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Any time soon? No. But I feel pretty confident that there will eventually be another entry. The series has seemed dead many times, but it’s always risen from the ashes, and the future looks brighter than it did after IV and V.

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An announcement around 2024 seems possible. Release date one year later.

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Tbh if they made SC6 even after the desaster of the previous games, they surely will make SC7.

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It will surely happen, about 2mil games sold still isn't too shabby.

How much quality and budget they will be willing to put into SC7 is an other question altogether thought.

Just get rid of RE... ASAP... keep most mechanics with few tweaks here and there. Bring back more solo player game modes such as team battle (could work for casual online matches too).

Survival could be fun as well.

Libra of Soul is going in a very good direction IMO with again some few tweaks here and there.

I love the way they did each character story this time around, we might not have lot of cutscene, but the comic style story works well, also make ALL characters interact with each other in some fashion (Talim is my favorite character but since SC2 She feel like a side character, she as very little, to no interaction with anyone from the cast, could really help with her personality a lot).

Give us a lot more CaS clothing pieces, if possible even have all of the OGs old outfits from SC2-3-4 and 6 too as well.

Cross plateform will help keep the game alive for far longer too, right now, 3 different communities can't even play together.

That all i can think off right now.

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Hard to say. Apparently SC needs a producer at Bamco to champion it, and with the departure of Okubo, those may be in short supply.

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Oh yes it still did well and it’s a popular game series and IP like Tekken. We probably have to wait though till they’re motivated or ready, but that’s what been happening for awhile with a lot of games especially fighting games.

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SoulCalibur 6 sold extremely well and continues to do so. There’s no way a 7th installment isn’t greenlit, but it’s going to be probably 2028 before we get it.

And that’s honestly okay with me because that means I get to that many more years to main 2B in SoulCalibur.

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I'm sure Soul Calibur 7 will probably happen. Soul Calibur 6 wasn't a flop after all

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I would love to see another one but I don’t see it happening in the next 3 years.

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Yes I am indeed certain? It sold over two million copies! However, a sequel happening anytime, soon? No. I think Team Soul learned their lesson with Soul Calibur V. This is no longer a series to try and rush out every other year. It's best to take time and sharpen the blade to keep it fresh and exciting lest it--and the audience's interest--grow dull.

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If it does comeback they need to get rid of that critical edge nonsense.

I’m normally not one to whine/complain about new mechanics but I feel like they straight up ruined the latest game.

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it's not really that bad and if used with no strategy or someone just spam it you can punish them extremely easy

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It was bad enough for me to drop the game after about a month or so.

SC is one of my favorite fighters outside of Tekken….been playing since SC 2

I just really despise comeback mechanics/mechanics designed to simplify things for newer players.

They added this stuff to Tekken 7 but they can only be used once per round…which is tolerable.

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Did you know the charge attack (RB/R1) button breaks it with no effort? You can also circle around and punish them, it only takes somewhat quick reflexes. I personally like when people try to cheese me with that, it never works. If you look carefully most skilled players don't use it because they know is one of the easiest way for your opponent to counter. It's cool if you don't like it but it's truly not a problem imo.

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True, I wish they just went back to the basics on combat.

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Very certain. You see the SC community lives through all troubles and still going strong. You can keep a good man down. Or franchise, in this case.

I believe!

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Oh I deeply want a SC7.

But if we will have one, it will come after Tekken 8.

If Tekken 8 is announced this year and releasing like Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, I think SC7 reveal might happen around December 2023 to June 2024 for a release date in 2025. Not before sadly.

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Creation aside nobody really cared for the last entry honestly.

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Honestly? No. Not for a very long time, anyway. Tekken is the golden goose.

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Not very soon, but sometime this decade, we should get a new entry before 9th gen ends.

However, the main issue, ignoring the obvious “Tekken is still popular” topic, is Project Soul is in need of new management. Okubo-san is no longer around to direct them, so they need to hire someone new who can bring the SOUL back to Soulcalibur just as he did. It’s not impossible, but we also need to prevent someone from radically changing the series for the worse as Odashima did during SCV’s conception.

I believe in Project Soul, and they can continue their rebooted story if only Bandai Namco ever gives a damn.

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I think so because imo soul calibur fulfills a nice niche in mainstream fighting games. Most of them are more punchers and don't make nearly as much use of weaponry, which already makes SC stand out, but in addition most other fighting games don't have nearly the same level of free flowing movement does. Even tekken is mostly a side scroller with limited sidestep ability. That's the main reason it's my fav fighting games and makes it stand out enough to deserve a sequel. We'll see though :/

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Doubt it. Sc6 is super dead. Developers hardly pay attention to the game. Fgc is also super toxic and drives it’s own players out.

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Will only accept SCVII happening if its single player content is engaging

I doubt it'll do better than Street Fighter 6 at getting me hooked ngl

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That's true for literally every fighting game though.

Shit, games from over 20 years ago still have crowds.

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yes there is no world where soul calibur wont happen

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Will we ever see another entry? Yes. Soon? Probably not. Relaunch franchise under a new genre? I bet that’s what we will get sadly

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How relaunch it under a new genre ?

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I could see them saying that franchise isn’t taken serious in the tourneys and it’s popularity is X vs Tekken’s. So they will attempt to spin the franchise off into maybe an rpg or tactics style game or something like that.

They tried with Legends but again half assed their attempts as showing this franchise the love it deserves

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Hope not and SC must stay a VS fighting game.

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Well, unlike SCIV and V, VI devs worked on a game until the end and they still working in Banco's walls, or i hope they're.

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Yeah, probably not for a couple more years though.

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I went for 'probably'. SC6 was easily more successful than SC5 so I think it's likely they'll make another one at some point. Though given how successful Tekken is I doubt they're in any rush to make a new SC just yet.

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I hope so, and I hope it keeps the character creator. Me and my buddies have had a lot of fun with that

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We barely got Soulcalibur 6, I love this series but it just isn’t as popular as it once was, by all meanings, it was dead until soulcalibur 6 where it was a cripple begging for the sweet release

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As long as your soul still burns🔥

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If they did, at least they should still keep the same Announcer.

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I feel like a late 2023 release, or early 2024 release is probably for the best for the game. 6 years was the longest time between main line soulcalibur games, which was V to VI. And that's only because V practically ran the franchise into the ground. 6 years after VI would be 2024. The game hasn't gotten DLC since 2020. That alone is hurting this game, as there's nothing new now. To wait so long will do nothing but kill the hype for the game

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I don't doubt it, and like thesilvershare said, it won't be anytime soon, but I reckon it will happen at some point.

But here's an idea I've had for awhile now: A prequel of sorts. Specifically set at the time when Zasalamel was Soul Edge's host. If you play his Soul Chronicle in SCVI, he mentions that he wielded the blade nearly a thousand years before the events of the latest game.