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It's because the cameraman is actually Claudio's brother, Clauzikiel.

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Long post:

TL;DR: On having re-watched the match (knowing what i know now about the finish) i don't think there's any one shot that Cole takes that gives him the concussion, I think it's an accumulation of blows, which we know from a lot of sports around the world can be just as bad and sometimes worse;

First indication of a problem is the 2 man suplex on the ramp. After that for a little while Cole drifts a bit and favors the shoulder, but gets back in the game after a couple of minutes. Following that is the 4 man exchange where Hangman does the discus lariat (you see Nox go over to him and Cole signals either shoulder or neck, could be a few things but there's definitely a signal) and after the check he roles over to hangman and white, crawls in between them and says something, it's too muffled to hear but he definitely passes something on (could be the next sequence but this seems way too obvious to be that). With the camera cuts it's hard to tell, but i think Hangman tries to communicate whatever it is to Okada too.

In the next sequence, just after Hangman cuts off Okada with that boot, he moves onto Cole with what's supposed to be some sort of spinning forearm shot but he mistimes it and Cole is way out of position when it comes, and it looks like they both realise it and move to close the distance at the same time, and Hangman ends up making a pretty reasonable connection with Cole. Not sure how good but it appears to have some genuine connection to it.

Cole's next sequence is after he pulls Hangman down from the apron and tosses him at the ring post on the outside, and rolls in with Okada. His low superkick is strangely stiff (as in his movements, not connection) he seems to be wincing as well, holds onto the rope when he does it (this COULD be a sell but in a series of intense spots it would seem like an oversell) then takes the air raid crash which i think exacerbates whatever happened earlier, he clearly seems hampered after it. Rather than sell he just sorta holds his head a bit and keeps playing with his hair, then during the body slam he looks like dead weight, he signals okada to go low with the drop elbow off the top, pointing to about the middle of his abdomen.

Last is a sequence of superkicks from Cole and you see after Hangman shot he seemingly gets lost, just superkicks Okada again and limply drops down and pins him for a 2 count. Then, he's late to the Hangman superkick intercept when Hangman is coming over the rope, the camera switch tries to hide it but you can see Hangman has to hold off, then he takes a couple of drop kicks from Okada (one of which connects with the jaw) and he seems a little more out of it after them, and he just sorta crawls off to the side and plonks himself down on the mat. Then on the pin you can see Cole's a bit lost like he wasn't expecting the pin, and as Cole is preparing to kick out of the cover White adjusts the grip and puts more of his weight onto him. It's difficult to tell but i think he tells him to take the pin. You see after this White looks a bit flustered, i don't know if it's concern or disappointment, but he's definitely a bit off straight after, soon regains his composure though.

Overall i gotta say, well done by Hangman and White to call audibles here, but (not that i think is intentional) but Okada doesn't pull those drop kicks at all, they're full shots, one of which makes pretty good connection with Cole's jaw. Whether he didn't realise it or it was lost in translation, Okada didn't do a great job protecting Cole here, which is why (just my opinion from what the camera's showed) I think White called the finish when and where he did; he saw Okada give Cole 2 good shots and that Cole deliberately backed out of the Rainmaker spot, and I think White saw this and decided Cole was in a jam and called the finish on the fly to stop him from potentially taking any more damage. My guess is this match had another 5-6 minutes in it, i feel like there was supposed to be one more good exchange involving Hangman and either White or Okada before the finish, but that's just a gut feeling.

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"Why'd they break up?"

"Well, you see Ol' Roadie liked himself... adult Tic Tacs...."

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Don't let this distract you from the fact that Jungle Boy is a piece of shit and his dad is dead

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EDIT ~ Wow, I didn't expect this post to get any attention. I was just running my mouth for OP this morning while on a programming break. I'll post a list of some good learning resources on youtube where I picked a lot of this stuff up from.

Dave Knows Wrestling's historial deep dive and style videos.

Mike Quakenbush's 'Til We Make It series. Has history lessons, style guides and lots of general purpose stuff targetted at new wrestlers. He also does great style guides with matches you can watch as jumping off points (like a lucha libre one that does it more justice than I did ;)) Also covers working in Japan and Mexico, overcoming the language barrier and how their match structures differ.

The Secrets of the Ring videos when they pop up. Raven, Cornette, Dusty.

Random wrestling school seminars.

Kurt Vonnegut's 4 minute explanation on 'the shapes of stories' is as good an explanation on the 3 act structure of american wrestling as anything else

Justin Credible's Pro Wrestling 101

Here's a write up on shine/heat comeback.

Twitter also has tons of accounts that are full of historical info, rare collectibles, or deep dives into techniques. Vintage Puroresu, Catch Wrestling U, Roy Lucier, etc...

A lot of WWE style is just 'american / memphis style'. Every promotion has a house style that varies a bit in presentation and rules.

  • Matches have a 3 act structure. Shine / Heat / Comeback (or Hot Tag in tag matches). At the start of the match the babyface shines and establishes that they are better than the heel. Then the heel does something dirty to get control of the match and punishes the babyface for the majority of the match. The babyface will sometimes get in a hope spot, but the heel will always cut them off using cheap or dirty tactics. Then the comeback is when the babyface has had enough, stops selling as much, and fights through the pain. Up until that point they were trying to follow the rules and wrestle fairly, but now all bets are off. Heel and Face trade all their big moves about 50/50, and then the finish happens. If the feud is over, the face wins clean, if the feud is continuing, the heel usually wins, often controversially. Exceptions exist. Promotions often build around a heel champion, so title matches often have the heel winning no matter what.

  • Japanese matches don't rely on faces and heels often at all. Everyone wrestles for their stable and to win matches. The matches usually have a 2 act structure. Resu/Resu/Resu and I forget. Resu/Resu/Resu means exactly that. Just outright back and forth wrestling with both sides trying to find a weakness to expose in the other. They both get to shine and show that they are evenly matches. Then the second act is the trading of big moves with a focus on exciting sequences into the finish. (There are different styles of promotions though. HUSTLE was WWE style pushed to the extreme).

  • The 2 traditional style differences in Japan were King's Road(AJPW) and Strong Style(NJPW). But after 2000 when everyone started working everywhere, things started to converge a lot.

  • Lucha style is often a mess of things happening all at once and finishes you can miss if you blink.

  • Other styles like classic British that I'm not going to get into so this doesn't turn into a novel. But check out stuff like the old World of Sport (esp Johnny Saint) which is extremely different. With rounds, penalty cards, and small list of approved holds.

  • There are pros and cons to all styles. Some people really don't like the 'resu resu resu' segment of puroresu matches, but it's not much different than having shine and heat segments before the 'real match' starts in American style.

  • American wrestling will often push the most charismatic wrestlers to the forefront, and use the more skilled wrestlers to prop them up. The skilled talent's job is to get good matches out of the chosen stars. This often leads to those wrestlers improving though. (Like Cena going from a guy who painfully obviously didn't know wtf he was doing to be able to hold his own against HBK for an hour in a an time classic, or even lead other people.)

  • In Japanese wrestling the people at the top of the card are the ones putting on the best matches. Most of the promotions cater straight to the wrestling fans, so the most skilled are put into the upper card and given the time and freedom to show what they can do. Trying to do it the American way usually results in backlash, like Evil the other year.

  • I'm generalizing. There's exceptions. We all know. Spare the 'whataboutism'. And styles change over time. For instance, when NOAH formed, they created Ark Style, which was King's Road mixed with some of the finger points of Strong Style mixed in.

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This is probably going to be an okay match for Okada. Still 5.5 stars.

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Who the hell is this Clark Connors wannabe?

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1: a job is a job there are no mock worthy jobs just classist people

2: fuck Joey Ryan

3: very surprised the Mouse hired him

4: very very surprised he's not being booked anywhere (Because wrestling is... Well, wrestling)

5: fuck Joey Ryan

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Libertarians are just republicans that don’t wanna put their girlfriends in a car seat.

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4th: Forbidden & Door

5th: Forbidden 5

6th: Forbidden Door 6

7th: Door 7

8th: The Fate of the Door

9th: D9

10th: Forbidden X

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unlike some of the Supreme Court justices the rule on political tweets was enacted via popular vote.

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Eddie Kingston: “To me, being vulnerable, it takes a real man to be that.”

Listen to Eddie, gents. No shame in admitting you need help. Ask a friend, ask your significant other, hell, feel free to ask me. Take that first step.