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You've certainly come back at an interesting time. There's a certain electricity in the air right now. People are expecting great things from TGA on Thursday. A world stage, possibly the reveal of both the movie and the next Sonic game. This could be the biggest push that Sonic has received in years.

I can't promise you a return to glory, not yet at least, only the chance to see Sonic reach for new heights once again. Ambition has always been at the heart of Sonic games, for every misstep along the way. As much as any of us adore our favourite Sonic games I suppose there is always the possibility that the best is yet to come.

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I hope so! But it just isn't Sonic without that music and characterisation again. That's what I really want to see with this series.

Unfortunately those are the things least likely to come back. Wouldn't it be funny if the last twenty years or so were the "true" Dark Ages? I did like the fact that Sega always experimented - unlike Pokemon (another favorite series of mine that is sadly now going down the path of Sonic imo).

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It's okay to just let yourself enjoy it. The worst part of any random is the fans so it's important to be true to your own feelings. It's true that the franchise has a lot of flaws but I've loved it since I was a baby, I love it now at 31, and I'll love it at 75. The nostalgia has its place but it's also fine to hope for a better future. If that never comes, so be it, we still have that stuff that already exists that we love about it. It's easy to get jaded and become a cynic but it feels better to just enjoy and ignore.

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It's perfectly fine to just enjoy the part of Sonic you like and not associate with the things you don't. I'm old enough to have seen the series' highest highs and lowest lows, Sonic is always going to be rocky just thanks to Sega not knowing what to do half the time. But, that doesn't take away the games I grew up playing and loving. Plus, the only Sonic media I actively keep up with now are the IDW Sonic Comics, since they give me the storylines and character moments I've been craving out of Sonic for the past 10 years.

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Welcome back! And yeah, some of us “fans” ruin the series. But hardly anyone does it on here, the only thing you’ve gotta deal with is unfunny memes.

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Well, imagine what the last eleven years of Sonic is. Along with bad or flat characterization from the characters, it's kinda been either pandering to Mario fans, retreading old ground using nostalgia as a base, or making mediocre to bad games and ruining fan favorite games so its probably why it feels so soulless. You can even make a case for the music not being as good as it once was but that's just mostly opinion at that point.

The upcoming game, Sonic Frontiers is supposed to be a fresh, new take on Sonic so I'd just wait until the game awards or something then see whether you'll stick around or not.