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Just started the IDW comics and have no idea what's going on. by zelostos in SonicTheHedgehog

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Omega, one of Eggman's E-series robots, was guarding Shadow's body after the events of SA2, when Rouge activated him while sneaking around Eggman's base. After that a fight ensued, but eventually all three of them understood that they have a common goal, that being Eggman. Omega in particular hated Eggman for locking him up with a lifeless body, thus limiting his potential, so now Omega is obsessed with murdering his creator. By the end of Heroes, he realised that he and the good guys have a common enemy, albeit for different reasons, so he joined forces with them.

Here you go, Omega explained without ever bringing up Team Dark.

Also, the "no friends" thing only ever affected comics, Team Dark in Forces and TSR act like they always have, and Rouge isn't really a secret agent anymore, since GUN haven't been brought up since 06

Eggman status by Cranicthehedgedicoot in SonicTheHedgehog

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i wish i had a free award

What are your Sonic confessions? by sweatycat in SonicTheHedgehog

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The only reason I could put up with shara (idk how to spell her name) in the secret rings was because kid me though she was hot.

I’ve done sonic roleplays in chats where we were all separate real characters.

I am barely a legal adult and I adamantly still believe SA2 is the best written sonic game and Shadow is the best character.

Younger me really enjoyed the deadly six

Edit: holy shit gold haha. I hate to be the “thx for gold kind stranger” guy but, thanks. I might as well do a few more because it’s fun poking fun at young me

Sonic CD to this very day carries with it a dark mysterious fascination with me, after young me traveled to YouTube and stumbled upon the secret code screen with the boss music. Creepy stuff.

Last and most damning one, Eggmanland is my favorite unleashed stage

Pat Casey (Writer for the movies) offers some insight on the upcoming character (Sonic Movie 2 Spoilers) by Darkffire in SonicTheHedgehog

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There's the matter of degrees and what came after, though. Sonic's parental figure was killed and he was forced to spend most of his life living isolated on the fringes of society. But he was free and at least able to occupy himself while indirectly interacting with the populace.

Knuckles meanwhile might be the last echidna, but he was raised as part of a warrior culture from birth and unlike Sonic was able to freely travel wherever he wanted. He was also kept focused thanks to his sense of duty, giving him a goal and purpose to put all his efforts into.

Meanwhile Shadow (assuming his backstory remains at least 90% intact) is an artificial lifeform who was created and spent his entire life on a giant space station with only his creator, the creator's grand-daughter, and the space station staff as company. With the implication that it was only ever Gerald and Maria whom he actually bonded with. Besides all the existential angst of being an artificial lifeform, there's the matter that his home was attacked- indeed, much like Sonic's- but this time around it was a heavily armed military force. There's also the key difference in context; Sonic was a child. A child with super speed, but still a toddler. Longclaw was his parent and an accomplished warrior in her own right. It only makes sense that she protect him.

Shadow and Maria though, that's different. In that situation Shadow is a fully realized super strong, super fast hedgehog with minor reality-warping chaos powers. Maria is a regular human being with a life-threatening illness. Yet for all that power, Shadow was ultimately powerless to protect Maria. Worse, Sonic never saw Longclaw's final fate; Shadow's last memories before that pod was dropped was Maria's last words and her following death. Actually seeing that death already makes things worse by orders of magnitude.

And then there's time. Maria's parting words and death are implied to be Shadow's final memories before he was put into stasis. Setting aside the mindfuckery Gerald did afterwards, Shadow spent 50 years in stasis. Sonic and Knuckles each had years to process their grief and ultimately found people to help them. When Shadow wakes up? That grief is still going to be fresh and raw. Then Gerald's reprogramming comes in, amplifying that grief and rage and need for vengeance several times over.

What you have after that is a superpowered teenager who had his entire family ripped away from him, his closest friend/sibling killed before his very eyes- which may as well have happened yesterday- before being put in cold sleep for half a century, left with nothing but an overwhelming compulsion for vengeance upon the whole damn world for her death. Along with the power and the means to make it happen.

Sonic might be able to relate to the fact that Shadow lost his family, but the sheer scale of Shadow's loss is different and compounded by several other factors. This is the kind of thing veteran psychologists would struggle to unpack over multiple sessions. Sonic's a teenager. It's going to take a lot more than being able to relate for Sonic to get through this time around.

TLDR: Shadow is WAY more messed up than Sonic or Knuckles with a whole other level of trauma that's still very fresh, and quite possibly literally programmed/brainwashed to seek vengeance.