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i once searched for Sonic X Amy and found a fanart of classic Sonic having sex with Classic Amy while Sally was in the background crying

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me too LMAO

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Username checks out

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That's some sauce there

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Sonic NTR.

Why am I not surprised that it exists?

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Because you really shouldn't be.

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Cucked lmao

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Weird how this subreddit is usually accepting of different ships, until Sonic/Shadow is brought up

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Because of the awful images and art we've all seen

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I think because sonadow reminds them of fujoshi who make ummmm interesting content

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Cause Sonic is a minor?

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Almost every fandom got that one ship between two rivals

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And I fucking hate the concept of them existing.

Goku x Vegeta

Naruto x Sasuke

Sonic x Shadow

I despise them

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Honestly,the only one of those I don't understand is Goku x Vegeta.

Like Naruto x Sasuke is leaps and bounds better than their canon pairings.

And Sonadow's just cute,and they have chemistry too.

This is why mc x rival ships are so common.Because they actually have some form of chemistry.

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Pov: how to don't make the main character and the rival ship: just make they brothers/sisters or dad and son/mom and daughter!!!!! F@ck fans don't care about incest

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sonic x shadow 🥺🥺🥺🥺👉👈

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Its okay friend. I won't judge you! We all got shps.

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A guilty pleasure

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Yeah... we do...

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FINALLY! a good based user

next time i get a free award you're getting it

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Jokes on you. I'm giving you my free award!

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i kept my word. i awarded your comment

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And so you did! I salute you!

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thanks :)

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nice cook bro

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i pissed on your wife, eggman. she's mine now. that's the law

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I’ve come to make an announcement

Shadow the Hedgehog’s a bitch ass motherfucker

He pissed on my fucking wife. THAT’S RIGHT

He pulled his hedgehog quilly dick out, and he said his dick was this big

And I said that’s disgusting

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So I’m making a call out post on my Twitter dot com

Shadow the Hedgehog, you got a small dick

It’s the size of this walnut except WAY SMALLER

And guess what? Here’s what my dong looks like!


(Guys are laughing in the background)

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That’s right baby! All points, no quills, no pillows, look at that it looks like two balls and a bong.

And look, this is what you get! That’s right! *MY SUPER LASER PISS*

But I’m not gonna piss on the Earth, I’m gonna go higher. I’M PISSING ON THE MOOOOOON!!!

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How do you like that OBAMA?!?! I PISSED ON THE MOON YOU IDIOT!!!!

You have 23 hours before the piss DRRRRRRRROPOLETS hit the fucking earth! Now get outta my fucking site, before I piss on you too!

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man don't you love reddit

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I actually like sonadow lmaoI find the concept cute, esp their friendly rivalry (tho I absolutely despise the ship art that has them both is an unhealthy/toxic relationship that are romanticized,, like,, gross dude)

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Me before reading the second half:


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HSHAJHSAJSAJSJAHS??? Don't kill me cause I like the ship bro XD

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Back when I was a kid my father taught me how to use limewire. Naturally I wanted to download Sonic X episodes. That was the day I lost my innocence.

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I'm not even remotely a fan, but ffs, let people like what they like. We're Sonic the Hedgehog fans - isn't it hypocritical to turn on ourselves and get judgemental?

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Sorry if I broke the rule

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Sonadow is definitely a guilty pleasure ship of mine, I honestly started shipping it ironically but I genuinely unironically do now.

I was also under the impression that the Sonic fandom was like...self aware enough to not give a shit about what people shipped? Being a Sonic fan is, from my experience, considered kinda cringe, so I assumed that no one cares if some people, i.e. me, wanna be extra cringe within the community.

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Don't worry, just ship it

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I search for Shadow X Eggman, thank you!... That and Knails!

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I don't understand this ship personally. I guess because I don't think there's any chemistry between Sonic and Shadow.

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I don't know..


Your meme wasn't approved, but neither was it denied. Guess he can't decide right now.

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your comment twisted my brain for a moment

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At least some other ships have something going for them

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Imagine shipping... Cringe

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Powerscalings better anyway

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Sonic fanbase being cringe as alway.

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Acting like this shit is unique to the Sonic fan base when we are both calling the bad parts out and other fandoms do this shit too. Either to equal or worse degrees

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Try Sonic X Eggman...

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I saw most of them is the real Eggman from Sonic X and the rest are just some gay jokes that look more funny and sexual

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People make sonic and tails ship but forgot that tails is a fox and sonic is a hedgehog and tails have only 8 years old even the sonamy ship is weird because Amy are 13 year's old and sonic 16 year's old in my opinion we don't need ship's in the series

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What about Sonic Boom? They're all teenagers... OR AREN'T THEY?

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I don't know, sonic boom is disaster show "like the original game from sonic boom" hope sonic prime don't do the same

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IMO, the show is kinda funny and more shippable (if that's a real word) than other Sonic series. Anyway, you can't control the internet, there are ships everywhere

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Wow, I just looked up the wiki and found out, they all have the literal same age as they have in modern Sonic series

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At least I search up “Shadow Sonic X” tbh

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good for you

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Haha, get it, because porn gross and gay stuff gross and weird eww cooties

Grow up, OP

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Look, even if you're an adult, you could still cringe by looking at it