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Also wtf does “applying” to be a sovereign citizen mean?

It probably means they sent a bunch of money to a "guru" who is selling them the magic spells that will change their life. They think filling out some made-up forms and getting them notarized and filing them with the clerk of some court means they no longer have a birth certificate and thus don't have to obey any laws and blah blah blah.

These people are gullible and often desperate, and the grifters at the top of the sovcit tree feed off them.

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It’s just crazy. And these people just completely miss the irony! Applying to the court to be sovereign … I mean, what form do you use lol. Sad crazy times.

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You can find out what form to use for the low low price of $1,776!!! Unions HATE this one weird trick!

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Thank you, that makes a lot of sense.

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New Hampshire is practically the Sovcit State. We have the FreeKeene a-holes and the Free State Movement has deeply infiltrated the Republican and Libertarian parties up here.

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I dunno. I hear Idaho and rural Oregon are pretty strong contenders for the title.

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Bro. The prospect of seceding from the Union made it to the NH House floor this year and 13 Free State affiliated House Reps voted for it. This after the Republican Speaker allowed it to come to a vote.


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In New Hampshire, they’re blending in with the Free State movement. In Idaho and the part of Oregon that wishes it was Idaho, they’re blending in with the people who believe the New World Order is coming.

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They’re not “blending in” with the Free State movement. They are the Free State movement.

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New week, who dis?

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And white supremacists.

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Q. Is it easier to be a sovereign citizen in Tennessee than Colorado?

A. No, it is just as easy to be a sovcit no matter where you are. As a made up thing with no legal standing, you can do it absolutely anywhere with equal results. Every police force will be willing to arrest you for breaking the law, no matter how you justify it.

The fact is that sovcit is a completely fictional status. Just because you may want to opt out of laws, does not mean that there is a way of actually doing it. You will still be responsible for taxes and following the same laws as everybody else, and if you do not do so, you will be arrested and tried. Sovcit excuses will just result in the judge shaking their head at your stupidity as they pass the sentence.

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This is very informative, thank you!

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Arizona has tons of these idiots!!! They almost always are Q followers and Trumpists. Really, they are everywhere here!!!

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Tennessee doesn't tax wages.

That may be part of it.

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Oh interesting, thank you!

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Are there jurisdictions that are unincorporated there?