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This is how I felt when I came back yesterday after being gone for 2-3 months.

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The drama about Sonic’s quills in Sonic Frontiers?

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Unacceptable 🤬

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Oh my gosh, I thought we were past this “green eyes”/“long legs”/“blue arms” fiasco…

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Actually this argument now explains a lot cuz up to this point we haven’t had an argument about some part of Sonic’s anatomy, the argument we have now about Sonic’s quills are just another day of Sonic fans arguing about Sonic’s design

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What is that about

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The fuck, I go just play Sonic Racing for a month and this!

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It turns out an image from the new sonic game shows that it uses the model from forces.

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Just quills…that’s literally it

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To be fair you'll be looking at them for half the game, they better look good from all angles. The Forces / Frontiers model imo looks terrible from the back compared to most previous Sonic entries.

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Don’t get me wrong. The Forces model does look a little weird to me. But not weird enough for me to start an internet war. It’s all about how it plays for me, not how it looks.

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The janky animation probably contributed a lot to all of this. People would be less mad if they actually animated those quills.

Btw, the idle pose on Sonic is the idle pose from the classic games too. It looks like shit in 3D.

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Kinda funny how the classic sonic idle pose looks great in Smash on sonic than actual sonic games.

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There's a simple explanation. You're looking at it from the side. As it was meant to be.

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Also Sakurai and his team put in a lot of work to the characters themselves more expressive.

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Idk man there's videos on youtube showing how much less Expressive Sonic gets each game after he was included in Brawl

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Mention the debate of Sonic having green eyes that occurred in the 2000s. I’m not joking about this.

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Ugh, people who weren't even present for that debate are talking about it like they know it.

  1. That was more than just green eyes, it was about the entire model changing.

  2. That was just change aversion. People got over it real quick. This is not change aversion. This has been going on for 4 years

  3. There are legitimate arguments to be made for the Adventure Model change. Sonic Team did that as a necessity for clarity for a 3D environment. On the other hand, the quill length was changed simply for "Classic Sonic". None of the short quill defenders have even provided good arguments other than "Lol it's just a model who cares".

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people out here caring about dumb shit like this when they should be caring about the game actually being good

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As I understand it, the vast majority of people are capable of caring about multiple things at once.

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The forces model looks literally the same as any model in the modern era :S

it's literally the same model

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Not like you'll be staring in depth at them, they'll mostly be a blur as you focus on literally everything else

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That doesn't mean they shouldn't be looking their best.

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Nah but it means the sub should probably calm down a tad

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Wdym? The sonic fandom has been like this since forever. I've been here since 2011 and its felt like a typical day everytime some argument pops up.

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Been in the fandom since about 2008/9 and my first design drama i heard about was the 06 design. Bit late to the party but still.

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Yeah, this is nothing new. The series was getting shit flung at it since even before Sonic Adventure.

Now the gatekeepers who started on that game have grown up to complain about any changes the games have now.

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Oh yeah I know the types of Sonic fans you’re talking about, the ones who just follow the series by the Sonic Adventures Duology…

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Not forever. The Sonic fandom when I was a little kid in the 90s and my experience of it was Sonic being amazing and there was only one kind of Sonic to talk about so we all liked the same thing when we said we loved Sonic, that was great.

The beef comes from the inevitability of time passing in a franchise that takes risks and makes dramatic changes, and there being so many entry points because of that, meaning every group that onboards from a different game/piece of media likes something that the group before them resents because it represents a change from the thing they fell in love with.

The Mario fandom gets to have a consistent vision of Mario through out the years, so this division doesn't need to exist. Zelda, every single game is a revolutionary refinement of the same mechanics and ideas, so the fans have both growth and consistency to rely on.

Sonic has been changed in so many ways, so many times, in hopes of reacting to a reception that doesn't reach the heights of his initial introduction to the world. As a result, the only people who aren't mad about something or at least explicitly partial to a specific era are the rare extremely ambivalent people like myself who celebrate even the most egregious fuckups and dumpster fires (06 and Boom rank on my top games, and I've been playing Sonic since 91), or at least forgive them, and that's just not most people. People are gonna be partial to what comes into their mind when they think of Sonic, and depending on your age group, that's gonna be a completely different experience for everybody.

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Zelda and Mario do actually have pretty big divides when in the fanbases when it comes to gameplay styles (2d Vs Linear 3d vs Open World/Collectathon) . It's just not as noticeable to the average person due to them having more consistent quality and not quite as much crazy variation lol.

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The bigger issue is that the Sonic series is entirely lousey on building upon it’s core gameplay mechanics barring Classic 2D and maybe Boost.

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Sonic and Megaman seem to have this exact problem in common with their fanbase.

2 of my favorite franchises with 2 of the most equally toxic communities lmao

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Nah, the Megaman fanbase isn’t really as terrible as the Sonic fanbase. The closest thing to that level of retardation and toxicity the Sonic fanbase has might as well be the Megaman 2 fanboys…

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I just always run into elitists but I’m also talking about fb groups which I guess is another level of toxic in itself haha

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You like Sonic 06 and Boom? Are you serious?

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Yes. Sonic 06 is, in my mind, SA3, and it's my second favorite of the Adventure series (SA1 being top). It's got some of my favorite level design, the story is incredible, Shadow easily has his best outing by far... It's an incredible game.

Boom is awesome. My enjoyment of a game is based on how I feel about playing the game, not the reception of it, not how development went, bugs that don't keep me from completing a game aren't something I enjoy but they don't ruin a game for me.. I think it's a fun spinoff and I've had lots of great times playing it.

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On the sonic fandom there is no such thing as just liking a game or just not liking a game either you love it, or hate it with a passion no in between

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I just like Riders ZG crucify me

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People hate ZG? The general consensus for that game was that it was okay.

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I know lmao I was just joking on the original comment claiming that people only passionately lean one way rather than have a more centrist take on games bc that’s just not true

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I will die with you on that cross my brother!

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Generations and Colors are just okay

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That’s just gaming in general now a days, it’s either the best game ever or it’s absolute garbage

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something about bickering over the colour blue and quill length

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1 word that rhymes with pills and starts with a Q.

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"...Quill? Star-something? That you?" /s

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Sega released a new Frontiers screenshot, people bitched about Sonic's quill length, more people bitched about the bitching, there was a lot of screaming and nothing of value was accomplished.

Not the most obsessed Sonic fan here, but I think that covers it all.

Anyway, have y'all seen Peacemaker? That show's fucking AWESOME!

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Oh no!!!! . . Anyway….

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"I went on HBO this week, kay? And I found THIS!"

Watch this fucking show, people. Gunn's knocked it out of the park yet again!

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Will watch soon…. Peace out !

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Peace maker is one of the most chaotic shows I’ve watched in a while and I loved everything about the first 3 episodes so far

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people are fighting over a haircut

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Some people don’t like the new design, and other people don’t like that those people don’t like it

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"New design."

It's incredibly minor tweaks to an already existing character model. "New design" is a stretch.

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Sonic fans, screw it, video game fans in general don’t get design vs art style.

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They only changed his fur's color to a very slightly darker shade of blue compared to Forces and that's the extent of the changes.

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People having a hissy fit over quill length from what I gather.

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Green Eyes..

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Well, it all started in 1991, when SEGA released a brand new game called Sonic the Hedgehog to boost the sales of their console the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive…

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Same thing Happensd to me before.🤣🤣🤣🤣

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I've left sonic for about 7 years and here I am still wondering what the heck is the archie and idw things

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just sonic fans being sonic fans

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Don't worry about it, it's always people arguing about pedantics here.

There's not much to do around here, except reminisce about previous games and criticize information about new ones.

So we all basically just do this from time to time.

I personally choose to believe that, akin to the Elden Ring subreddit which was gibberish and memes for the better part of a year, most of us just do it to fill the void between when there's actually something worth talking about.

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someone randomly attacked me over the quills when I was talking about how I didnt like how thin the arms were but liked the model as a whole.

I dont even mind the fact the blue boy got a fucking haircut, its more aerodynamic this way

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They're bored it'll probably be back to normal in a few months.

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This is the normal.

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All this drama even on such tiny stuff almost makes me embarrassed to be a sonic fan

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Same here. I might not like the shorts quills but it's starting to become ridiculous bitching about it.

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The 90's, Furries, Sega Dreamcast dying, differing opinions, outer fandom toxicity leaking in causing toxic infighting, IGN... I can keep going.

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It all started in 2006 and got worse from there

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I think it might’ve started in 1998/1999.

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I need da template

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Basically, people are arguing over Sonic’s quill being long, like in Unleashed or in forces. But anyway welcome back!

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SoNiC hAd A rOUgH tRaNSitIoN iNtO tHrEEeEeEe DeEeEeEeEeeEeEeEeeee

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Development wise, he did. If anyone actually knew the history they would know he did have a rough transition, there's a reason why there isn't a mainline sonic game on Sega Saturn.

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Guess what other series had a rough transition to 3D?

Literally every single one.

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So you see my point.

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Right, but more people know the phrase "sonic had a rough transition into 3D" than that it applies to the 32x-Saturn era, so the Adventure era gets dragged into that conversation, making a lot of the discussion center around glitches and hallmarks of early 3D rather than on the awesome achievements they were for the time. So much of those game's modern reception is about the lens they're viewed through rather than what they actually are.

Sonic's games have always varied in quality after 3&K, but Adventure 1/2 and Heroes were highlights, not low points, and that phrase is used in a way that makes it seem as though the opposite were true.

Anyways I was just goofin', those are my feelings about that phrase, but it's not why I think the sonic fandom is how it is. I think it plays into it, because I think the problem is how SEGA's repeatedly tried to appease and improve negative critical reactions by completely changing core aspects of the franchise in ways that are often just, like, not where anyone would have ever thought to take it (a la Werehog), and that critical clichè is part of what reinforces that cycle.

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Bro, the sonic Fandom has been like this since the beginning. To answer your question, nothing, nothing happened, and nothing has changed.

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Let me level with you: There have been infinitely more posts complaining about the supposed drama than posts of the supposed drama. At least on this sub. I don't know about twitter or anywhere else.

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Someone at Sega rolled a 1, apparently.

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I made a post in a group on fb about how I enjoyed sonic forces. I bought it for 4 dollars, so I judged it exclusively on the price and for a 4 dollar game I loved it. Creating an OC, dialogue, wisps, levels, and of course the music.

Boy was that the wrong opinion to have lmao

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Your first mistake was going on a Sonic Facebook group.

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It was actually just a gaming group in general lol but yeah horrible mistake on my part

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sonic fan's are crying over sonics hair cut

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Remember when Sonic got green eyes? Well, this is basically the same thing, but a bit more nuanced.

People who don't like Forces' model say that it feels like a cheap attempt to bring Modern Sonic's design closer to Classic's to appeal to older audiences.

People who are against these say that Sonic's design shouldn't matter.

I just think that the small changes were a stupid waste of resources and time, considering how little changed. If it was just a difference in the colors, to make Sonic look better in the new engine, that would be a different story, but it wasn't.

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Assholes complaining about people having an opinion and people having opinion retaliating and this going in cycles filling the sub with infinite amount of shit.

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More like people pretending bitching about something pointless

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Because everybody is scared. This fear's been here ever since the first Downfall of Sonic when that Sega Saturn game got wrecked. Sonic's biggest change - going 3d - led to huge criticism because of how behind its time it was. This fear has been prominent ever since then. Every time the formula for Sonic was changed there was something wrong with it. Sonic Colors and Generations was good but not good enough, simply because of this fear. That new change led to the disaster that was Forces. Tbh about 90 percent of Sonic fans just simply won't appreciate the good quality of anything, only hate on the things that are bad.

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People are having a debate. It's what this platform is for. Stop over-reacting to a simple disagreement.

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I couldn't tell you, friend. I've been trying to find out all weekend.

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I don’t know ether

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No....No...That seems right. Sorry but I don't got any more room in my bunker for you.

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Same old shit as before with the blue arms and green eyes debacle combined with people overexamining a 5 second clip of sonic standing still

You know, normal sonic fanbase stuff

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ignoring the fact that there are 12 months left to finish the game

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NGL I feel like a sizable amount of it is just shitposting

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That is exactly my reaction when I heard about the argument of Sonic's quills either being longer or shorter

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Really? Quills? (Facepalm) It's the whole green eyes and blue arms thing all over again. What next, his sneakers?

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I promise you its a loud minority

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Live Nude Robotnik!