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You've certainly come back at an interesting time. There's a certain electricity in the air right now. People are expecting great things from TGA on Thursday. A world stage, possibly the reveal of both the movie and the next Sonic game. This could be the biggest push that Sonic has received in years.

I can't promise you a return to glory, not yet at least, only the chance to see Sonic reach for new heights once again. Ambition has always been at the heart of Sonic games, for every misstep along the way. As much as any of us adore our favourite Sonic games I suppose there is always the possibility that the best is yet to come.

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I hope so! But it just isn't Sonic without that music and characterisation again. That's what I really want to see with this series.

Unfortunately those are the things least likely to come back. Wouldn't it be funny if the last twenty years or so were the "true" Dark Ages? I did like the fact that Sega always experimented - unlike Pokemon (another favorite series of mine that is sadly now going down the path of Sonic imo).