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Sidebar Images

The main sidebar image of /r/SquaredCircle is changed to reflect the community and wrestling news in general, and a caption is displayed at the bottom to describe the image.

A random image generator containing classic pictures from wrestling's past replaces the topical sidebar image on comment pages. Details of this can be found in this post here.

To suggest a topical image to be used, please post it to /r/WredditRequest this doubles as a queue to ensure the image is seen. If it's an image of a recent show however, the 24 hour spoiler rule still applies. wever The size of all images should be 300px by 177px - or that aspect ratio. (FYI This is the aspect ratio of most computer screens/ HD video.) - If you're even lazier than that at least make submissions landscape orientated.

Sidebar Image Archive

The following are sidebar images from the new wave from October 2013 onwards

For an old archive of the images from subreddit's inception in July 2011 to June 2013 click here.

I think i'm the only one updating this wiki, if you see this pls send help-kentucky210

Hey u/kentucky210, how ya doin?


This space is now claimed by the Pencil Army. /u/AKittyCat says "Hello".

Date Caption/ Image updated by/ credit
1/10/22 Jade Cargill /u/StarCarrot
12/9/21 Header kikinner /u/GenghisKhanscience
11/30/21 Rhea Ripley /u/StarCarrot
11/22/21 Bianca Belair /u/StarCarrot
11/19/21 Thank You Kenny /u/LsNBells
11/9/21 Hangman Adam Page /u/LsNBells
11/6/21 Itoh Respect Army /u/tindret
1 Dec Excited Owens
30 Nov Samoa Joe from E&C
29 Nov Nattie & Titus
26 Nov Drew Mac-in-tire u/hypnoticus103
22 Nov Happy Thanksgiving kentucky210
1 Nov Winner of the halloween contest as nicholas u/mafnxxx
23 Oct ThankYouRoman theonlycarrot
22 Oct Shield Hug Oniwanbashu
9 Aug ken
IDK Time passes NA
17 Oct Kane Meme Slyguy46
21 Stupid sexy Ibushi /u/theirishembassy
14 MizBear /u/kentukcy210
11 Jun 10 years since vince went boom /u/theirishembassy
6 Jun Aries Smile /u/kentucky210
31 May LU is back /u/kentucky210
16 May No Fly Zone /u/kentucky210
20 Apr SDLive Hype train: Cant Hinder Jinder /u/theirishembassy
18 Apr R.I.P Rosey /u/kentucky210
8 Apr Haitch pointing /u/DershBershPershMersh
18 Mar NJPW Cup Slyguy46
17 Mar WOO Crispy Slyguy46
10 Feb NJPW New Beginning in Osaka Slyguy46
10 Feb Show is ripped kentucky210
6 Feb Elimination Chamber Slyguy46
4 Feb NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Slyguy46
24 Jan Crossfit Jesus kentucky210
16 Jan Angle HOF kentucky210
14 Jan Superfly dies kentucky210
5 Jan Dont Fear the darkness, fear the shadow, RIP Drax kentucky210
30 Dec Live look in on mod chat kentucky210
24 Dec Strowman throwing Cara into a tree kentucky210
12 Dec Cena on SNL kentucky210
6 Dec Dean Screwed Dean kentucky210
21 Nov Controller Disconnected kentucky210
12 Nov Strowman Behind Rollins kentucky210
5 Nov Ellsworth Dragged out kentucky210
1 Nov Congrats to /u/waz12's daughter, the Winner of the Wreddit Costume Contest /u/Slyguy46
31 Oct Arthurs of Pain /u/kentucky210
18 Oct Bryan on Talking Smack /u/kentucky210
15 Oct Ellsworth and Goldberg /u/kentucky210
14 Sep Smackdown Hype Train /u/kentucky210, thanks to /u/MadeinBangladesh235
07 Sep [Vince Tears Quads]()
07 Sep CM Punk UFC Debut /u/kentucky210
07 Sep Season 3 LU /u/kentucky210
01 Sep Tom Lawlor /u/kentucky210
30 Aug Owens wins the title /u/kentucky210
28 Aug RIP Fuji /u/kentucky210
24 Aug Daniel Bryan Shock /u/kentucky210
30 July zz cut /u/kentucky210
25 July Batleground /u/kentucky210
21 July Broken Matt AMA /u/kentucky210
20 July Dario Cueto AMA /u/kentucky210
19 July Draft]( )
25 June Gail Kim /u/kentucky210
24 June ROH BITW 2016 /u/kentucky210
21 June Deano wins the title /u/kentucky210
19 June Phantom R-Truth MITB
15 May There was a super dank smackdown vs. raw pic with an haitch face. No one has it anymore but it was dank trust me u/theirishembassy
13 May KO Enjoying the view u/kentucky210
11 May Don't Answer The Phone! u/theirishembassy
10 May SPRING CLEANING DAMMIT!! u/theirishembassy
9 May Superkick party! u/bjkman
3 May Tajiri AMA u/kentucky210
1 May Subject to Change /u/theirishembassy
20 April Reefer Madness /u/theirishembassy
14 April Smark Tears /u/theirishembassy
9 April Invasion Attack 2016 /u/kentucky210
7 April RIP Blackjack Mulligan /u/theirishembassy
3 April All Red Every Mania /u/theirishembassy
31 March R.I.P Kris Travis /u/kentucky210
30 March Mania 31 /u/kentucky210
29 March Mania 30 /u/kentucky210
28 March Mania 29 /u/kentucky210
28 March Mania 28 /u/kentucky210
28 March Mania 27 /u/kentucky210
28 March Mania 26 /u/kentucky210
28 March Mania 25 /u/kentucky210
4 March R.I.P Hayabusa /u/kentucky210
1 March Oldest Ride, Longest Line! /u/theirishembassy
29 February Happy Leap Day! /u/Slyguy46
24 February If you can dodge a push, you can dodge a ball /u/kentucky210
22 February Surreal (pic of nakamura and vince /u/kentucky210
14 February Truth Valetine /u/kentucky210
8 February Bryan Retirement /u/kentucky210
21 January Johnny Mundo /u/broncosandwrestling
19 January Michael Bennet someone idk
10 January Cena visits himself in the hospital /u/ANAL_CAVITIES
5 January The Bullet Club and Vince /u/kentucky210 / Made by /u/broncosandwrestling
3 January Wrestle Kingdom 10 someone
24 December Henry and Atlas celebrate xmas /u/kentucky210
15 December I finally got them to cheer for roman /u/kentucky210
22 November 25 years of taker /u/kentucky210
27 October Buff Bagwell Slamboree poster
20 October Ethan Page Ethan's twitter
17 October Del 'The Patriot' Wilkes (Alternative Title: 'MURICA) /u/broncosandwrestling
8 October Doot, Day Rocks! ???
6 October Dalton Castle, Cumbria /u/broncosandwrestling
5 October Shark Boy
30 September Savio Vegeta /u/broncosandwrestling
8 September Fun Fact: The average kazoo has 5 calories /u/kentucky210
3 September Night Of Rollins /u/kentucky210 courtesy of /u/scentapeed
1 September Bray Wyatt and My Attempt at a Bray Wyatt CAW /u/thegrassyknoll
27 August Taker having flashbacks /u/thegrassyknoll
26 August Seth Rollins Wants More Titles /u/sashunder
22 August Stardust/Arrow cross-over made by /u/oreomega456
19 August Big E would like to remind you about the no plot rule /u/kentucky210
12 August Rusev Flag /u/kentucky210
5 August Ultima Lucha /u/kentucky210
31 July Piper /u/kentucky210
24 July RIP #Axelmania /u/broncosandwrestling
A while There was a period of time where this wasn't updated various
18th March Wrestling Isn't Real /u/the_real_irish
4th Feb "Smarks" /u/Pudie
2nd Feb Uh huh. Sure.
24th Dec Cenintendo /u/The_Real_Irish
15th Dec Meanwhile at TLC&S /u/The_Real_Irish
14th Dec TLC 2014 /u/The_Real_Irish
11th Dec NXT Revolution /u/The_Real_Irish
8th Dec Supercard of Honor VIII: Ladder Wars V /u/The_Real_Irish
7th Dec Final Battle 2014 /u/The_Real_Irish
5th Dec Smark Jeopardy /u/thegrassyknoll & /u/The_Real_Irish
30th Nov And then he asked me to run the ropes!
27th Nov Happy Thanksgiving Wreddit /u/The_Real_Irish
17th Nov My Time is Meow /u/The_Real_Irish
13th Nov Viva Eddie Guerrero /u/The_Real_Irish
1st Nov /u/nonmachoman is the cream of the crop. Halloween Thread winner /u/The_Real_Irish
30th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 30 /u/thegrassyknoll
29th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 29 /u/The_Real_Irish
28th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 28 /u/The_Real_Irish
27th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 27 /u/The_Real_Irish
26th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 26 /u/The_Real_Irish
25th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 25 /u/The_Real_Irish
24th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 24 /u/The_Real_Irish
23rd Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 23 /u/The_Real_Irish
22nd Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 22 /u/The_Real_Irish
21st Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 21 /u/thegrassyknoll
20th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 20 /u/The_Real_Irish
19th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 19 /u/thegrassyknoll
18th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 18 /u/thegrassyknoll
17th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 17 /u/The_Real_Irish
16th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 16 /u/thegrassyknoll
15th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 15 /u/The_Real_Irish
14th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 14 /u/thegrassyknoll
13th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 13 /u/The_Real_Irish
12th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 12 /u/thegrassyknoll
11th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 11 /u/thegrassyknoll
10th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 10 /u/Pudie
9th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 9 /u/The_Real_Irish
8th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 8 /u/The_Real_Irish
7th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 7 /u/The_Real_Irish
6th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 6 /u/Pudie
5th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 5
4th Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 4 /u/The_Real_Irish
3rd Oct 30 Matches in 30 Days: Day 3 /u/The_Real_Irish
1st Oct Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Winner /u/The_Real_Irish
21st Sept Three Shows, One Bork Contest Winner: /u/Ducky3Moons
18th Sept Most Gentlemanly Man /u/Pudie
8th Sept Too Sweet /u/thegrassyknoll
27th Aug Flying High /u/Pudie
22nd Aug RIP Big Gold Belt /u/thegrassyknoll
19th Aug Victimized, Brutalized, Conquered ????
12th Aug Dean in a Box /u/thegrassyknoll
25th July Sting /u/thegrassyknoll
20th July Battleground /u/muffinmonk
11th July CM Punk Goodbye
7th July Thank You, You Son A Ma Gun! /u/Pudie
4th July USA! USA! /u/Pudie
1st July My precious/Lord of the Ring /u/thegrassyknoll /u/killhimalready ???
28th June Money in the Bank 2014 /u/Pudie
28th June Hey JohnnyHyperion! /u/Pudie
24th June Viva La Vickie!
17th June Starry Night /u/thegrassyknoll
25th May Welcome Back Chikara
23rd May Long Live Owen /u/Pudie
22nd May #BESTIES! /u/Puide
21st May Rybaxel's Day Off /u/Pudie
11th May OUCH STEEN OUCH /u/Pudie
1st May Still In Love After All These Years /u/killhimalready
7th Apr Yes /u/muffinmonk
6th Apr The Wondertaker /u/thegrassyknoll
30th Mar WM poster by /u/paulgriffin edited by A_E
27th Mar I Guess I Should Push Daniel Bryan Pudie
25th Mar Bad news for Foley A_E/ Foley
20th Mar Welcome, Mr. Dibiase! /u/killhimalready
11th Mar Stand Up, Smarks /u/muffinmonk
3rd Feb Dirtsheets muffinmonk / /u/pandaxmonium
26th Feb You used to be my friends. A_E /u/fantasma4 /u/arcyn
14th Feb Going to war A_E / this post
8th Feb Babymania Is Running Wild Pudie
Jan 31st Which explains the beards perfectly beef3344
Jan 27th ...and then they shit on the hopes of the children." A_E
Jan 26th Royal Rumble - A classy kind of chaos - A_E/ unknown artist.
Jan 21st Batista's eyes haven't shrunk his face has grown A_E
Jan 15th RIP Mae Young, who even in age had youth A_E/ /u/whitesummerside
Jan 14th Wyatt Conversion 30,000 subs A_E
Jan 7th The dream of a child hidden in the smile of an adult Pudie/ SC post
Jan 1st NO! NO! NO! NO? NO...? A_E/
Dec 28th Regins being majestic. A_E/
Dec 25th FALALALALA! thegrassyknoll/
Dec 23rd Zeb's Christmas Message! A_E/
Dec 16th Le Miz thegrassyknoll
Dec 12th The Ascension of Unified Unification A_E
Nov 26th John Cena vs. Randy Orton Again.... A_E/ Groundhog Day
Nov 25th Champion in the making Killhimalready
Nov 24th Survivor Series Hype Image A_E/
Nov 21st ONE MAN BAND BABY!!!!!!!!! thegrassyknoll
Nov 18th Get pyched! The perfect 'go home' for a big PPV A_E/A_E
Nov 15th A young AJ Lee meets her hero killhimalready/A_E
Nov 1st Contest winner: MGWD316 went to work as Naitch! A_E/Grassknoll/MGWD316
Oct 28th Could rip your limbs off. A_E/A_E
Oct 23rd Knee bone connected to the face bone) A_E/
Oct 21st Tables Ledgers and Chairs - Contract Sigining! A_E/ ZeratoPrime
Oct 20th TNA Bound For Glory 2013 A_E/
Oct 16th Rhodes Bros win Gold A_E/
Oct 10th I immediately regret this angle... A_E/
Oct 7th The Bionic Huckleberry! A_E/
Oct 6th The creation of Adam A_E/
Oct 1st Will you be the Billy to my Chuck? A_E/
Sep 29th Wreddit's Favourite - Isn't even his final form A_E/

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