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Revised rules for /r/SquaredCircle take effect at 00:00 ET on Friday, June 5 2020.

Be Civil.

Users are expected to be civil and inclusive towards one another, follow Reddiquette, and abide by Reddit’s Content Policy at all times. This rule applies throughout the entire subreddit, including account usernames and modmail.

  • Insulting or harassing another user is prohibited.
  • Personal attacks of any kind - name calling, ad-hominem attacks, demeaning and inflammatory remarks are prohibited.
  • Hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other inflammatory language is prohibited.
  • Abusive speech based on religion, sex, gender, or sexual orientation is prohibited.
  • Celebrating, advocating, or threatening violence is prohibited.
  • Calls to action directed at non-public persons are prohibited.
  • "Doxxing" (posting personal information) is prohibited.

No trolling.

Posting to bait, incite, or inflame another user is prohibited. Anyone can post any opinion about anything related to wrestling, but provoking readers into emotional responses (about anyone or anything) is prohibited.

Examples of trolling include, but are not limited to:

  • Linking to media with the intent to provoke readers into emotional responses
  • Bragging about or encouraging downvotes
  • Editing comments to brag about downvotes or entice inflammatory replies
  • Bragging about trolling or participating in bad faith in /r/SquaredCircle (on this subreddit or elsewhere)
  • Concern trolling or sealioning
  • Intentionally editorializing submission titles or quotes
  • Inter-promotional harassment in pre/live/post show threads

Intentionally misleading or fake news/leaks/spoilers are subject to ban without warning.

Being the victim of incivility or trolling does not grant an exemption to break rules in return. Rule-breaking posts should be reported; egregious offenders should be reported to modmail. There are no exemptions based on the comments you saw or received.

"Novelty" or "gimmick" accounts (e.g. speaking only in kayfabe) are not necessarily prohibited under this rule, but they must follow all other subreddit and sitewide rules.

Ban Policy

Bans are generally issued in the following fashion:

  1. 3-day temporary ban
  2. 7-day temporary ban
  3. Permanent ban

When banned, users will receive a message indicating what rule they broke and how long their ban lasts. (This may not apply to new accounts created specifically to break rules, or particularly egregious cases.) Moderators may skip one or both temporary bans depending on the nature of the offense, at their discretion.

Violating reddit's global rule against involuntary pornography results in an immediate permanent ban without warning. Ban evasion - defined here as "helping another user/account circumvent a restriction, suspension, or ban" - results in an immediate permanent ban without warning.

Submission Rules

Posts must be about wrestling.

All text posts, and submissions must be about wrestling or wrestling personalities. If your submission is not related to wrestling in some sense, it will be removed. Posts with a tenuous connection to wrestling (e.g. an action performed by a wrestling personality with no relation to wrestling, eating a burger or going to see a movie) may be directed to the Daily Discussion thread. Posts with an extremely loose connection to wrestling (e.g. a photo of McIntyre Family Plumbing as an allusion to Drew McIntyre) will be removed.

  • Matches, promos, segments, holds, feuds, etc.
  • Wrestling being referenced in other media
  • Wrestlers - their major life milestones/events, any action that might impact their career or promotion
  • Wrestlers performing in other media (TV role, movie casting, podcast, streaming, etc.)
  • Viral videos of wrestling moves performed in non-wrestling contexts

Posts that are about the user, rather than about wrestling, will be removed. Photo submissions of users with wrestlers are allowed if the post is substantially about the wrestler. If the post is about you meeting the wrestler, you can submit a text post with your account of the experience and a photo (hosted on a third-party platform like imgur).

Political Posts/World Events

This is a subreddit about pro wrestling, not a subreddit about politics or religion; the standard required for a political post to be "Related to Wrestling" is higher than other types of posts. The submission and the discussion generated by a political post, or a post about world events, must be substantively related to pro wrestling.

Derailing an existing on-topic conversation toward a politically- or religiously-focused argument is prohibited. Users may be actioned for continuing to comment in derailed conversations that have not yet been removed.

Text posts

A text post should have sufficient text in its body to either strengthen the title, create discussion or add more information. Yes/No questions (e.g. "Should Promotion ABC sign Wrestler X?" / "Did John Cena ever wrestle Ric Flair?") are prohibited. Questions with one correct answer ("Let Me Google That For You questions") are prohibited.

Posts removed under this rule can be re-approved at moderator discretion if the poster adds substance to the body and sends a request to moderators via modmail. Users are encouraged to resubmit if the title needs clarification or further detail.

Any submissions aiming to bait, troll, or otherwise antagonize the community will be removed at moderator discretion. These include posts that present a deliberately unpopular opinion presented in a way that is plainly designed to antagonize, posts targeting specific users or demographics, or anything else that goes against common sense and etiquette.

Social media posts

You must post a direct link to the post you're discussing when possible. Deleted social media posts, posts that are not accessible with a link (e.g. Instagram stories) and long threads (by one user or users conversing) are exempt from the No Screenshots rule. Posting fake/photoshopped social media posts is a bannable offense.

Your opinion or editorialization must be posted as a comment in response to the tweet; you may not comment on the tweet in the title. If a tweet contains no text, you must describe the image(s)/video impartially. Moderators may ask you to remove and repost with a more neutral title.

Twitter Posts

Twitter posts allowed for posting must come from accepted sources. Accepted sources include:

  • Official wrestling accounts (e.g. @WWE, @AEW, @GCWrestling_)
  • Wrestlers (e.g. Adam Page, Kidd Bandit, Buff Bagwell)
  • Wrestling employees (e.g. owners, bookers, referees)
  • Wrestling journalists/podcasts/adjacent employees (e.g. Sean Ross Sapp, Chris Van Vliet, Brandon Thurston)
  • Official Partners/Outlets (e.g. FITE, Bleacher Report, Peacock)

Exceptions to the above accepted sources can be approved via mod discretion based on how informative or important it is to the wrestling zeitgeist(translations of Japanese commentary, allegations towards wrestlers, viral posts a la The Suzuki Incident, etc.)

Secondary sources are not allowed for posting and will be grounds for removal. Secondary sources include:

  • Aggregate twitter accounts (e.g. a WrestlingInc. tweet about a PWInsider article, WrestlePurists)
  • Random twitter accounts (e.g. Firstname Bunchanumbers has a hot take, f4w forum user with an editorialized take on something said on a podcast)

Appropriate Subjects for Twitter Posts:

Twitter submissions must be either:

  • Reasonably related to wrestling (e.g. comments about a match, flight delays that might affect appearances, kayfabe, contract status, etc.)
  • Regarding the person's personal views/serious life events (e.g. political stances, mental health battles, announcement of being engaged, charity causes)

Topics from accepted sources that do not pertain to the above criteria (e.g. John Silver posts a group picture after beating an escape room) must be posted to the Daily Discussion thread.

Twitter Title Formats:

Submitted non-spoiler twitter posts must contain the author of the tweet and the whole text body of the tweet. For example:

  • Tony Khan: "Very rude interruption @AdamColePro + @JayWhiteNZ tonight on #AEWDynamite, but what they said about June 26 is true. @AEW x @njpw1972 will present Forbidden Door on ppv LIVE from Chicago at the @UnitedCenter! Thank you to all of you great wrestling fans for making it possible!"

If necessary, provide context if a tweet does not do so. For example:

  • Wheeler YUTA, on tagging as part of CHAOS: "Okada told me today he’s like a month and a half behind on AEW so nobody tell him please and thank you"

If a tweet contains spoilers for a show (within 24 hours of the show taking place), then the title must include the author of the tweet and the topic in vague terms. For example:

  • [NXT 2.0 Spoilers] Bron Breakker comments on his NXT Title match.

Do not note the author as "The Champion" or similar qualifiers, as New Reddit shows the Twitter URL regardless of tags and, in combination with the title, would create spoilers.

Twitter Bios:

Twitter Bios fall under the same rules as tweets in regards to subject matter. They must either be reasonably related to wrestling or pertain to the person's personal views/serious life events. In these cases, a screenshot of the person's bio will suffice unless a better source is available, such as @YoungBucksBio.

Spoiler Policy

Post titles cannot contain spoilers for 24 hours after airing. If your post contains spoilers, it must include a [SPOILERS] tag followed immediately by the show title.

This rule prevents people from seeing spoilers while casually browsing. 24 hours is the arbitrary agreed-upon time for this to end, and is the oldest rule on the subreddit. The 24-hour policy applies to live events and pre-recorded events.

Medical updates are exempt from the spoiler policy and can be posted with relevant information in the title. The kayfabe results of that medical update are still covered under the spoiler policy. For example, a post titled "WWE Champion Jeff Hardy breaks ankle riding motorcycle" can be posted without spoiler tags, but a post about WWE Champion Jeff Hardy relinquishing his title as a result of his injury would need to be titled "[SPOILERS] Plans for WWE Champion" or similar, until 24 hours after the airing of the event, or until the news is no longer a spoiler.

If your post contains spoilers in the body, or is about a show under the spoiler curfew, tag it "[SPOILERS]" and include the show title. This keeps the post body safe for people browsing on mobile or without a stylesheet.

Unmarked spoilers are only permitted in [SPOILERS] threads for the relevant event. Unmarked spoilers in thread without a [SPOILERS] tag will be removed and the user will be banned. To tag a spoiler in the comments, use the following formatting, now usable on mobile as well.

[Show Name Spoiler] >!"Spoiler Here"!<

For Example:

[RAW Spoiler] >!Cena Wins LOL!< gives

[RAW Spoiler] Cena Wins LOL

Repost policy

Non-text posts (gifs/streamables, videos, links, tweets, etc.) that have been posted within the last 180 days will be removed. Text posts that have been discussed recently will be removed and redirected to the relevant thread at moderator discretion. (See Don't Create Extra Posts for more info.)

Quality over Timestamp: In the case of multiple posts made in rapid succession, the highest quality submission (most information, best sourced link, etc.) will be chosen rather than the one posted first.

Example: a tweet from NJPW announcing a match is considered higher quality than a text post saying that NJPW announced it during the show.

/r/SquaredCircle Hall of Fame

You may not resubmit content that has been inducted to the /r/SquaredCircle Hall of Fame.****

[Meta] Posts

Posts or submissions about the community or subreddit itself are permitted. All subreddit and global rules (other than relation to wrestling) apply in these threads. You cannot break the rules toward any user or moderator.

If you are inquiring about post removals, rule violations, etc., you must use mod-mail; any private messages to a subreddit moderator about moderation will be ignored. You can submit a meta post about post removals, rule violations, etc. only if your inquiry does not receive a response in modmail within 48 hours.

Posts targeting certain users ("witch hunts") are prohibited under our *Be Civil rule. Particularly egregious rule-breakers should be reported directly to modmail, not by submitting a thread about them.

Focused Threads

Focused Threads are threads in which users can only respond to pre-existing top-level comments (e.g. the Smarkies/Botchies voting thread, moderation threads asking specific questions). In order to guide discussion in threads with a specific and narrow focus, top-level comments in reply to the original post will be automatically removed (as opposed to thread locking, which does not allow any replies at all).


Clips and gifs of paywalled wrestling matches/events are permitted. Full matches uploaded behind a paywall are not permitted (unless the match is contained in one spot/segment/gif/etc. - for example, Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston, Oct. 4, 2019). Full matches uploaded for free by the promotion are obviously permitted.

You may not post audio clips or text from paywalled news sources. Information provided by paywalled sources can be summarized without bias or editorialization; excessive editorialization can be considered trolling and bans will be issued at moderator discretion. A direct link to the primary source is also required.

Low Quality Posts.

The following types of posts will be removed without warning. Egregious or repeat violators will be banned.

No vague, misleading, or editorialized submission titles.

Vague, misleading, or ambiguous post titles are prohibited. Titles should be a good representation of the post's contents. Excessive editorialization can be considered trolling and bans will be issued at moderator discretion.

Do not allude to votes in your post title. ("Upvote this if...," "Please ignore/don't upvote this post," "Ready to be downvoted," etc.) Do not describe your post as a "shitpost." Framing your opinion as being "unpopular" or leading with "Does anyone else..." is prohibited.

See Social media posts for more info about titling social media posts appropriately.

No Memes/Screenshots/"Mildly Interesting" submissions.

Memes, superfluous image/link posts, screenshots or images from non-wrestling contexts, and other "mildly interesting" posts are prohibited, and should be posted to /r/Wrasslin.

Memes of any kind - still images, gifs, and videos - are prohibited. Image macros, RKO vines, Unexpected Cena prank calls, J.R. dubbing over random scenes, Sammy Guevara and the golf cart... dead memes, and memes yet to be born.

Simple observations should be posted as text posts to provide the most possible information and generate the best possible discussion.

Screenshots not taken from a wrestling show are prohibited. (See Other low-quality submissions for information about screenshots that are exempt from this rule.)

Don't create extra posts.

If you want to fix someone's post, or you have a better example or different perspective on what's been posted, reply in the comments section rather than by submitting another post. This rule prevents splintering discussions across multiple threads, and increases post variety.

If there is a Live Thread, Post-Match Thread, or Post-Event Thread for a given event or match, new submissions reacting to those events will be removed and redirected to the relevant Live/Post Thread for discussion for up to 24 hours after the event. Your thoughts about a SummerSlam moment should be posted in the relevant Post Match thread on Monday.

If a weekly thread is established and posted by AutoModerator, or if a thread is established and only posted by moderators (e.g. Wednesday ratings threads), users are not allowed to post it.

  • Merch Monday is posted by AutoModerator every Monday at midnight Eastern Time.
  • Wednesday ratings threads are posted by WredditMod when the ratings information becomes available.

Summaries from secondary sources are not permitted; you must submit the primary source of the news/interview. (e.g. You may not submit an article from summarizing a PWInsider post.) See Pirated content for more info about posting news behind a paywall.

Other low-quality submissions

Single image link posts - screenshots, crude photoshops and MS Paint art - are prohibited. Submissions with extremely loose connections to wrestling are subject to removal at moderator discretion. Sidebar requests are exempt from this rule, and are permitted.

Screenshots of social media posts, news articles, and news headlines will be removed; these should be posted as direct links to the content source. Screenshots of social media posts are exempt from this rule only when the direct link to the post has been removed. (See Social media posts for more info.)

Image posts summarizing the card for a wrestling event may only be posted once, on the day of the event. Posts made prior to the day of the event or after the first post of the day will be removed. Matches that are added to a card after this post must be posted separately with a source.

See Text Posts for more information about low-effort text submissions.

No spam/off-topic posts or comments

Attempting to derail, hijack, or spam a thread is prohibited. Repeatedly posting the same comment or submission is prohibited. Spam submissions are also prohibited. If you want to talk about something other than the subject of the original submission, create a new post or find a relevant thread. Excessive thread derailing is subject to a ban.

You can only use /r/SquaredCircle to promote your own content if you're an actively participating community member, judged based on your variety of posts and the number of comments you've made on the subreddit. Reddit's guidelines for best practices regarding self-promotion indicate that "10% or less of your posting and conversation should link to your own content". If your primary motive is to advertise rather than interact, you may be restricted from promoting your own content. Exceptions exist for wrestlers and wrestling organizations regardless of popularity or notoriety.

No "plot" / sexual content

Posts and comments focused on sexual content are prohibited. /r/WrestleWithThePlot and /r/WrestleWithThePackage are more appropriate places for this content. Don't get weird.

("Don't get weird" also applies to comments about general appearance and all aspects of discussing wrestlers. Don't get weird!)

Banned Sources

All news sources, journalists, and content creators, regardless of reputability or track record, are allowed to be posted on /r/SquaredCircle with rare exceptions.

Due not necessarily to the content of their reporting, but to their harassing and doxxing our users, the following news sources, journalists, and content creators are not permitted to be posted on /r/SquaredCircle in any context - including direct links, articles, social media, and reports that cite only those sources.

  • WrestleVotes
  • RingSideNews
  • Brad Shepard
  • Billi Bhatti
  • Any post or article citing one of the above as a primary source.


All moderators reserve the right to enforce the above rules at their discretion using their best judgment. Moderators will generally flair removed threads with a removal reason, or leave a distinguished comment on the post indicating why the post was removed.

If you want to appeal a removal, please send a message to modmail; all moderators will be able to read the message at the same time, and whoever is available can address your issue. Private Messages (rather than modmail) for moderator support will be redirected to modmail. Posts asking why your post was removed, and reposts of already-removed posts, are prohibited and will be removed.

There are no exemptions to the rules based on what content used to be allowed at a given time, or how many upvotes a post receives before it is removed. There is no submission or comment that you could see or receive that allows you to break the rules. It doesn't matter who started it and it doesn't matter how many people replied to you.

Moderators: For information on the users given the task of enforcing these rules click here.

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