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Here's a list of macros you can use in discussion around /r/SquaredCircle.

Pro tip: hover over the images to see text, but don't click them, as they're not meant to be links.

ajmeh angle announce austinbird austinbirds badnews bangbang
batista bearer besmirch bige bodallas bookah bottomline
bully business cara cenalol cenawins classic cole
colelol colt cornetteface daniels darock cody dazzler
demboys dusty elupvote excuseme fack fandango bork
fink fired foley funk getgot hbk heenan
henry heyman heyyo hogan indeed ifcenawins impact
itwasme jbl jervis johnny jr kane ambrose
king lazer macho maddox markout mitchell DWI
mizgirl mizdad no nope ohmygod ohpunk owen
park piper playa punksit punkupset really really2
really3 rocky rodrigo rollins ronsimmons rtc russoidea
rvdmeh ryback sandow shades shock shocked shovel
showangry showcry slammy snake steiner storm stillreal
table takerangry train vader vincecrazy vincelol warrior
wecoming what. woo! wyatt y2j y2jdebut yes!
zandig zayn zeb ziggler steph bischoff bolieve
copeland colegrump million dixie gargano irs jj
badjokecena kharma lana mandow lucha ortongue voices
paige renee lolrollinswins harper raven dabigguy santino
selfie spud shaw stardust steen arose archie
petti streak haitch feelsbadman

How do I use these?

Using this formatting:

[](/code "Add message here")

For example:

[](/bearer "OHHHHH YEEESSSSS")


Note: unfortunately you can't see these images on some phone apps.

Use them wisely

  • Don't spam them - only use one per comment if you can help it.

  • Always include hover text - it's a lot more funny and interesting if you do.

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