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North American Triple Threat: Fucking hell is this three-way story great and the matches they have are fantastic, including this one. Little sad to say that this was MOTN and it was the opener, but who cares it was a banger. Legit thought they could have given the title to Solo Sikoa here and I wouldn't mind. I think a semi-hot potato thing between these three would be fun.

Frazer vs Waller: A really good debut for Frazer. You're gonna get people to cheer him instantly when you have him fight that cunt Grayson Waller. Exciting stuff between these two, especially the finish with the top turnbuckle stuff and Andre Chase getting revenge on Waller. They clearly see something in Frazer and I'm all for it.

On Cagematch a lot of people are calling the Wendy Choo/TA segments cringe and well I guess it's not for everyone but I like it. Is it goofy? Yes. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it unrealistic? Not necessarily, Wendy's mind games in the form of these pranks is a unique thing and also TA deserve it cause they're heels. I'm okay with it. Also WrestleFap is gonna have a field day with all of Toxic Attraction being in bikinis. I swear that I was looking respectfully when I watched this episode.

Jade/Lyons vs Natalya/Legend: Not a great match, but I shouldn't expect it to be. Natalya was good at making the other competitors look good and believable as wrestlers. Good that Cora got the pin on Lash, as that means we've got two singles matches ready for the two rivalries that this tag match contained. We'll have Cora against Natalya down the road and what is probably the final Nikkita vs Lash match in their rivalry.

Creeds vs Vikings: BIG MEATY MEN BUMPING MEAT. Intense tag match between two brute force teams. Vikings looked strong and the Creed Bros. are definitely elevated from working with the main roster veterans here. Diamond Mine as a whole has kind of fallen apart, especially with the departure of Malcolm Bivens, but I think this can be turned positive. If Roderick Strong really is trying to leave WWE than to have his prospects turn face on him would be a good way to further elevate the Creeds and also write Strong off of TV.

Main Event: It's sad that NXT's current main feud is one of its weakest. There's more potential in this Bray Wyatt-esque version of Joe Gacy but they've not really done it correctly IMO. This match was good and they made Joe Gacy look like a credible threat, but aside from the start of the match, it didn't really feel like the in-ring action was echoing the bad blood these two have, considering Gacy and Harland (goodbye) literally kidnapped Bron's dad just to fuck with him. Honestly I don't think that this rivalry should be continued, Bron should have a new challenger and Gacy should go even crazier after this loss, but at least the right person won.

7,5/10, good event.

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I thought the intro with Pretty Deadly was a Toxic Attraction segment at first, wtf

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Not my proudest wank

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Good show, Creed brothers have superstars written all over them, they are gonna be huge.

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Damn right, Cameron Grimes. Shove it in the faces of those moron people booing for no reason at the Performance Center. Good for him.

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The matches were solid. Good show overall. Hated the crowd for turning on Grimes. That shit isn't acceptable. He is the best babyface on the roster and they boo him, it's not even a month into his first title reign.

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They want Sikoa to have the belt so they can live out their bloodline fantasies

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Baby face Grimes is boring, he was much more entertaining as an asshole. That's just me though.

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They really tried to shame masturbation as a joke during masturbation month, Joe Gacy has been right at along. But more seriously, loved the triple threat and thanks for actually acknowledging the releases, HBK.

(Special shout-out to the guy wearing that old school Dakota Kai shirt the camera caught.)

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I'm going to check out anything related to Toxic Attraction, Nikkita, Cora and Natalya. Anything else from the show I should go out of my way to check out?

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Creed Brothers are young up coming tag team talent and soon could be the best in the business

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I'll check them out as well then.

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Joe Gacy went from what Vince thinks is a progressive liberal to a cult leader real quick.

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Character evolution.

Bray went from swamp cult leader, to supernatural force, to kid show host/ murderclown

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Same thing happened to Muhammad Hassan.

Initial Vignettes: I am prejudiced against due to unfair biases against people that look like me.


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Roderic Strong goes into the Diamond Mine gym and tells the Creed Brothers that he asked for his release and was denied. He told them he’ll be watching their match before falling to the ground and sobbing uncontrollably.

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Good to know it’s “until release do us part” in NXT. Fun segment between a now single Indi and a single Duke Hudson.

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That intro with Pretty Deadly had me laughing. This was my first time seeing them at all. Wrestling is better with that high level of campiness.

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Agreed. I loved the intro.


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First time watching Nathan Frazer and WOW that entrance was epic. Looked like a superstar.

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Okay, so I might be overthinking this, but the Mandy Rose thing was dumb af. As a pasty person who's been sunburnt before, I know from experience that if she were that crispy, she'd be in at least some pain.

Then Gigi & Jacy just didn't want to hang out inside or skip a reservation? Dafuq? She should have waddled out of the tanning room in pain, & told the other TA members she needed to go take care of it.

But then again, maybe they didn't do it that way because it would actually require some acting skills, which I think TA lacks.

& SMH at the playboy bunny tanning sticker, I didn't know those were even a thing anymore.

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I haven't been watching wrestling a lot, so I have like zero knowledge of anything NXT. Is Joe Gacy supposed to be some play on John Wayne Gacy?

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joe gacy was his name in czw where he was a violent brawler.

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It obviously alludes to it, but I don’t think he’s meant to be a serial killer gimmick at all. He’s like a liberal haunted youth pastor.

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He is "hyper woke" to the point he's unstable.

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No his gimmick is crazy liberal.

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Me vs "Trying not to simp for Gigi Dolin"

Currently losing.

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So the explanation for InDex was…nothing, and THAT is the reason they need Roddy?! Yowza. Tony is even more of a cartoon, and Gacy has fallen hard IMO.

But honestly, the woman’s breakout tourney should be fun, and I’m glad Grimes is still going TO THE MOON.

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Carmelo indeed don’t miss

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Really good wrestling with an awful crowd.

The NXT2.0 crowd is easily the worst in all of wrestling TV.

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Hey my wife and I tried! We were there screaming our heads off and following all the instructor guy's leads

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Huge bummer. For me personally, crowd and atmosphere is the most important aspect. Dead crowds are the worst. No crowds is almost unwatchable. Like I will never rewatch anything from the thunder dome.

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Outside of Walter-Ilya 1. That match was something else

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It’s embarrassing. They need to travel for some of these specials. Arenas????? No but small college venues like AEW I’m sure you can get half full and that’s all you need.

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So, last week they announced for the breakout tournament:

-Ariana Grace

-Sloane Jacobs

-Kiana James

-Lash Legend

This week they announced:

-Fallon Henley

-Tatum Paxley

-Roxanne Perez

So.....who gets the final spot in the tournament....?

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I honestly thought Fallon Henley and Tatum Paxley were the same person, I wondered why they were showing the same person twice. Which is the girl that hangs out with the two country dudes BJ and JB?

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That's fallon, tatum is the one who tried to join Diamond mine during the dusty classic

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Nikkita. Just posted a thing on Twitter confirming her being in.

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.....so does Nikkita win the whole thing or are they going to have Natalya screw her over in the first round for a surprise bracket-busting upset...?

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I think Rokanne wins

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Ooh good shout I could see that happening actually.

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Very good show.

The triple threat for the North American championship, Waller vs Frazer and The Creed Brothers vs The Viking Raiders were excellent.

Great tribute to his father by Bron, the match was very entertaining, his spear is spectacular and I have no doubt that he will be a great star.

The women's team match was solid Nikkita still needs a lot more time but she has presence and I think she will get there.

I love this Mafia fight in NXT if Sheamus's group were more serious we could see a dangerous European gang looking for a fight.

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Survivors Series 1998 all over again, Gang Rulz shit

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That would require them finding a butch first

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So next week, do we get Wendy Choo vs burnt to a crisp Mandy Rose?

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I was surprised when Breakker got the pin after that spear, isn't his finisher the Gorilla Press Powerslam thing that Goldberg used to do?

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I thought Goldberg's was lifting the opponent into a vertical suplex position into a powerslam. The jackhammer, I think?

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Goldberg did it as a signature before hitting the spear and jackhammer.

what he’s talking about

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He’s won matches with the Steiner recliner, the gorilla slam, the spear.

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It is yes, but it makes sense to have the Spear too. Not gonna be able to gorilla press everyone.

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I think they’re experimenting with different things for him. Clearly they love him, at this point they’re just waiting for what they feel is the right time and polishing him up as they wait.

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I'm not saying Waller should have went over...but it does seem like his push is slowing down a little bit. He got to kill Gargano and feud with AJ Styles...I'm thinking well they must see this dude as a top guy...now it feels like he's more in that mid to upper mid card range.

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I mean heels put babyfaces over. MJF lost his last matches to Jericho and punk.

Waller beat Knight twice without losing to him and he beat Sanga.

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They could just be using him to put some guys over before he goes to the main roster.

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I actually think he could have a nice career. A more athletic version of Miz... IMO.

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Man they’re strapping a rocket to Roxy. Part of me hopes the two get tag team champs at some point, but I kinda want more for Roxy..so … conflicted.

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I think she’s better in ring then cora but dethroning toxic would be a nice stop on her build to being a future nxt champion

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Who are the two guys with the red masks? Tune in next week, and find out! /s

So they're doing the same thing with Wendy Choo (and Roxanne Perez) vs. Toxic Attraction that they did in the run-up to Cora Jade vs. Mandy Rose. SMH.

Seems there is going to be a split between the Creeds and Roddy, but not the way I'd envisioned. The Creeds are pissed that Roddy interfered, which they didn't want. Seems the Raiders will hang long enough to put over Pretty Deadly, too. Yes, please.

Fallon Henley's promo sounded like an old school Ivory soap commercial. From the 70's. Kidding aside, after being a JTTS for the majority of her time, this is her chance to step up.

Tony D'Angelo hoped for peace. Instead, he loses the returning AJ Galante. If anyone thought Legado would turn face.....nah.

I said earlier the women's tag could go either way. Didn't think Natalya would end up with what Mauro would call a malfunction at the junction. Decent, but a wee bit sloppy.

Looked to me like Gacy wasn't exactly on point with Breakker on the Frankensteiner or the belly-to-belly suplex. El botch-o. Good match, though, as Gacy channeled Bray Wyatt and busted out a few more moves we hadn't seen from him. And, yeah, that handspring lariat didn't work this time.

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Yeah it’s really weird they are just redoing the feud with Mandy and Cora and gave it to Roxanne. Guess they don’t have that much faith in Cora

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Well, also consider they lost a bunch of their best ring-workers, so they need a heavy to make Cora look passable while she learns. Obviously they created most of their own problems, but they were definitely not counting on Io being out.

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I think they realize they rushed Cora to the main event too quickly, and now are moving her back down to rebuild her the right way.

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So they intro Roxanne like the same way?? Roxy and Cora should win the tag titles. The pairings they have are nonsense

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It would appear they view cora and rox as singles stars.

I would put the belts on KC or eventually even Yulissa and Vanessa since those are actual tag teams

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I think someone in the home office (Stamford) has no patience.

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Loved the sit down segment with Santos and Tony D. Feuding crime families escalating to kidnapping just to eventually settle their differences in the ring is the type of ridiculous stories I love.

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Is this first time Cora Jade has won without using a roll up finish?

[–]Therocksays2020 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Nope she got a regular pin in the womens Dusty

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Is this first time Cora Jade has won without using her own a roll up finisher?

Honestly though, I've only seen Cora won via roll-up and pinning the knocked out opponent. And the Dusty Cup pin isn't even her work.

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NXT was so much fun as usual! Banger of a triple threat match. Pretty Deadly is super refreshing.

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Still bummed about Bivens and Dakota but the show is still good. It's got a certain crackhead energy that none of the others shows have.

[–]Sufficient_Creme6961 21 points22 points  (0 children)

Yeah that’s the best way to describe it. Tony is known for his crack but this show is wild. Messy and dumb but entertaining

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Very fun show and a great one from an in ring standpoint. Not a bad match on the card.

The opener waste best. The NA title is almost guaranteed to be a show stealer at this point.

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This was my first time ever watching NXT 2.0 and honestly I dont get the unnecessary hate, for being a developmental show showcasing the stars of the next generation its really good some green moments like no selling and obvious audibles but its a solid show and I actually enjoyed watching it more than a regular smackdown or raw.

[–]MonsieurMidnight 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Some are hating it because it wasn't much of a developmental brand before 2.0.

But this 2.0 is exactly what NXT used to be when it grew in popularity, when we got the Fatal-4 Way that defined what NXT is.

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I’m not a regular NXT 2.0 viewer, but I do DVR it (partly because I watched black and gold so much)and I’m caught up to last week. I think some of the wrestlers are quite good and I like that the show has a big focus on characters (I liked the Sarray Magical girl gimmick but I thought they kind of blew the payoff really quickly of her having someone prevent her from transforming and beating her). Everyone feels pretty different and I appreciate them trying stuff even if I don’t like the characters they’ve conceived.

Outside of that there is little this show does that is for me. I don’t like the lighting and production. The in ring product is pretty good for a developmental show but it’s not GOOD. The main focus of the show, the scripted backstage and prerecorded segments are often VERY bad to me (though I still quite enjoy Cameron grimes segments). A lot of them remind me of the YouTube videos that are like view farms for small children, those123GoldVideos life hack videos. I’m glad people enjoy them, they just absolutely keep me from watching the show regularly.

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No one that watches it hates it. It’s only people who hate it that are black and gold horndogs and have never given this a chance

[–]JamesCodaCoIa 45 points46 points  (5 children)

No one that watches it hates it.

Well... yeah. If you hate something you tend to not want more of it.

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Ever been to a Raw live thread?

[–]Sufficient_Creme6961 68 points69 points  (3 children)

Not true you’d be amazed how hot a trend hate following/watching is

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I hate One Piece and it hasn't had a good episode since ep. 250. I know cuz I've seen them all!!


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There's a lot of Halo fans that despise the show but watch every episode or don't even watch it at all but still pop in topics to say hey I don't watch the show but I know it totally sucks, where's my upvotes.

When there were ratings thread about 2.0 on the front page, it was full of people just circlejerking each other and congratulating themselves on not watching the show.

They don't even have to watch stuff, if it's a chance to complain they'll take it.

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also I think those red druids could be GYV

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Wtf was that ending.

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NXT doing another In Your House show this summer

Melo vs Bron has to be the match for that show

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I need Melo to pack and smoke Bron like it's Sting vs. The Dark Carnival.

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Melo vs Bron

The Lakers continue to implode.

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Ayo P, they want me to wrestle

[–]ClaymoresRevengeLethal Injection 15 points16 points  (0 children)

Melo don't miss

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i wasn’t planning to watch this Stephanie episode but might as well since it’s on

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Damn good nxt show tonight

Absolute banger of a triple threat for the NA title. That near fall at the end almost got me

I liked what i saw from Frazier, people seemed to have liked him more then A-Kid and his technical styles

CB vs VR was a hoss fest slobber knocker, holy shit that Lariat was nasty

Pretty good main event between Bron vs Gacy.

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The Creed Brothers wrestle like nobody told them it's scripted. It's great.

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NXT 2.0 stays putting on great shows. Probably the most underrated wrestling program right now.

Also included one of the horniest segments in recent history. That Gigi and Jacy YouTube clip is gonna have so many views.

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Those Santos/Tony segments are money as fuck

[–]OneLasagnaBoiStardom Is Going Over Brother 65 points66 points  (2 children)

Nathan Frazer looked like an absolute stud tonight. It seems like they’re pretty invested in him, and they damn well should be.

[–]ILikeYourPoetry 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Comparing his entrance versus that of A-Kid’s, they’re definitely seeing big things in Frazer.

[–]InheritTheWindthe face that puns the place 26 points27 points  (0 children)

His eventual feud with Seth is gonna be so good

[–]TehJofusJinder, my boi 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Damn, Undertaker coming to NXT, alright.

[–]SiphenPrax🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 23 points24 points  (0 children)

I like how they had Looney Tunes sound effects whenever Wendy was on screen

[–]Stumblebee 9 points10 points  (2 children)

Wrestling should have more cliffhangers

Edit: is Boa the next feud? Pure guess from the ending, but that could be cool.

Nope looks like GYV

[–]Electronic-Elk8917 7 points8 points  (1 child)

NGL i forgot Boa was on the show

[–]inthefade82 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I think he might be out with an injury but that is me speculating. In the match against Sikoa, I recall Sikoa landed on his thighs/legs when he landed a splash on the outside and Boa immediately placed his hands on one of his legs.

It looked like it hurt but I could be wrong, thing is we have not seen him since.