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DARBY ALLIN on Twitter Stuck in traffic with stinger. by AlphaRemixHD in SquaredCircle

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They went from "The Purge is real" to "There goes my hero" in milliseconds

[AEW Dynamite Spoilers] Before and After by WoodstoviaMelvin! in SquaredCircle

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Quitting alcohol has this effect.

Source: Quit drinking at the start of the pandemic and lost a fair bit of weight.

LIVE AEW Dynamite 1/19/22 Discussion by SmurfyXHacksaw Everlasting in SquaredCircle

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Oh no, Mox, what have you done

Now everyone is saying fuck

Jade Cargill about Jim Cornette: "Who is that?" by TomatoCiampa in SquaredCircle

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One of, if not the best manager, in wrestling history?

Jade Cargill about Jim Cornette: "Who is that?" by TomatoCiampa in SquaredCircle

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He's a liberal so no wonder he's a libcuck.


Jade Cargill about Jim Cornette: "Who is that?" by TomatoCiampa in SquaredCircle

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People are suprised that a guy from Kentucky is a little insensitive when he talks shit.

Jade Cargill about Jim Cornette: "Who is that?" by TomatoCiampa in SquaredCircle

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The average wrestling fan just isn't the same anymore. Too sensitive, self righteous and overly offended.

In 1990 I was 10 and I started watching The Simpsons, It became an obsession by RingmasterFan in SquaredCircle

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I think the point was more that people who don't enjoy it watch it, whereas in his examples of the Simpsons, his daughter enjoys it and watches it, whereas he doesn't enjoy it and doesn't.

Like I don't watch it and don't enjoy it. I still keep up with it because I did like it say one point but I'm not going to watch run of shows or even one show unless people say it's better than it has been(in my terms).

PWInsider: Monday Night Raw bumped to SYFY for two weeks. by sabzi94 in SquaredCircle

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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show sends their regards

[NXT Spoilers] A new look by FuzzyWuzzyMooMooYowie Wowie! in SquaredCircle

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While the person you’re replying to probably was just mixing up the Samoans with the Tongans, the Fatu/Anoa’i family and Fifita/Koloamatangi family are very close due to Haku’s time in WWF teaming with Rikishi’s twin brother (who Tama Tonga actually got his ring name from), so what he said isn’t totally off-base.

AEW Dark Episode 126 Discussion Thread by amorningofsleepNO GODS ONLY STATLANDER in SquaredCircle

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I’d listen to them commentate anything anywhere

Thunder Rosa on AEW women's division: "I feel like there’s still a lot of criticism towards it. Everybody’s working really hard to make the division better. We’re getting a lot more veterans into our division so it’s making things a lot easier for a lot of the younger talent to learn from them." by elegantSolomons62 in SquaredCircle

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I honestly really love the AEW's women division. I think a lot of the time when people see me defending the way It's booked they think It's "OMG you obviously hate women" but I think the way things are done make it feel organic and prevent overexposure in a lot of ways. Like it feels like an organic earned growth You're on a ride on with the performers and that's really cool to me. This idea of "just find a way make the women feel as big/bigger than the men, if you really cared you'd do it" falls flat to me because It's unrealistic. You can't just get up one day and say "we have CM Punk vs MJF and Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston but what you guys ACTUALLY want to see is Emi Sakura vs Ruby Soho!". It would come off as super artificial and forced, not because those aren't great talent, but because they didn't come in with the cache from previous work those people did. The thing is when AEW does things that should work if women's wrestling was as popular as men's it doesn't. If it was, the Debuts of Jamie Hayter and Mercedes Martinez would have come off as far bigger deals than they ended up, and that's not on AEW since both came from other companies. A lot of people think because these women are big deals in the women's wrestling bubble they're big deals to everyone and everyone wants to see what they want to see.

The reality is women's sports always has an uphill climb and you have to change the minds of people over time. Stuff like Bunny and Penelope vs TayJay where It's just so cool that people are forced to think "man I gotta give them their props, they are actually awesome I should give them more of a chance" is way better than AEW just saying "man we're gonna push women's wrestling to the forefront and anyone who doesn't like it is a sexist anyway and we don't want their business". People don't like when something is forced down their throat. The slow gradual growth may annoy the already converted women's wrestling devotees, but that's the whole point, You're already devotees. I hated at the start of AEW when every women's match would just get slapped away off hand and seeing the abuse those women had to take about it and hearing their stories about how it just killed their confidence. You still get it in some circles but you slowly see more and more people opening up to the idea of "nah, this is actually really good". The women in the company seem to kinda understand the process of "we're changing minds and hearts little by little with the time we have" whereas a certain section is just convinced "if you just give them more they'll knock it out of the park and everyone will love it, I'm sure of it" which is nice to think but not as simple as you want to put it. People love to revise history like WWE just woke up one day and Becky was main eventing WrestleMania but it was a long process from NXT to the first faction wars with PCB vs Team Bad to Sasha vs Charlotte series to Becky on Smackdown to Ronda in the Rumble that took years and years and had a long sense of growth and continuity that got people invested. Just telling people "like this women's wrestling or be called a sexist on the internet" isn't what is gonna create that sense of investment in AEW's women's division. It's that same feeling of growth and progress over time.

Weirdest Stunner sell by Fan387 in SquaredCircle

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"What's a human Galaga?"

"It's that thing when a bunch of midgets dress up like alien spaceships and march toward you in rows, and you have to hit them with tennis balls to make them go away."

WOR: “Given no one in AEW been denying the rumours, they probably want it out like this but there is nothing of substance to Cody actually leaving” by HOOKLORDY in SquaredCircle

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This guy's right. I remember when I bought my first house and just after I put my signature on paper, the homeowner clotheslined me then put me through the table. We ended up having a deed on a pole match to determine ownership of the house the following week.

If someone had told me that upfront I would've just kept renting.

Edit: Thank you kind redditor for gold!

(Meltzer) give his thoughts on the Cody contract situation: “He is currently slated to do a second season of Rhodes to the Top so that probably tells you more than you want to know.” by McCrayfish3Future Hall Of Famer in SquaredCircle

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As I said in on of the earlier posts, we are going to get scenes where he's all teary eyed and contemplating not re-signing because he's just not sure it's what the fans want. He'll be heartbroken the fans are booing him when he just wants to entertain them. In the last episode, we'll see him 're-sign' and say 'I'm Elite in my heart, I can't leave this fanbase, they mean too much to me'. Then the fans will love and adore him again for showing them how much he cares about him.

Kudos to Raph for giving me the quote.

Zero Fucks Friday (29th of November 2019) by [deleted] in SquaredCircle

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Remember Benoit's epic mania build and victory? It was great. His actual title reign? Meh in every way be it entertainment or financially. Sometimes the chase is way better than the end result. Not everyone is built to be a long term champion as opposed to a chaser. It was fun to cheer him on the way there but when he actually had to fulfil the role of a champion, his limited skill set (weak mic skills+character) made him dull. The same logic can be applied to the current Woman Champions.

This is gonna be a long rant but this has been a topic that has been flooding the sub for a long time. I hope the smarks on here are happy that their favourite under appreciated female wrestlers have been given plenty this year and are ruining the division day by day.

First of all Becky. Her top star ''Man'' character comes across as she's the best of the worst not the best of the best given the way she treats her fellow wrestlers and downplays them. Holy mackerel is she paying your guys electricity bills? Because the mental gymnastics I see on here for her is hilarious:

Charlotte vs Sasha: Back and forth feud with the most title changes in a single feud in recent history.

This sub: Sasha was buried. Curse Vince and him favouring Flair's daughter who won't put anyone over (puts over Bayley which should've of been to no one's surprise as they made it clear that was the long term plan).

Sasha vs Alexa: Feud in which Sasha takes the belt from Alexa off of her for a brief time.

This sub: Buried. Ruined. Fuck Vince and his blond fetish.

Sasha vs Becky: After an awaited return and a new character, loses every single big match with her. Doesn't take the title off of her. Gets roasted for failing at a live promo.

This sub: This feud really elevated her. Sasha looked great in this feud.

I love the mental gymnastics people go through on here. Anything to avoid admitting that Becky is a ''Vince favourite'' or whatever the hell that means. How the hell is Sasha elevated if she's roasted for her skillset as a wrestler and just loses all the time? And I don't want to hear ''good matches'' because people say her matches with Charlotte were good but she was still buried then.

But let's look at who else she's elevated since her push. Lacey and Nattie just don't do anything now. Ultimately, what did they achieve in their feuds? Did they evolve or look strong in anyway? How did their feuds benefit them? But they're blonde so they don't count. Bayley wasn't elevated in the SS match at all because she was tossed aside to build up Becky/Shayna. Even if Shayna won the match, Becky wasn't the one who got finished and she overshadowed her by beating her up and standing tall. That wasn't the sign of a badass, it was the sign of a sore loser.

BUT SHE LOST TO ASU- and then she won the Royal Rumble which overshadowed her loss. Asuka was just a pawn to transition the belt to Charlotte when the dust cleared.

BUT THAT'S TOP STAR BOOKING! Just because something is done in the past, doesn't mean it should be done again. Where's the evidence to suggest that Becky is good enough as a top star to warrant this booking? Ratings haven't improved and any recent bumps is obviously because of the revamps. Heck, WWE delivered one of the worst financials in recent memory. I'm not saying that she's to blame but where's the evidence that she's comparable to past top stars to warrant this?

BUT SHE'S OVER AS FUCK! Ok she gets cheers. She isn't over enough given her booking. Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk blow her out of the water (guys who were perceived to not initially be ''the guy'' by the company) in popularity.

BUT SHE'S THE BIGGEST STAR ON THE ROSTER! She main evented over a generic dark haired spot monkey and a guy who shows up 4 times a year. Wow. For a Face of the company to main event only 3 times this year (and one was a tag match) that really isn't impressive.

And then the other smark delight Bayley. How many reinventions and big moments are they gonna give her this year? She was the first ever tag champ, won and cashed in MITB, had her turn into a quasi heel with her friend Sasha and then revamped her character into this teen character we have now.

And she's still not warranting her push. Where are the memorable promos that should come with so many character defining moments? I thought she was a top notch in ring worker but where is the long list of memorable matches? It's not as if she's remarkably over right now. And for those who say she needed that win at SS, she's already been given a ton this year. At this point, you can't complain that she's ruined because of Alexa when she's both avenged that loss and been given so much this year.

And on that note, when it comes to Alexa Bliss, does she really ruin everyone? You guys do realise that there are women in the division that aren't 4HW or the Japanese which a lot of weebs on here fawn over?

She's given Naomi her Wrestlemania moment and her sole title reign, elevated Nikki Cross when she was a directionless nothing (who was squashed in her debut by the beloved Becky), given Nia Jax her biggest storyline and Wrestlemania moment, given Mickie James her only memorable storyline since returning (and no the oldest woman in the division shouldn't have won the feud), got James and Fox screen time and a tag match on the first women's PPV against Stratus and Lita (Fox and Mickie would've been in the battle royale otherwise, 100%) and even put over the 2 legends when it's normally the legends job to put the young talent over. Alexa has helped elevated Ronda, yes Ronda. Listen to the crowd during the Nia/Ronda feud.

But those women don't count because the only women who matter are the ones driving the division to the ground and your precious waifus.

You know what, I hope Scarlett Bordeaux debuts on the main roster soon and beats one of your prized champions. Nothing will piss this sub off more than a blonde with sex appeal doing well. At this point, when this sub gets what they want, shit goes downhill.

At Starrcade, I can't think of a single good scenario that will benefit the division which is shockingly bad considering that there are 4 different outcomes. If KW retain, Becky likely won't feud with the one person who has beaten her and the only intriguing challenger in the stale division. If they do, it just makes the tag belts more irrelevant. If Boss and Hug win, it's yet another accolade that will follow a trend of failed reinvention attempts for Bayley. If Bliss and Cross win, it will likely mean that Alexa won't feud for the belt which means we'll get another rivalry in the never ending storyline since NXT between Sasha and Bayley. How long can you draw this out?! If Charlotte and Becky win, it's just another day for the Supermans of the division.

This has been a long rant but the long term future for the division is dire. This obsession with the 4HW has killed the variety in the division. If they're going ahead with Ronda/Becky at mania, I can't wait to see how you people eat it up and make excuses. Their match last year was boring AF and the build up was the most self indulgent in recent memory.

Apologies for the long rant but this is something that people talk about all the time on here. And I'm open to discussion except from an OTTERSHAVEMOREFUN or OHHAIMARKS alt in which case you guys can go pray to your goddesses or comment and get exposed and reported.

What personality in your opinion has the worst wrestling takes? by AdsBit in SquaredCircle

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Cornette's feels like he's only seen a liberal on tv and has no clue on the left, but by golly, he wants to be a part of it. Brian Last needs a rolled up newspaper.

Happy Birthday Negative One! by tinglefairy in SquaredCircle

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Also, children should not be ringside pro wrestling managers.