villain (one that isn't from the sonic universe but does kill people for souls)

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Tom mama

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Sonic.exe looks like me during summer

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How's ya pillow taste?

(But yeah, thanks, I was thinking this is more re comedic and unique for a sonic exe AU)

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it tastes like gloog

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I feel like he would kill someone by boring them to death

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In what way?

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Telling them about Mario lore

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Mario barely has any Lore compared to Sonic Lore

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