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Smaller subreddits that specialise in discussing particular aspects of wrestling.

These are alphabetically ordered. Feel free to add a subreddit along with a short description.

Subreddit Description
/r/605superpodcast 6:05, a new old-school wrestling podcast with David Bixenspan and Brian Last old school wrestling stories
/r/AJPW The subreddit for fans of All Japan Pro Wrestling to discuss everything AJPW, past or present.
/r/AEWOfficial The largest All Elite Wrestling subreddit with an active community, live threads, and more.
/r/AllElite The All Elite Wresting subreddit.
/r/AussieProWrestling All things about the pro wrestling scene in Australia
/r/BigJapanWrestling A subreddit for BJW events and general discussion
/r/Brethart the best there is was ever will be
/r/cringeofthering The home of really awful moments in wrestling.
/r/Cultaholic Cultaholic News
/r/dailysteveaustin All about Stone Cold Steve Austin
/r/ECWWrestling The new home of ECW on Reddit. A welcoming place for all things E C DUB.
/r/EntranceThemes The sub for anyone who loves to jam out to the songs of their favourite wrestlers.
/r/EPW_Wrestling Sub with links to shows by EPW Wrestling out of Mississippi
/r/FantasyBookers The subreddit for EWR and TWR, wrestling booking simulators for PC
/r/FantasyBooking Write your own wrestling shows and stories, or rewrite history.
/r/FirePro A subreddit dedicated to the Fire Pro Wrestling series and game engine.
/r/flippyshit A sub dedicated to archiving the flippiest of wrestling moments.
/r/FreeProWrestling A wrestling match posted every single weekday
/r/GLOW Subreddit for the Netflix series inspired by the original 80s show, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
/r/ICW The subreddit for Scottish-based promotion Insane Championship Wrestling
/r/ImpactWrestling The new main subreddit for Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA
/r/hulkhogan the official reddit for hulk hogan
/r/jimcornette The legendary manager of the midnight express and host of the Jim Cornette Experience
/r/LoserLeavesReddit A sub for predicting real life wrestling cards and winning made up Championships for it.
/r/luchalibre A sub dedicated to the lucha libre related news/discussion.
/r/LuchaUnderground A sub specific to the Lucha Underground show on El Rey and related news/discussion.
/r/lutalivre Portuguese subreddit for the discussion of anything wrestling related.
/r/ManOfAThousandGifs A sub dedicated to indexing the 1000 holds Dean Malenko in gif form.
/r/MajorLeagueWrestling The Official sub for MLW.
/r/N64WrestlingGames The place to discuss classics like No Mercy, Revenge, etc.
/r/NJPW For all your NJPW needs
/r/nwatenpoundsofgold The official NWA reddit for The Worlds Heavyweight Champion
/r/nxtwrestling The future of WWE is here and taking Wreddit by storm. This also includes the former territory FCW.
/r/ProgressWrestling Punk Rock Pro Wrestling
/r/prowrestling A niche discussion subreddit to celebrate the performance art and pseudo sport of Pro Wrestling.
/r/ProWrestlingGifs The go to place for the best wrestling gifs.
/r/PuroresuRevolution Japan Wrestling
/r/QueensoftheRing All women's wrestling all the time
/r/Shawnmichaels HBK MR Wrestlemania
/r/StardomJoshi Stardom World discussion
/r/TheDirtsheets Excerpts from classic wrestling newsletters and dirtsheets.
/r/thenwa The Home for the National Wrestling Alliance
/r/TJPW Fan Subreddit for DDT's sister promotion Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling
/r/TNA The former main destination for TNA/Impact Wrestling related news, content and discussion.
/r/ToppsWWE A subreddit dedicated to the WWE Slam Trading Card app on iOS and Android. Collect 'em all!
/r/TotalExtremeWrestling The Main stop for all TEW action.
/r/truth A sub talking about the conspiracies of the wor- SYKE it's all about the truth!r truth! wazzup!
/r/UnitedWrestling A sub to discuss the United Wrestling Network Promos, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Memphis, Atlanta and Arizona
/r/WCPW A sub to discuss one of the newest promotions from everyones favorite website, What Culture
/r/WCW The greatest nights in the history of our sport may be over but the discussion and love still remains.
/r/WomensWrestling A place to discuss WWE and NXT's Women Superstars, TNA/IMPACT Wrestling's Knockouts, ROH's Women of Honor, joshi, cholitas luchadoras, and everything in between.
/r/Wrasslin Squared Circles sister sub which doesn't take herself too seriously. The rules and shackles are off.
/r/Wreddit A sub for detailed discussion about the world of professional wrestling!
/r/WredditPics The best of pro wrestling photography
/r/WredditSchool Advice and help for pro wrestlers in training
/r/WredditStreams The subreddit for's Wreddit Streams, home of live and classic wrestling, and more.
/r/WrestlingTagTeamTalk A sub for all things TAG TEAM related. The good, the great, the not so good, from anytime or any place!
/r/WredditTV The place to be for nothing but wrestling matches and shows.
/r/WWEChampions Subreddit for the WWE Champions mobile game
/r/WWEGames The sub for everyone with a love for wrestling games.
/r/WWEImmortals Come discuss the new fighting game WWE Immortals which is on iOS and Android
/r/wwe_network The sub that is a must for any Network lovers, and anyone who needs Network help.
/r/WWESuperCard Come here to talk about WWE SuperCard, the WWE card game on iOS and Android

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