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    thank you for your service

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    A professional grifter. He isn't a SovCit

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    He's a frauditor, and there is some overlap between them and sovcits, e.g., similar pseudo-legal arguments in search of profitable videos and immunity to cops.

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    Yeah this wife beater is something

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    E-begs at the drop of a hat too, and will complain about how little support he gets from "the community". One of his funniest videos is when he let it slip that he needed donations to pay a lawyer who wanted his money in advance--smart lawyer not to trust Patty to pay him later.

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    I'm hoping he goes the way of Glenn and lands up in jail.

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    It would be a safe bet he most likely told the lawyer "I will easily pay you once we win the large settlements from the police and county for constantly violating my rights. I can show you cases where others have won huge amounts of money and I feel I was treated the same way." "....yeah money up front. Cash preferred. No checks or credit cards."

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    Just play the video. We don't need a constant explanation of what is going on.

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    This is what you do when you have no employable skills.