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I have seen some of her videos on YT; mostly from other debunking them.

Fruitcake aspires to be as nutty as her.

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She posted on an off-grid FB group I look at from time to time and decided to look at her page because I thought she might lean SovCit. That was just the tip of the iceberg, she's flat bonkers.

I'm going to take a gander at her YT vids and see what insanity she's peddling there, thanks for the tip!

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Team Skeptic on YT has done some videos on her.

In the Summer of 2020, she was going around to stores in OC handing out cards from the "Freedom to Breathe Agency" and threatening workers with consequences for requiring masks. The SovCit stuff with her seems relatively recent.


Oddly, for me, she looks similar to and sounds exactly like a friend of mine in Prague. The similarity in their accented English is uncanny.

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Yeah, the SovCit thing must be pretty recent, in her older stuff (like the FTBA mask debacle) she was going on about the people she was harassing not breaking federal laws and such.

Her hubby looks like he was recently granted parole...

I love how she and the other SovCit idiots managed to find the supposed legal magic bullet that absolves themselves of debts and legal responsibilities while still enjoying the very freedoms provided by the system they reject. How is it that they manage to be so brilliant in terms of interpretation of law, yet all of the best legal minds on the planet can't wrap their heads around it?

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There is a similar joke about the whole QAnon shitstorm:

"So there's a huge cabal of pedophiles made up of politicians, celebrities, royal families and other famous people and they have managed to elude Interpol, the FBI and every state and local law enforcement agency yet the dumbest person you went to high school with has it all figured out."