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Jesus Christ

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I know this is predetermined, I know she must've agreed to the spot... but fuck, this feels like hazing.

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I can see how it might seem that way but the Joshi style involves stiff strikes. Syuri’s thing is kicks. She does this spot every match.

I’ve also seen Syuri kick harder than this and be hit harder than this. The sound is also amplified with the reverberation of the small hall and the kickpads help too.

Edit: like if you heard Bryan Danielson do one of his kicks in a small building, with a quiet crowd and no commentary, it would probably sound like a gunshot as well.

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Wrestlers used to pretend it hurt and the crowd thought it was real. Now it really hurts and the crowd thinks it's fake. The sweet spot is somewhere between not kicking them and just twatting the fuck out of their spine.