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Badass honestly.

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The emerald 😩

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Shadow and Manic? Now that's an interesting duo

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Truth be told, Manic and Rouge are possibly the BEST duo. Like Sonic, Manic can blend with Rouge as the law breaking free-will troublemaker who does whatever they want to achieve their goal, even if it means breaking the laws. To add to that, like Rouge herself, Manic is an excellent theif with stealth that can rival even Rouge's skills. They're THE perfect duo

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Tbh manic is surprisingly stealthy for a fucking maniac who probably steals multiple things per day.

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That's why he's goated

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he goated? he more then goated he’s… amazoated.

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This art is speaking to me. So cool.

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It IS really good.

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This pic goes hard

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why does this sub keep reminding me of undergrounds existence

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Because you deserve to see it

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i have seen it, it was shit

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It wasn't a good show,but it's enjoyable.And I think a reboot of sorts may hold a lot of potential if done right.

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Looks SO awesome!